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Dispatches from PA Society

The complimentary gift at Johnny Doc’s IBEW Local #98 event: ‘Victory Lab’ by Sasha Issenberg.

Politicos from around Pa. are bumping elbows in New York City Friday night and the political moves are many. Here is the hard news as well as some of the rumors.

Confirmed news

1. U.S. Senator Bob Casey won’t rule out a run for Governor in 2014.

“If I start speaking to a race in 2014 that’s as if we’re focused on 2014 instead of 2012,” he said, not coyly. He emphasized his efforts to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ and address some foreign policy problems. “Look, I’m really happy where I am. I’m really busy.”

“I’m listening for the answer here!” joked Casey’s wife Terese.

2. U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz is indeed considering a run for Governor. Rumors had swirled following her hiring of Pa. Dems fundraising guru Aubrey Montgomery.

“It’s not a decision I’m taking lightly,” she said. She acknowledged some factors counting against a bid after someone else mentioned her acumen in the U.S. House – including an possible path to leadership.

3. Former Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper is exploring a bid for governor in 2014, making her the latest of about a dozen prospective Democrats.

She told PoliticsPA that she’s seriously looking at a run and meeting with various Dems and potential donors. She was introduced all night as a candidate. There are a few factors that boost her, namely that she’s the only possible candidate so far from western Pa. and one of just two women.

4. Pa. state Senator Mike Stack of northeast Philadelphia is also exploring a bid for governor, making him the latest of about a baker’s dozen Democrats to consider a run. He was networking late into Friday night to gauge interest in a campaign.

5. Congressman-elect Keith Rothfus was in demand Friday night, a contrast from the year before when he had to negotiate his way into some events. But it’s not going to his head, he said, and he’s still a “regular guy.”

“$500, $600 a night? That’s unbelievable,” he said of hotel accommodations in the vicinity of Pa. Society events. “I’m staying at the Holiday Inn.”


1. Pa. Treasurer Rob McCord is widely expected to run for Governor in 2014 but according to a few Pa. Society attendees he said Friday that he would defer to Schwartz is she runs. He has about $1.4 mil in his campaign account; she has $3.1 mil.

2. Some say that Schwartz is teasing her name for 2014 but truly intends to stay in the House… for now. The idea is that her eyes are ultimately on Pat Toomey’s Senate seat in 2016 if leadership doesn’t pan out.

3. People watching outgoing Pa. Auditor General Jack Wagner say they think he’s likely to take the plunge and run for Mayor of Pittsburgh.

4. Kathy Boockvar, the Bucks County attorney who ran for Congress in PA-8 in 2012 and Pa. Commonwealth Court in 2011 is set to start a new gig: Chief Counsel for Auditor General Eugene DePasquale.

18 Responses

  1. David Diano, are you 100% sure he voted in PA this year? I heard otherwise. Can you research this?

  2. Nice, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is now in bed with the radical Mumia loving Cop Killer supporting wing of the Party. I wonder how his support in the Tee will like the radical pro-amnesty leftist as his chief council.

  3. Casey nor any other Democrat will win because Obama won’t be in that race to fix it for them like he did this year!
    And no one would trust Casey to run this state, as senator we don’t really see or hear from him, that people are ok with, but he’s not thought of as a smart guy.

    And he will have similar issues to Mark Critz in his offices part, like other democrats in ignoring the rapes going on in the military!

    Sign this!

  4. For what it’s worth, Sestak’s location through 2010 is not at issue, because it’s “have been seven years next preceding his election an inhabitant of this Commonwealth, unless he shall have been absent on the public business of the United States or of this Commonwealth.”

    So the second part covers his Congressional service. Then we get into what it means to be an inhabitant…

  5. Why would McCord defer to Schwartz? He is a stronger candidate. As far as nobody knowing McCord he is a twice elected state-wide official. Most Pennsylvaninas didn’t know Tom Ridge when he was a congressman from Northwest PA when he ran for Governor.

  6. Mike P-
    True that Sestak lives in Virginia with his wife and daughter.
    He also own a house in PA, so he votes here, but his wife is NOT registered in PA. She did register for the 2006 primary and general election when Joe first ran, and got an apartment in the district.

    After Joe won, they bought a house in Edgmont, PA. Joe re-registered there, and his wife dropped her PA registration completely. I’ve heard rumor that she re-registered and votes in VA, but I’ve never seen any official voting records on this.

    In the fall of 2010 (during Senate run), Joe and his wife got a permit for work on an addition to their Alexandria, Va home. The permit (#MEC2010-01657) was received on 10/27/2010 (before the election) and issued 11/03/2010 (the day after Joe lost). The estimated cost of the work was $7,500.

    So, yeah, Joe lives in VA, and has been pulling a “Santorum”.

    The 7-year residency rule is interesting. Sestak maintained his voting registration in PA while in the Navy, though he and his wife bought their house in Virginia over 12 years ago. When he came to PA in 2006, his car still had Virginia plates and he re-registered the car in PA to get PA plates.

    Sestak bought his Edgmont house in early 2007, so he would be under the wire for the 7 year rule, IF one were to equate property ownership with residency (though, he’s VA resident by same standard).

    But, I think the biggest sign that Sestak isn’t running is that he posted “Go Navy! Beat Army!” on his Facebook status. When he previously ran for office, he refused to take a side, indicating only a fondness for the Navy side.

  7. Sestak cannot run for Governor in 2014. He paid taxes and voted this year in Virginia. PA law stipulates that you have to be a resident for 7 years before running.

  8. Mike Stack for Governor would be like running the local dog catcher for chief of police. He’s not qualified for the job he has now.

  9. J.D. Paperstacks-

    I didn’t claim anything about Sestak viability based on his his ability to transfer funds. My comments were about Schwartz, since she;s the one with more than McCord.

    Sestak’s got nothing of any significance to transfer. He’s got about $23,000 left from his Senate run, so in a field like this, he’d be essentially starting from scratch. His lack of reported presence at PA Society is another sign that he’s not pursuing Gov.

    With rumors of a Hillary 2016 run, Sestak probably has a better chance at either an undeserved appointment or presidential coattails for a rematch against Toomey.

  10. Glad that the PA Dems are continuing to recognize Kathy Boockvar’s value to PA and the Party. Once DePasquale pursues higher office, this experience could be great in a run for Auditor General herself.

  11. And now that David Diano has been been corrected about his state/federal misconception, he can stop claiming Sestak won’t be a good candidate because “the funds don’t transfer.”

    PoliticsPA should consider employing a full-time fact-checker for David Diano, Bob Guzzardi, and the lady who neurotically keeps posting that Critz stuff.

  12. They’re all B-list dems besides Casey. All will get their ass kicked. McCord has money but nobody knows who he is, and he doesn’t have any star power of attraction like Casey or Kane. Additionally none will have Obama boosting their ticket.

  13. Yes, TNardi is correct. Welcome to the wonderful world of PA finance laws, eh?

    Schwartz indeed has her eye on 2016 U.S. Senate. Money talks. And Nancy Pelosi is not going anywhere (which is a shame).

  14. David,

    The rules on transferring funds between state and federal differ from state to state, because each state governs their own statewide campaign finance laws. Since there are no state limits in PA, and that applies to all sources, including money coming from federal committees. So Schwartz could transfer 100% of her federal money to a state account, say from Schwartz for Congress to Schwartz for PA or something like that.

    That make sense?

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, but… I thought you can’t mix/transfer state and federal campaign funds.

    McCord can move in state treasure funds to governor race, but I didn’t think Schwartz could to the same, since her money is Federal.

    Is there a rule that you can go Federal –> State, but not the other war?

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