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Dispatches from the GOP Winter Meeting

GOP Judicial Candidates

The commonwealth’s Republicans gathered today to endorse candidates for this year’s critical judicial elections.

Before the balloting began, Congressmen Tom Marino and G.T. Thompson spoke to the committee.

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, however, was the star attraction, pledging to increase the GOP membership in the State Senate.

“We’re not satisfied with 30 seats, we believe we can get to 34 seats, a veto-proof majority,” Sen. Corman asserted.

After a roll call vote on whether to endorse any candidates at all, the committee voted 238 to 90 to chose their favorites.

The party nominated candidates for the three State Supreme Court seats, one Superior Court seat and one Commonwealth Court seat.

Supreme Court

Among the candidates for State Supreme Court were: Anne Covey (Bucks); Mike George (Adams); Rebecca Warren (Montour); Cheryl Allen (Allegheny) and Judy Olson (Allegheny).

Justice Correale Stevens (Luzerne), who is seeking re-election, decided not to ask for the party’s endorsement.

The three candidates to receive the party’s endorsements were George, Olson and Covey.

The full roll call vote was as follows: George 291; Olson 274; Covey 258; Allen 71; Warren 39.

Superior Court

The candidates for Superior Court were: Emil Giordano (Northampton) and Paul Panepinto (Philadelphia).

Judge Giordano prevailed in that contest by a standing vote of 242 to 86.

Commonwealth Court

There was only one candidate for the Commonwealth Court, Paul Lalley of Allegheny County. Lalley won the endorsement by voice vote.

7 Responses

  1. Mike last I checked you guys are currently the party of criminal office holders or do you not read the news? Jokes on you, dumbass

  2. If what John says about Covey is accurate, it reflects very badly on Covey herself and even more so on those who were determined to manipulate the RSC membership to secure the endorsement of a not very impressive judge.

  3. @ Mike-S:

    Reprehensible is your core-charge [“Corbett (worst Governor in history), Perry (a criminal), and of course Bob Asher (another criminal)!! The democrats must be laughing their you know what off!!”].

    Corbett was a poor candidate, as has been argued privately and publicly [on this site and elsewhere] for 2+ years; in particular an AP exit-poll found 40% of opposition based on how he had [mis-]handled JoePA. Indeed, within 48-hours of his loss, he admitted as much … alas, belatedly. Indeed, direct and indirect [oral] requests to high-level GOP-leaders failed to convince them to turn to Cawley [before/after Guzzardi’s involvement].

    BUT, he was a competent governor [mostly], except for his distaste for fighting union-“rented” GOP-legislators and thereby not satisfying campaign-promises; he wasn’t the “worstest.”

    Similarly, the claims against Perry [who didn’t want a drunken-driver to head an ethics commission] and Asher [who served his time] are hyperbolic, reflecting poorly upon their author’s credibility; such claims are customarily posted primarily by DD, and it is advised that this would be poor-company with which to associate [as is evinced when he manifests Dem-party loyalty in defiance of the facts].

  4. I meant John, you are spot on. I have some more info on this that I will soon reveal. Stay tuned…..

  5. Gary – you are spot on. This is going to blow up big time. I have called my buddy to verify what you have said and he told me the same thing. He also said Jubelirer dropped because the Central Caucus cut a deal with the Southeast so they would vote for George! Talk about corruption at it’s finest. Then to top it off, they bring in Corbett (worst Governor in history), Perry (a criminal), and of course Bob Asher (another criminal)!! The democrats must be laughing their you know what off!!

  6. The entire endorsement process stinks to high heaven. We were told before we ever held our caucus meetings weeks ago who the establishment choices were, and today they were magically endorsed. Why go to the trouble of having a meeting if it’s a forgone conclusion as to who will win? (I am 100% against endorsing before the primary.)

    The information about Anne Covey was never mentioned at the meeting today. It’s pretty obvious that it was purposeful. The PA Republican State Committee has an abysmal win record when it comes to the judicial candidates they’ve endorsed over the years. Let the process play out and let the voters choose their candidates.

  7. What about the story that Anne Covey received a NOT RECOMMENDED by the PBA and lied to them that she was withdrawing so they would not publish it? Then she has the audacity to preach about integrity!! I’ll tell you what — the Republucan Party knew about this too. I am calling the PBA on Monday and the press. This is absolutely ridiculous and she needs to be exposed. I suggest everybody that reads this to do the same. Unbelievable!!!

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