Disciplinary Counsel: Kane Damaging Integrity, Reputation of PA

KaneKathleen Kane has damaged the legal profession.

That is the charge of the Disciplinary Counsel that is seeking to suspend the Attorney General’s law license.

Mark Scolforo and Marc Levy of the Associated Press gained access to the Counsel’s petition to the Supreme Court for Kane’s suspension.

“As the commonwealth’s chief law enforcement officer, it is a concurrent conflict of interest for [Kane] to continue practicing law while being prosecuted for violating the very laws she was vested with the power to enforce,” wrote the disciplinary counsel lawyers.

Such an outcome “will result in the commonwealth lacking a loyal chief law enforcement officer and the administration of justice inevitably suffering prejudice, thus causing immediate and substantial public harm.”

“[Kane] has damaged the integrity of Pennsylvania’s legal profession and this damage will not be diminished until [she] discontinues her practice of law,” they concluded.

The Counsel filed this petition on Aug. 25th and the AG responded on Sept. 4th. The Counsel has a few more days to respond back before the State Supreme Court must decide whether to take up this matter.

50 Responses

  1. I would not trust anybody in Montgomery County to “serve” justice.

    for absolutely nothing other than, “(defendant) had had a ‘cover’ over his license plate,” my name is posted to the Internet for “Impersonating a Police Officer,” associating me with murderers, rapists, and child abductors (some for the purposes of sex-slavery)

    (yes, having reported human trafficking on Old York Road, across from Rita’s Water Ice (center city Abington) had “put me in the radar screen” with them; however, THERE HAD NEVER BEEN ANY ELEMENT OF ANY CRIME … EVER)

    The Honorable Kevin R. Steele
    Montgomery County District Attorney
    Montgomery County Courthouse
    Norristown, PA

    Dear Mr. District Attorney:

    When considering the various aspects of “Impersonating a Police Officer” (an M-2, known to be frequently employed for the purposes of committing various felonies (murder, rape, and child abduction (some for the purposes of sex-slavery))), this is one of – if not the most – heinous of crimes imaginable (police impersonation summaries attached). So, with regard to: “Alfred Baack . . . Philadelphia, was charged Nov. 18 with impersonating a police officer (False ID, other articles/dates)” (Police Reports February 12 – Montgomery Media), in view of the Commonwealth/prosecution having testified only to, “(defendant) had had a ‘cover’ over his license plate” (APR/2012), during my final criminal hearing (CP-46-CR-0000643-2012 T1153574), where had there ever been any “probable cause” whatsoever to have had me charged/arrested for this (NOV/2011)? (and, had I been “arrested” then, I had not been informed)

    (“probable cause” is crucial, as the federal judge in my civil suit, having not been told the truth, had ruled there had been [“probable cause”] to have had me arrested; and according to Weisberg Law the County wants to “tax/(sue)” me to recoup their expenditures, because this (my) suit had been frivolous)

    According to a (former) chief of police in Delaware County, who had been active when we had spoken and since retired, in order to “Impersonate a Police Officer,” the following elements of the crime are necessary:

    1) statement of being “police officer,”

    2) a badge,

    3) the respective ID, and

    4) “placing somebody under your alleged authority;” (and)

    all of these elements are absolutely required; and in the absence of any, this charge cannot be substantiated; and most specifically, without any badge, there is not any “police impersonation.”

    During my preliminary hearing the prosecution’s key witness had testified, “no badge (2)!” As for “placing somebody under your alleged authority (4),” in having testified, “(they) had never believed me to have been a police officer,” this key element had been negated, as well. So, with 2 of the 4 “elements of the crime” (2 and 4) having been eliminated from the equation (as noted to the magistrate by my first Assistant Public Defender, Theodore Swan), what had been Montgomery County’s justification for having “continued” any further action? (and, had I ever said, “I was police,” then why had there not been testimony accordingly during my final criminal hearing?) Had this not been “continued” after the preliminary hearing – and the Public Defender’s Office in Norristown had been puzzled as to why it had [been] – my name would not have been posted to the Internet.

    Each and every element of this crime (and “undercover” vehicle and alleged “false ID” attached) would only be contemplated by an utterly deranged individual. Since the Internet account does not include the testimony during my final criminal hearing, anybody reading this would most certainly believe the Abington Police had had some “probable cause” (at least 1 or more of the “elements”) to have had me charged/arrested. In considering the other crimes committed when one is “impersonating,” even though this had been dismissed, because not one “element” had (been proven to have) ever existed, my “permanent Google record” “continues” this “sentence,” which is worse than (for) murder. (if not “substantiated” during my final criminal hearing, how had these “elements” been presented to a federal judge as actual?)

    In completely disregarding the [4] “elements,” and after I had utterly refused ARD – not once, but twice (and the second time, just moments before my final criminal hearing (and 6 months into a “false cancer verdict”)) – with the way Montgomery County had pursued this, should not at least one “element” of the crime (or, for that matter, any element of any other crime, or any element or any infraction of any law or ordinance, whatsoever) been presented as legal substantiation? Why then had it been demanded of me to have accepted ARD (and Brady v Maryland comes to mind) when the prosecution had only been prepared to have testified to, “(defendant) had had a ‘cover’ over his license plate?

    So now, for “(defendant) had had a ‘cover’ over his license plate,” anybody viewing this (account) on the Internet “continues” to wrongfully equate me (1:1 correlation) with utterly deranged individuals. To further prove this “visibility,” just this Sunday after church somebody had told me, “they had been made aware (Internet) that I had been ‘in trouble with the police’;” and as I had mentioned in prior correspondence, which had gone unanswered, several weeks ago another friend had told me, “his wife had inadvertently discovered this matter on the Internet while searching an unrelated matter.” With these two recent “occurrences,” where I have been told directly, this only reinforces the logical thought process: “(that) $5414 in earnings for 2015 is a direct result of any background checks performed on me” (having destroyed both my business and employment prospects).

  2. The Disciplinary Board has been exposed. The Supreme Court should toss their submission to the curb. Like her or not – Kane is the elected Attorney General of PA. Upheaval and discord in the OAG, which has been in Republican hands for so long, was to be expected. There is nothing to suggest that the AG is not doing her job. The Board’s allegations are weak and politically motivated. In fact, there have been pro-Fina people here telegraphing their move for a while.

    These guys thought they had it all figured out. They got the INKY to play along – after Kane angered them by hiring Sprague. They committed the same crimes they accuse Kane of committing (illegal leaks),. They went to extraordinary lengths to cover-up their own wrongdoing (the racism , etc). The point was to get her to resign. They did what they did to the legislative sting defendants. They tried to shame her and embarrass her into resigning.

    Now that it hasn’t worked, they are enlisting more of their buddies. It’s a disgrace. Kane will stay the course. She will have her day in Court. At the end of the day, though, it’s a good thing that she exposed what was going on in the PA halls of justice before she got to Harrisburg. And it ain’t pretty.

  3. gulagPittsburgh says my suspicions are valid; also, know that she kept the Board in-the-dark during the entire calendar-year after the depos were taken, despite specific inquiries in March [private] and in May [public] … as per [Patriot-News] articles that were subsequently published, if memory serves.

  4. While I do not agree with much of rsklaroff comments, I am intrigued by his 2 references in this thread to Cynthia Baldwin testimony and her being protected by Rendell. I would like him to expand on those issues.

    The appalling appointment of Cynthia Baldwin to PA Supreme Ct was the worst mistake of Rendell’s time as governor. She is so unqualified that it was pathetic. That she then became legal counsel to Penn State is another joke. Allegheny County Family Division, the sleaziest court in PA, was happy to get rid of her because she was so incompetent. “Dumber than a cafeteria worker” was a comment often heard about her. Surely, Rendell made this “historic” appointment (first black woman) to PA Supreme Court to appease black political leaders (ward chairmen) in Pittsburgh for their support of his re-election. White politicians were glad to get rid of her to cut down on the appeals of her defective decisions and to open space for another of their own children to be appointed to replace her. She was probably then offered the Penn State position (which pays more than the court) to get her off the court. Who knew this would all come back to haunt them because she was in the middle of the Sandusky mess at Penn State?

    Spanier and associates may get off the perjury charges for grand jury testimony because they thought she was their attorney, but she never told them she was representing only Penn State, who was ready to throw them under the bus. So when does the DB petition the PA Supreme Court to cancel Cynthia Baldwin’s law license for double-crossing her presumptive clients at the grand jury?

    Anyone doubting the incompetence of Cynthia Baldwin need only read the recently released transcript of her comments before the grand jury judge, where she was ignorant of the need to file a written motion objecting to the OAG subpoena of Penn State emails (but the kindly judge let her off the hook).

    She is so dumb she probably did not even comprehend that she was failing as Penn State’s lawyer. She was once asked to recuse herself from a case where she was openly racist and biased, but declined because “in her mind” she did not believe she was racist or biased.

    This is just another sordid example of how the PA judiciary has sunk to despicable lows in ethics.

  5. Josh correctly pegged DD & Montco PA Dem, for pure-partisanship should be eschewed; again, I observe that AG-Kane’s supporters are long on ad-hominem and short on fact-analysis…and they continue to evade any discussion of Cynthia Baldwin.

    “Unsealed documents show strategy for preserving Cynthia Baldwin’s testimony in alleged Sandusky cover-up case”


    Is it possible that this Rendell-appointee is being protected?

  6. David, no, I was down the hall and had work to do, unlike the JoeBots who showed up. You know you’re in trouble when Bill Kiesling and Andy Ostrowski are among your very few cheerleaders. Anyway, I think it’s great that the few crazies who still support Kane have the Capitol rotunda and PoliticsPA to congregate and vent about Fina and porn emails.

  7. What Fina and Costo are doing to Kane is a Travesty of Justice . The Inmates are burning down the Asylum . Drop all Charges against Kane and File Criminal Civil Rights Violations and Criminal RICO Charges against Fina and Costo His Partner in Crime . You cant Have a Woman Hater and a Black Hater working in the Philly DA’s Office What do they have on Seth . Lets have a Grand Jury and Fina and his Pal

  8. with the Commonwealth/prosecution (Montgomery County v Baack) having been forced to admit: “not any element of any crime had ever been present at any time,” rather than being honorable, the District Attorney’s Office, through Assistant Public Defender Kravitz, had demanded – not once, but twice – that I accept ARD (which I had refused). Even though this lie had been dismissed, it had not until after my entire life had been destroyed; expungement still has not been attained. Anybody “captive” to this “three-ring-circus,” that calls itself “court,” cannot possibly have a fair hearing. A/B

  9. not agreeing with Kane in any way, yet there is not the slightest possibility she will get a fair trial in Montgomery County, which is so corrupt – I have first-hand knowledge, and will gladly discuss this – thanks, Bud

  10. Who cares how many people showed up to a rally? Not me. I am more concerned about what the now=Philly prosecutors think about Blacks and women … and exactly what they did to make sure these last couple weeks (where they have been exposed as racist creeps and humiliated as attorneys) … It is now crystal clear that Kane was the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated by Fina.

    The question of whether she fell into Fina’s perjury trap will be decided by a Jury.

    Meantime – what’s the trial date on the “sting” defendants that Williams and Fina couldn’t placate into plea deals?

  11. So, I see that about 20 people showed up for the “rally” in the Capitol to support our Multi-Tasker General. Very impressive, Kathleen!

  12. What a Joke this is No one has any respect for Money Grubbing Lawyers Jesus Christ Himself even hated Lawyers when he said whoa unbut to you Lawyers When does Kane get Justice These proceedings are supposed to be secret and so is the Grand Jury Info Instead the Grand Jury Info Leaked like a sive / Kathy Kane has Done nothing wrong and has done everything right She Cleaned house just like everyone else does when they take over an Office and they bring in their own people . Leave Kane alone . You Republican Stooges

  13. Josh-

    In the words of Sgt. Hulka: “Lighten up, Francis”.

    Bob’s a loon and I treat him as such.

  14. Josh, I see it a bit differently. It’s Doc Sklaroff who is way, way off the deep end and Diano treats him the only way he should be treated – with caustic, heavy-handed disrespect and humor. And facts, of course. As for Kane, she gets defended here because she has been the victim of unceasing attack by wingnuts, buffoons, and Inquirer reporters, all of whom are sometimes difficult to tell apart.

  15. Some of the comments here are helpful analysis. Some are strange; it is difficult to accept that an adult posts gibberish as a purposeful comment on politics. Something is wrong there. David Diano serves as the foil for much that has gone off the deep end in the Democrat Party. David, your comments are wild, off the deep end. Urging Bob to kill himself etc is sordid. You’re embarrassing yourself, and not hurting Bob. You are bolstering him. And watching people work hard here to defend Kane tells us so much that is wrong with partisanship. Slavish allegiance to any party, with flawed officials like Kane in this instance, illustrates the human mind’s frailty. Or maybe these are Kane’s employees, which would explain these comments better.

  16. The D-Board should be forced to explain why Chuck McCullough, husband of a Commonwealth Court Judge and former Republican Allegheny County Councilman still has his law license after being CONVICTED of stealing client money and diverting some of it to Republican candidates.

  17. Interesting that the disciplinary board is now involved. had there been incontrovertible evidence that she had done something irrefutably and criminally wrong, the governor would have had the courage to use the device of ‘ direct action’, by which he’d remove her as AG , then get the GOP controlled senate to approve his removal in an impeachment.

    which Wolf didn’t. maybe Rendell is still controlling Wolf behind the scenes, and wants the DB to do the dirty work ? .

  18. It is not surprising that AG-Kane’s defenders have evaded assessment of the veracity of the charges.

  19. Wait — HaHaHa you left as Busta and came back as HaHaHa. What gives the right to clown Kanesdriver for doing the very thing you did?

  20. DD – You still have kanesdriver in hibernation? I told you he would just come back using different names. Ready to tell us his name yet?

  21. you guys are suuuuch a bunch of babies

    Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh waaaaahhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh

  22. Pat Unger-

    The DB was probably reviewing porn when they wrote their petition, and had the blood flow diverted from their brains.

  23. The DB truly is ….

    It’s like they decided to help the Perverts remove Kane and couldn’t figure out how; so they typed some nonsense and sent it in.

    Now the action they take against Fina and Costanzo should have some meat on its bones. Just think – not only was the material obscene and offensive, but it was racist too. And there were images of children forced to pose in sexual positions. To top it off – they probably committed crimes by using their State computers to distribute the obscene, racist crap. And they did it while they should have been working.

    I am sure we will see the DBs move on that when we hear about the grand jury set up to look into the leaks from the Kane investigation.

  24. The Disciplinary Counsel has damaged the integrity of Pennsylvania’s legal profession and this damage will not be diminished until they discontinue the practice of law.


    If you want to perform a “community service”, I suggest that you might want to try committing ritual suicide inside a pentagram after consummating with a goat. It’s what Dick Cheney would want from his disciples.

  25. PAT: I am not sure who filed the charges against Kane but his name is Gene something. He is the fellow who used the pink pig when he was opposing the Legislative pay raise a couple of years ago. But you can file a Complaint with the Board. All you need do is contact the Board and they will send you the form to fill in.

  26. Again, as a community-service, I provide a hyperlink back to the 164 comments rendered regarding this issue @ this site, previously…


    It should be recalled that DD has been documented [if you follow this thread backwards] as an anti-Semite who considers the re-establishment of Israel on 5/15/1948 as a “Nakba” [catastrophe] and that DD has been provided an essay-assignment to chronicle the multiple errors he will have to recant after AG-Kane has been tossed onto the ash-heap of history.

    It should also be recalled that those who fixate on the Sandusky case have yet to rationalize the behavior of Cynthia Baldwin.

  27. He most certainly is feeling some kind of way. My popcorn is ready! Truffle butter for me, please!

  28. Smarten up, you one-dimensional-thinking LOSERS! Kane’s attorneys leaked this document so they turn around and decry the process as being unfair and blah blah blah.

    And you mental midgets bought it hook, line and sinker.

    How’s it feel to be played?


  29. This Disciplinary Board is a disgrace. Like Goodell they are judge and jury. Their motion is a disgrace/ how corrupt is that process. Even Clinton wasn’t disbarred until after due process. This action reeks of an abuse of process and ethical lapses like another leak by the same folks who condemn Kane. You don’t have to agree with Kane to see this motion smells of a corrupted process

  30. It seems kind of ironic that someone looking to hut Kane would even bother to leak a piece of garbage like this. It is filled with generalities and contains nothing to support the general allegations. Supreme Court will laugh this one right to the curb.

    It will be interesting to find out who leaked it though. Similarly – we also want to know who leaked all the things printed by the Inquirer while Frank Fina was busy trying to cover up his racism and misogyny. There were reams of “secret” Grand Jury material damaging to Kane printed by Craig McCoy and Angela Couloumbis. Hopefully, the FBI will be doing that investigation.

  31. How did the AP gain access to the petition when it was under seal? So much for secrecy!! Maybe Kane is being railroaded.

  32. And really, Counsel should be removed for advancing a really weak argument. Conflict of interest?? What?? And now she’s not gonna be loyal to the People of PA? Whah?!? This guy is a seriously bad lawyer, just from a skill set point of view. My guess is his brain is frined from too many porn emails – he’s connected to the same email servers as the two Justices who were in the loop.

  33. Lastly, who is leading the criminal investigation into how the AP and other media “gained access” to this secret Disciplinary Petition?

  34. There is so much to be said about the hypocrisy of this disciplinary petition that one post is not enough. Note that the Disciplinary Counsel went beyond claiming that Kane remaining AG hurts the reputation of the govt; he claims that the legal profession will be damaged as long as AG Kane is practicing law. That means the real objective is to get her barred from law practice, not just temporarily suspended pending the outcome of the criminal case against her. This is a declaration of war on AG Kane by the Frank Fina wing of the porn email purveyors of PA.

    Until ALL porn emails and names and job titles of senders and recipients are publicly disclosed on the internet without redaction, taxpayers do not know who the perverts are that their taxes are supporting. I think PA taxpayers have a right to know. Perhaps the Disciplinary Counsel is on the list and pushing so hard to shut up AG Kane to protect himself. Or maybe it is other politicians, judges, DA’s, and influential people outside PA govt. Taxpayers demand to know the whole sordid story.

  35. The Disciplinary Counsel should be removed from his office and the practice of law, as this petition denies due process and is based on a presumption of guilt, which is directly contradictory to American law. This is more dangerous than leaking testimony. It appears that this same Disciplinary Counsel leaked this petition to smear AG Kane. Such hypocrisy is what damages the legal profession.
    If the Disciplinary Counsel did not leak the petition, it had to be the PA Supreme Court or somebody working for them. That would make an even bigger mockery of this whole affair. It would damage not only the law profession, but the PA judicial system to its core.
    As I understand it, already one justice has had to resign from the PA Supreme Court because he was part of this porn email circuit. Also, another PA Supreme Court justice was implicated in the pron emails, but not forced to resign. Why not? Is he one of the jury of judges expected to be fair and impartial to condemn AG Kane? That would really be a hoot. And until ALL the info surrounding why the implicated justice was not required to resign, the Supreme Court as a whole has no moral standing to judge AG Kane.

  36. PAT: If you feel strongly about Fina and Costanzo you should file a Complaint with the Disciplinary Board yourself.

  37. When is the Disciplinary Board going to move against Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo. They used their State computers on highly offensive material …. while at work … as prosecutors for the State.

    The material in the e-mails was not only racist, but misogynistic too. It was reported that one image showed a scantily clad young teenaged girl and said something like: “Come on. You know you’d go to jail for this.”

    The Feds need to start looking at whether this is obscene enough to prosecute. IMO – when you possess pictures of little boys looking down the underwear of little girls, you are a pervert. Those poor kids were forced to pose in those positions for those photos. What if that was your daughter? Your son?

    These guys are dangerous people. They think the laws do not apply to them. Apparently – Seth Williams agrees – and thinks they are the right people to represent Philadelphians in Court. I disagree.

  38. BTW – Great article in the Tribune today:


    Looks like Seth’s attempt at a Friday afternoon news dump is not working. This is not going away.

    Shame on the NAACP and Black Clergy for not being heard on this.
    And where is Women Against Rape? Someone needs to stand up for children forced to pose for pictures so that people like Fina and Costanzo can be entertained.

    Now who is it again that is damaging the integrity of the legal profession??? I’d say it’s the creeps who think it is OK to e-mail this around to their buddies (others in law enforcement):

    Fina e-mailed a faux motivational posters that included an image of a white man, carrying a bucket of fried chicken, being accosted by two deranged-looking black men. The caption was: “Bravery at its finest.”

  39. Porn expert interviewed in the Daily News:

    “When a group is involved, there’s a permission-giving belief, the thought that ‘everybody’s doing it, it must not hurt anyone. It must be OK.’

    They start to normalize it, give themselves permission to do it, can’t figure out why people are upset.

    These guys are telling each other this is fine. But you know, in a more extreme example, pedophiles get on the Internet and tell each other how normal it is. It’s a complete distortion, which they encourage in each other.”

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