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Donohue Unveils First TV Ad (VIDEO)

All three Democratic Supreme Court candidates have now hit the airwaves.

Superior Court Judge Christine Donohue is on TV with her first ad, titled “Restoring Integrity”.

The thirty-second spot features people stating what they want in a Justice and Donohue answering how she fits those qualifications.

“Over the past seven years, I’ve served on Pennsylvania’s second-highest court,” she says at one point. “And the bar association has given me their very highest rating.”

She then describes her personal background before stating that she wants to bring values back to the court.

“It’s time to bring integrity back to the Supreme Court,” she concludes.

Donohue is a Democratic nominee for one of three open seats on the State Supreme Court.

Her running mates David Wecht and Kevin Dougherty have already released their first campaign commercials.

8 Responses

  1. Donahue and Olson are shoe-ins, each of them was a top voter-getter in the state when they ran in a highly contest Superior Court race (three or more open seats). Ann Covey is the only candidate who didn’t getting by the PA Bar Association, she isn’t going to come close. So who gets the other seat?

  2. Nice first ad for the Donohue campaign and it hits on the right issues for voters. The D’s have a great ticket and all them will bring fresh air into a struggling court.

  3. “Restoring integrity”. What a joke. This evil bitch has none. Does not know or follow the law; makes up her own facts to reach a decision she decided on beforehand.

    She hates men and abuses her power to take out her bitterness on them. Don’t know what her ex-boyfriends, if any, did to her, but she is not forgetting.

  4. Funny how a woman this old never mentions anything about her life since childhood with her parents. What is she hiding?

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