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DNC to Philly in 2016?

Philly City Hall
Philly City Hall

Philadelphia, with its reliable and large turnout in a crucial swing state, is one of the most important cities to the Democratic Party. Yet Philly hasn’t hosted a Democratic presidential nominating convention since the famous 1948 event where Harry Truman coined the term “do-nothing Congress” and Hubert Humphrey’s civil rights speech caused a walkout of Southern delegates. If Bob Brady has his way, however, the city of brotherly love will be neglected no longer.

As reported by the Daily News, Rep. Brady, whose district includes South Philadelphia, will make a presentation today to the city’s leaders on the benefits of hosting the convention. Brady is also chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Committee.

The Congressman will cite the precedent of 2000, when the Republicans held their convention in the city and brought in $345 million in additional tourism and business according to a city study.

This is a familiar crusade for Brady, who tried to get the 2012 convention as well. Back then, Brady didn’t have the support of Mayor Michael Nutter. The Mayor so far has seemed noncommittal about this new bid, although his term of office ends before the convention would take place.

“This meeting is a very preliminary step toward getting information and putting us in a position to evaluate and help make the decision about whether to pursue a convention,” Nutter told the Daily News.

Brady has remained steadfast in his quest, noting that the Mayor had promised when he rejected the 2012 bid to try for 2016.

A potential downside? Pa. could be too blue. Democrats have held their last two conventions in Denver, Colorado and Charlotte, North Carolina, states not considered traditionally Democratic, in an attempt to expand the map.

2 Responses

  1. It may be too early to determine who the R opponent would be by mid-2014, but it may make sense to hold the Convention in Phila if Christie or a moderate (funny, right?) is in the running.

    I would not be surprised if the Ds hold the Convention in Texas… potnetially smart move. I’d throw Chicago, Miami, Atlanta in the mix as well. Pittsburgh could be a smart idea too.

  2. Maybe they can get the Black Panthers to stand outside with billy clubs and guard the entrances. Democrats love diversity as long as you agree with them.

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