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Doug Mastriano Wins GOP Nomination for Governor

Doug Mastriano has won the Republican nomination for governor in Pennsylvania, based in part on a strong in-person election day performance.

The Franklin County state senator defeated seven other candidates for the nod, including former Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta, former U.S. attorney Bill McSwain, and Delaware County businessman Dave White.

A number of Republican Party leaders made late moves in an attempt to negate the momentum that Mastriano showed in the last weeks, but to no avail,

Mastriano, who received the endorsement of former president Donald Trump last Saturday, has been a strong supporter of Trump’s debunked claims about the 2020 election and helped organize transportation and attended the January 6 insurrection at the capitol.

He will meet Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro, the Democratic nominee, in the general election.

14 Responses

  1. Dung tells Steve Bannon he’s just an average American, not far right (sic). Mastriano won about 1 in 5 Republican voters and there’s a legitimate question about his ability to broaden that appeal.

  2. 584,200 votes from 55 out of 67 counties is impressive for a candidate who did not spend millions and did not play dirty politics. Goals for governor : ending RGGi by utilizing the natural gas gold mine under out feet to help the PA economy, ending all mandates, preventing biological boys from competing in girls sports, cutting back ridiculous regulations that undermine small businesses. Mastriano serves the people, not the party bosses and lobbyists.

    1. Thank you, sister.

      Don’t forget undermining democracy by spreading falsehoods and giving out senator(s) personal information on my livestream sermons to dox people who don’t agree with me.

      I love it when my followers threaten the well being of children and family members of elected officials who disagree with me.

      It’s almost as enjoyable as getting caught lying about your doctoral thesis and book.


      Walk crazy. So sayeth the toilets and the village people.

  3. Doug Mastriano is just what Pennsylvania needs to get the state back on track. People should wake up and get behind him. If we want a free state like Florida, Doug is necessary.

    1. Walk crazy, sister.

      Let me guide you on the path of jagged rocks and a cliff. With me you can fly better than a big bird blessed with superman powers, so sayeth Beetlejuice. Psalms 10000.

      Walk crazy.

    2. Carol K proves Kathy Barnette is not the only crazy woman in GOP PA ranks. Anybody who advocates FL as role model needs institutionalized.

  4. Dougie is the gift that keeps on giving… Shapiro and the democrats!!

  5. Teddy Daniel too stupid to know Colonel Mastriano used him. Mastriano had to cut into the Barletta stronghold so did a fake team up with Daniel, whose from there. The colonel taught military strategy at the Army War College. Used the big lug in that battle area. Grunt Daniel got suckered bad by military deception.

    1. D.M. could use those street smarts in November. Daniels stumbled around ands bumbled his way through the last few months. Some Dems are gloating on tv and strutting around like its in the bag in November.

    2. No. He just aligned himself who was as crazy as he is. But his culture followers don’t hold him accountable and didn’t care.

      Wagner loses… I mean… Mastriano loses. Sorry. I keep getting them confused by the dumb base that elects them and their self righteous attitude.

  6. Don ‘t underestimate Doug. Big mistake. Like every time someone says its a “done deal” it’s often not the case. Dems better not count their chickens before they hatch!

    1. President Hillary Clinton, now in her second term in the White House tonight said “Ding Dong Doug has no chance to be elected Governor of Pennsylvania”.

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