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DNC, Super PAC Target PA to Flip in 2020

Just how bad do the Democrats want to turn Pennsylvania blue in 2020?

Two large investments from two different entities announced today certainly shows the state as a high priority to taking back the White House.

Priorities USA, a Democratic super PAC, announced that it has launched a $100 million program focusing on four specific states that includes Pennsylvania.

The super PAC, which spent more than $190 million during the 2016 presidential election cycle according to Open Secrets, stated in their rollout that President Donald Trump is “clearly very vulnerable” and released data showing that healthcare and wages are the two most important issues for target voters.

Priorities USA has specifically singled out 16,800 voters in Cambria County in their release, dubbing it the “heart of Obama/Trump country.”

President Trump more than doubled Secretary Clinton’s vote total in Cambria County in 2016. Gov. Mitt Romney also carried the county in 2012 by close to 18 points over President Barack Obama. Even Sen. Casey and Gov. Wolf lost by double digits in Cambria County this past November in their comfortable re-election bids. Obama defeated Sen. John McCain there by 2 points in 2008.

On the PAC’s about us page, they list Trump and big corporations as their focus of defeating in the upcoming election.

“The wealthy and big corporations know they have Donald Trump in their corner to fight for their priorities,” the website states. “We are helping build a powerful progressive movement that informs, energizes, and empowers average Americans to fight and win for their priorities in 2017, 2018, and 2020.”

The DNC also announced today that Pennsylvania along with six other state parties have launched “Organizing Corps 2020” which is a program to recruit and train students that are expecting to graduate by June 2020 and place them as field organizers in key states.

Naoko Kudo, Chief Operation Officer for Organizing Corps 2020, served as a field organizer at Temple University and in North Philadelphia’s 20th Ward for Sen. Obama’s campaign.

“Organizing Corps 2020 will build a powerful pipeline of young talent — energized Democrats who reflect the diversity of their communities,” DNC Chair Tom Perez said in the release. “This new organizing program will help us recruit organizers who will become our future leaders and grow the party, win more elections up and down the ticket, and build the organizing infrastructure our nominee will need to take back the Oval Office.”

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from the Pennsylvania GOP for this story.

15 Responses

  1. Targeting Cambria County—now that is very much in vain. It is a heavily DINO county and is too far gone.

  2. I don’t really care about early fundraising numbers or volunteer sign-ups right now. It’s so early and outside events could shake up the entire race. The field isn’t even set for the primary. Let’s just sit back and watch things for the next few months before we start pushing the narrative of a dem front runner. None exists right now and saying otherwise is foolish.

  3. Without an enthused left, Dems don’t win PA or the USA. Within 3 days of announcing his run for POTUS, Senator Bernie Sanders has amassed an incomprehensible 600,000 committed supporters. Within one day, he had taken in an equally mind boggling $5.9M+ in donations! For comparison, so called ‘front runner’ Senator Kamala Harris took in about $1M within her first 24 hours. Senator Warren took in $300k over same period.

    Corporate media will of course downplay TheBern’s achievements as it did last time. Remember when we closed down the main thoroughfares through 73 of the largest cities in the USA on the same day, with volunteer marches? Of course not. Because unless you helped organize and/or marched in one as I did in Philly, or lived along the parade routes, you were never told it happened. But let Hillary or TheRump scratch their butts? ‘We go live, with lots of expert commentary’.

    #FeelTheBern2020. Or lose to TheRump again, PA and USA. It is that simple.

    Steve Todd
    2016 Bernie Delegate
    Candidate, 2020 Bernie Delegate

      1. Yep. And the deep state will getcha too. Better build a wall to keep the brown folks out of klan land.

        1. Dillusional socialists dumped Clinton because she didn’t pass their litmus test. Hope it happens again to their nominee in 2020. MAGA

          1. Cowardly anonymous posters say stupid shit. I hope that continues. Keep hiding, its best that way.

      1. Like the $600B+ annual war machine. Free. No cost.

        Everything else is too expensive. How are we gonna pay for it?

        Keep falling for it, suckers. The few and shrinking numbers are laughing all the way to bank.

  4. Agreed that Biden would be good for PA; but it is way too early. We don’t know how the rest of the country and party will see him as time goes on. We should be concentrating on getting those Trump Democrats back and working very hard on redistricting not just our Congressional districts; but also the redrawing of our senate and legislative districts after the 2020 Census. We are, in many tests, the worst gerrymandered state in the nation and if we don’t all combine our forces and change that – I am afraid nothing else changes. We have to give people the message that we are the party that listens to the people and expose the lack of progress in this state, as a result of a GOP legislature that keeps throwing roadblocks in the way of redistricting reform. It has to be done in this Session.

  5. If the Dems would be smart enough to nominate a passionate and talented candidate like Joe Biden, Pa would go Dem. Bernie would get some Dem politicos swooning but run out out gas in the fall against Trump. Biden is the best bet for Dems in Pa 2020.

    1. Biden would be strong in PA.

      However, Trump is weak in PA. His 2016 win was a fluke (and a lot of PA voters have buyers remorse). I don’t think he can win PA again. We had a Dem State Party Chair that didn’t take the race seriously. We have a new chair that won’t take the race for granted.

      1. Agreed that the Trump win in PA in 2016 was a one time event. However, Biden or Sherrod Brown would win the state with ease. Candidates like Harris or Booker also will likely win here but their margins will be considerably closer.

      2. Trump won PA in 2016 because Hillary was a horrible candidate who didn’t have the stamina or will to campaign in rural middle America. It’s time to admit, any Republican was going to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, even the imbecile, immoral Trump who was the weakest Republican ever.

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