DNC Attacks Romney on Energy Policies (Watch Video)

The Democratic National Committee launched a new web video Tuesday, knocking Mitt Romney for his relationship with big oil corporations, as well as his energy policies.

The video, titled “Romney in the Tank for Big Oil,” was launched on the heels of a fundraiser Romney attended for the Petroleum Club in Texas.

The video first attacks Romney for his relationships with big oil companies, claiming that the Republican nominee would repeal Wall Street regulations with regard to oil speculation.

The video criticizes Romney for a fundraiser he attended yesterday hosted by the Petroleum Club in Texas.

“He’d repeal the laws that crack down on Wall Street oil speculators who make millions by speculating on the price of oil, forcing you to pay more for gas,” the ad says.

The video then lays into Romney for opposing fuel efficiency standards and claims that Romney would “slash investments into clean and alternative energy” in exchange for more tax cuts for wealthier Americans.

“If Mitt Romney thinks that corporations are people, big oil companies are his best friends,” the ad says at the end.

RNC spokesperson Billy Pitman says that Romney’s energy plans will benefit the country, whereas Obama has failed to come through on his policies.

“President Obama promised an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy, but has delivered what even he admits is a ‘hodgepodge’ of ineffectiveness. President Obama’s policies have hampered energy production and blocked job creation – and energy prices, as he promised, have soared. Instead of wasting taxpayer dollars on boondoggles like Solyndra, Mitt Romney will promote a balanced energy policy that harnesses our domestic resources, promotes energy security and helps create jobs across America.”

This video comes after a recent blitz against President Obama for a “War on Coal” by the Republican National Committee and the Romney campaign. Staying on the energy circuit, Team Obama recently lauded its progress in the Wind industry.

2 Responses

  1. So a ticket for President gets money from an industry that stands to benefit from their policies. Doesn’t that make sense? I’m sure big Government is giving heavily to the Obama ticket.

  2. Big Oil, Wall Street and the GOP are a bunch of morally, bankrupt jerks. Romney is already oil-bought. Romney/Ryan will be worse than Bush/Cheney.

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