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Dougherty Grants First Interview Since FBI Raid (VIDEO)

Last night, CBS3 aired the first interview with John Dougherty since the FBI raid of his office and others connected to him.

Much of the five-minute discussion with Ukee Washington focused on Dougherty’s biographical background but he did respond to critics of his conduct and style.

“I don’t believe I’m a bully,” he responded. “I believe I’m effective. I play with the tools. I don’t break any laws.”

Dougherty also stated that he did not know why the raid occurred although last month he suggested it was because of the union’s political success.

Washington finished by asking Dougherty how this whole saga will end.

“The facts are, if this is about me, then make it about me,” Dougherty stated. “The fact that people around me are being brought into this, that breaks my heart. I’ve been audited. I’ve been reviewed. I’ve been investigated in the past and all through this, recommendations have been made. I always change with the recommendations. We are part of the fabric of Philadelphia. We love Philly. I love Philly. Hey, look, it’s an awkward time, OK, but we’ll get through.”

7 Responses

  1. Dougherty has been one of the best things that has happened to the city, and the state of Oennsylvania. He’s helped to bring good jobs into the state and has seen working people benefit from those good jobs. The Kleptocracy of the right wingers are targeting him because of the successes regular people have gotten through Local 98’s work. When regular people get power, the uberwealthy will pull out all the stops to keep people from being self empowered.

  2. This reminds me of the kid-gloves “interview” Vernon Odom did w Seth Williams where he did not ask any tough questions.

    Wonder if the Feds are looking at the relationship between Seth Williams and Johnny Doc. I mean – Seth did refuse to prosecute Doc for a crime he committed on video (a 4-on-1 attack of a non-Union worker). Wonder if Seth hit Doc up for cash in exchange for not prosecuting Doc.

    We know that Kathleen Martin (Harry Levant’s Sister-in-Law) hung up on a reporter asking questions about the Johnny Doc assault case.

    And we one that Seth Williams was hard-up for $$$.

  3. Just so we’re clear. Johnny Docs IBEW 98 funds and buys advertising from CBS3 for the annual St Patrick’s Day parade. So considering that conflict of interest that explains why Ukee was practically making out with this thug. What has happened to journalism in this state. ? Why not ask him about his relationship with DA SETH WILLIAMS? Why not ask him how often do your members do ” night work ” ? Why not ask him when you were beating Josh Keesees face in did you think u were untouchable? When you were giving turkeys to Bobby Henons two best friends the Ralston brothers who were the lead agents in attorney generals organized crime unit did u think you were untouchable ? When you leak / feed stories to Chris Brennan daily news reporter to hurt your political enemies and then sue daily news and he testifiys for you against the paper do you split the money with him? How about asking some of those questions ?!!!

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