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Dispatches from PA Society

Waldorf-AstoriaTwo days of the 116th Pennsylvania Society event are in the books, with two days left to go.

Coming into yesterday the big news was the $950,000 haul that Joe Torsella’s campaign for State Treasurer was able to bring in.

Today the big breaking news is that Kathleen Kane will be running for re-election as Attorney General in 2016. This time last year she was making rumblings about challenging Senator Pat Toomey but it appears she’s moved on.

The other big story is that outgoing Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi and State Sen. John Rafferty are apparently running for seats on the State Supreme Court.

The man of the hour, Tom Wolf, attended a reception hosted by Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. The future Gov could be seen huddling with Peduto, Fitzgerald and State Rep. Erin Molchany.

Wolf’s wife, Frances, also attended and said she was a big fan of PoliticsPA. She was almost surely just being nice but I’m still holding her to it.

Incoming Chief of Staff Katie McGinty was omnipresent throughout the evening.

In congressional news, it appears State Rep. Steve Santarsiero is primed to run for the 8th district that will be left vacant by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick.

Speaking of PA-8, opinion seemed to vary on whether or not Lt. Governor Jim Cawley will seek to replace Fitzpatrick. The theories span the entire spectrum from, convinced he is running to not sure he wants to be in Congress.

Former PA-8 Congressman Patrick Murphy and Bucks native Gov. Mark Schweiker were also present though it’s unlikely they embark on a run (at least right now).

Elsewhere, Erin McClelland will definitely be running again in PA-12 against Congressman Keith Rothfus and seem excited for the rematch.

Additionally, Mike Parrish seems likely to try again in PA-6. Parrish made the rounds last night with a giant “Beat Navy” button on, so we’re also pretty sure we know who he’ll be rooting for in today’s game.

As for the Philly mayoral race, Anthony Williams, Lynne Abraham, Ken Trujillo and Terry Gillen all made appearances throughout the night.

Finally, the surprise of the night was the appearance of former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer at the Governor Mifflin Society Reception (hosted by PoliticsPA). Just about everyone, including Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro, wanted to meet the former Gov of the Empire State.

12 Responses

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  2. Shapiro is NOT running for Senate. Pileggi will not be running for Supreme Court. Rafferty is however.

    In a presidential year with Hillary on the ticket, Kane wins re-election with surprising ease. Her margin of victory only increases if corrupt/incompetent Rob Gleason is still “leading” the Republican Party and/or the Republicans put up another Asher stooge as a candidate.
    Sestak beats Toomey in a rematch.
    Torsella beats Diana Irey for Treasurer with relative ease.
    2015 will be good for Republicans despite weak candidates due to lingering anti-Obama sentiment coupled with low voter turnout. The tide turns in 2016 though and a blue wave will roll over Pennsylvania.

  3. Those tourists delighted by meeting doubly disgraced sometime NY AG and Governor Spitzer would have a ball hiking the land fills in Staten Island or organizing Friends of Sandusky

  4. The observations by “BB” are all consistent with what Commissioner Bruce Castor told me a week ago [@ the “Abington Township – Rockledge Borough Republican Organization” Party]; he doesn’t go [although a member] because he can always ‘phone anyone he needs to contact [and, I guess, the parties aren’t sufficiently appealing to this serious public-servant].

  5. Some observations from Pennsylvania Society weekend.

    You could not take a step without running into a candidate for Supreme Court on Friday night.
    Worst item-Dougherty for Supreme Court Christmas ornament. I should have picked up a dozen for my APIC Keystone pals. (the chocolate covered pretzels on the other hand are HIT).
    Coolest item for the collector crowd- 5 versions of PHL lapel pins promoting the DNC 16 with color scheme for your favorite Philly sports team and LGBT. Kevin Greenberg, Esq. sported the Flyers orange and black.
    Mark Segal was there.
    Kenyatta Johnson won the sartorial splendor award for his suit.
    Russ Diamond was in rare form and in demand. He also got a haircut since the last time he played in The City.
    Jon Baer, John Micek, Mark Levy, Chris Brennan , [the usual suspects] were there and I can’t wait for their take on the bacchanalian heights of Friday night.
    The crab cakes at three venues were excellent even without Old Bay. The oysters, cherrystones and shrimp were an OTTER delight.
    You could not find an empty cab at 1 AM in Midtown
    The City never sleeps but I cashed it in at 2AM in The Village.

    Beautiful Saturday morning in the City

    heading home this afternoon.
    starting a diet tomorrow

  6. Fascinating tidbits, although one omission seems particularly potent: “Council President Darrell L. Clarke’s fund-raiser Saturday drew more than 100 people to a midtown restaurant where tickets went for as much as $11,500.”

    Again, the reader should ignore DD’s observations; again playing the loyal-Dem, he endorses AG-Kane despite PA-Supremes Chief-Justice Castille claimed she’d released secret Grand Jury data.

    This is not surprising, for I have exhaustively explained why DD lacks credibility, having summarized incremental colloquy that concluded:

    “You have advocated the overthrow of the Israeli government throughout Israel’s entire lifetime … explaining why you have endorsed the behavior of Hamas [which the USA has designated as a terrorist organization] that is, itself, promoting policies that are consonant with those of the Islamic State.”

  7. Pileggi! That is actually funny!! He has as much as a chance at winning a seat as Kane does at getting re-elected! Why would Raffferty run? Makes no sense after he just won re-election. These guys are doing it for the wrong reasons and the voters will see right through that!

  8. So being a Senator, never a judge on any level is qualification to be on Supreme Court? The Dems will be running 3 judges, good luck with that Senators.

  9. McClelland up for a rematch: music to Keith Rothfus’ ears! Surely Dems can field someone more appropriate. Otherwise, kiss that seat goodbye.

  10. I’m not surprised about Kane sticking with A.G. job, and have suggested that as the most likely scenario for the past few months. I would have liked to see her run for Senate, but with Shapiro as a likely candidate, she’s better off running as an incumbent in her current position.

    Glad to see that Erin is still up for a fight. 2016 is going to be a better year for Dem turnout and for women running for office.

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