DiNicola Launches First Ad of PA-16 Primary

Democratic Congressional candidate Ron DiNicola launched his first ad of the primary in the new 16th district introducing him to voters as a Marine Corps veteran and education advocate.

“Democrat Ron DiNicola is all about expanding opportunity. The son of an immigrant bricklayer, Ron DiNicola served in the Marines. Went to college on the GI Bill. Ron led efforts to expand early education in Western Pennsylvania. Now Ron DiNicola is running for Congress,” the ad’s narrator says.  

The 30-second ad tout’s DiNicola’s stance that he will “protect our Social Security and Medicare” and “stand up to the big drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs.”

“I was proud to serve in the Marines Corps and to fight to expand early childhood education in Pennsylvania. In Congress, I’ll fight to protect Social Security and Medicare and I’ll take on the big drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs,” DiNicola said in a release announcing the ad.  

Democrats Christian Rieger, Ronald Dinicola, and Robert Multari are also running in the race.

You can view the ad below.



8 Responses

  1. Dinicola is going to lose all 4 other counties by large margins. I really don’t expect him to get more than 55% of the vote from Erie. Chris Rieger is going to win this Primary. I look for Mercer, Butler, and Lawrence counties to go 60% or more for Rieger. In a 3 man race. Those are odds to great to offset.

    1. LOL – can I get a little of whatever it is you have in that pipe? I haven’t seen a rainbow unicorn in a while.

      Seriously, Rieger and his $7k COH is going to carry 3 precincts, not 3 counties.

      1. Money doesn’t win you Primary elections. Grassroots supporters do. Rieger has about 50 troops working 5 and 6 days a week in all 5 counties and has had then on the ground for months. Dinicola has done nothing but just show up and speak at events and leave outside of Erie County. You can’t just run a 6 week campaign and think you’re going to win with a pretty tv spot.

        1. Rieger is a non starter in the general.

          He’d get activists. That’s all.

          There’s not enough blue wave in all of Erie and Crawford to elect one Butler county person who doesn’t even live in the district over another.

          Pit us against Butler? Game on.

          Actually have a candidate that lives in the district? Kind of important.

          Rieger is a hypocrite even staying in the race after the maps were released. He should have dropped out then.

          Even Dick Cheney had the decency to pretend he was from Wyoming.

          IMHO, Butler Shouldn’t be in the 16th, but Chris Rieger isn’t.

          1. You do know the maps were released in the middle of the campaign right?

            Also, how is it any better Dinicola joined the race at the zero hour? Not a good reflection of his “desire to serve the community.” He certainly didn’t want to serve the community prior to February 19th…..

          2. No, no it wasn’t.

            The maps were released before signature gathering.

            While traditionally you may gather support well before then, it’s not a given until then.

            And that was for the 3rd district.

            So if Chris really wants to run in the 3rd, he’s free to do so.

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