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DNC: What is Romney Hiding About His Taxes? (Watch Video)

The Democratic National Committee launched a new video Sunday attacking Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for noncommittal responses over his personal finances.

The video, titled “Maybe,” includes clips of Romney answering questions about when or if he will release his tax returns.

With each clip comes a voice over and visual attacking Romney for his refusal to release more years of tax returns.

A new DNC ad says that Romney tells people to trust that he paid his fair share of taxes and says, "We’ve seen this movie before."

“Instead of releasing his tax returns, Mitt Romney’s answer is ‘Just trust me?’ We’ve seen this movie before,” the ad says.

The video also attacks Romney for his failure to disclose offshore bank accounts and corporations.

“Under continued pressure, Romney released one full year of tax returns. Only then did we learn he failed to report the Shell corporation in Bermuda, the Swiss Bank Account,” the ad says.

The ad ends with two separate clips, one of Romney being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC, who asks him if he has anything to hide. The second interview is by John King during a debate, who asks if he would release 12 years of returns just as his father did as Governor.

“Maybe,” Romney replies, laughing.

RNC PA Spokesperson Billy Pitman called the claims baseless, saying that 42 months of +8 percent unemployment have left the Dems with no other record to run on except for attack ads.

“Americans deserve better,” he said. “Mitt Romney has a Plan for a Stronger Middle Class that will turn around the economy, create 12 million jobs, and bring relief to the struggling middle class.”

While the ad isn’t substantive on policy, it is congruent with attacks from both the Obama campaign and pro-Obama super PACs on Romney’s finances. Each ad attacks Romney for “hiding” personal financial records from the public.

4 Responses

  1. A lot depends on how citizens feel. If they think other pay their fair share in taxes and if they think a presidential candidate is ethical and above-board, they feel more positively. How can Romney make them feel that way about him? If he could, he would. See my further remarks at for Aug. 11. Then, yes, there is the voter fraud theory: that in Jan. 2010 Romney voted in a state where he did not legally live.

  2. Where are the Jobs? Nobody F’ing cares about taxes they need to pay their bills.
    Where are the jobs!?!?!?

  3. Notice that Romney ALWAYS says, he never did anything illegal with his taxes…Taking the IRS Swiss Bank Account Amnesty Deal of 2009 wasn’t illegal… and I believe very strongly, this is what Romney is hiding… He took Amnesty i.e he paid taxes on money he was hiding in Swiss Bank accounts, to avoid paying taxes and in 2009 he came clean, paid the taxes due and received Amnesty for his previous tax dodging actions, which were illegal, but wiped clean by the Amnesty deal….That would be a tough one to explain to the American public and would sink Romney for sure.

  4. Could he be hiding voter fraud… the very thing to get him elected in Pennsylvania? Hmm….

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