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Dougherty Meets with Clinton

Clinton-DoughertyJohnny Doc meets Hillary.

After an election that disappointed him and led to questions about his political power, the Philadelphia Building Trades head is advertising the fact that he got invited to a pre-rally sit-down with Hillary Clinton.

“Myself and about 19 other Building Trades leaders joined Mayor Kenney and Congressman Brady for a very private meeting with Secretary Clinton,” Dougherty wrote in a press release. “It was funny…we were led right past several dignitaries in line to see Hillary and they just stared at us, wondering where we were going. We were more focused on policy instead of pictures.”  

“We talked with Ms. Clinton for 20 minutes about her support of Pre-Apprenticeship Programs, diversity in the workforce, and Project Labor Agreements,” he continued. “She was relaxed and approachable, so much so that she Face-Timed the young, triplet sons of Steve Petit, Business Manager of the Asbestos Workers Union, and sang them ‘Happy Birthday’. She wished me a happy birthday, as well. There also were a few selfies taken before we said our goodbyes. It was a quick but great meeting and we appreciated Secretary Clinton’s time and attention to our issues.”

This meeting took place in Mayor Kenney’s private office just prior to Clinton’s rally at City Hall on Monday night.

20 Responses

  1. Uh, Genius says:
    April 28, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    The “woman on the right” is John’s daughter. And meeting with him is a brilliant move. He doesn’t win them all, but there’s no more effective political operator in the state than John Dougherty.

    The woman on the right is actually Tara Chupka. According to the National Review article, Dougherty took her in as a teenager:

    —National Review—
    And according to a 2006 Philadelphia Magazine article, Dougherty once “took in a girl with a drug-using mother — Tara, [who, in 2006, was] 22.” According to records from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, a 19-year-old named Tara Chupka, the same age as the girl Dougherty took in, had been served alcohol by Erin Dougherty at Doc’s Union Pub in 2003. Property records place a Tara Chupka, now 30, at John Dougherty’s home address on East Moyamensing Avenue between 2003 and 2006. And a Tara Chupka has received $463,884 working for Local 98 between 2004 and 2012.

    Read more at:

    Tara Danielle Chupka
    In-House Counsel at IBEW Local Union 98
    Greater Philadelphia AreaLaw Practice

  2. Hey aaron. You stealing my schtick? Fuck you. And fuck Dougherty too. Union swine. Can’t decide who is worse – Dougherty or that hack, Seth Williams.

  3. We know what happened to Zappala — a double-digit loss despite fraudulent “Black Lives Matter / Vote Zappala” tee-shirts.

    Check out Johnny Doc’s other candidate, Kevin Boyle: From “Clout” —

    Extreme-ly bad choice

    Here’s a horrifying scene in Northeast Philadelphia, where State Rep. Kevin Boyle (brother of U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle) was trying to unseat State Sen. John Sabatina Jr. (son of ward leader John Sabatina Sr.).

    You may have caught Holly Otterbein’s Philly Mag report about King of Prussia-based Mike Lemon Casting sending out an email to actors, offering $120 for “extras” to go to polling stations to support Boyle. “A script and information will be given to each person,” the email read, according to Otterbein.

    We touched base with Bob Stewart, a judge of elections in the 58th Ward, who described what very much sounded like actors at his polling place: Three guys backing Boyle who didn’t seem to know who Boyle was. One had a guitar.

  4. Is the daughter who used to be a bartender at Docs Union Pub now running a multi million electricians charter school ; where she gets paid 250k a year ?????

  5. Remember when the Pope met with that lunatic – Kim Davis?

    The Pope subsequently fired the person who set up that meeting (which I am sure he went to not knowing who Kim Davis really was and what she stood for).

    Same thing should happen to the Clinton Aide who let this happen.

  6. Um, OK ….

    it looks to me like Hillary was posing with Dougherty’s daughter (on the right) and Dougherty jumped in.

  7. The “woman on the right” is John’s daughter. And meeting with him is a brilliant move. He doesn’t win them all, but there’s no more effective political operator in the state than John Dougherty.

  8. I hope someone tells her that this guy is poison. The face of corruption of a once noble union movement.

  9. FBI will u please help. Johnny Doc is now putting pressure on the election board not call the Sabatina race beating the Boyles official are u serious. Doc your such a tuff guy. Loser crumb bum

  10. There is nothing unusual about a labor leader meeting with a presidential candidate.

  11. Fuck these union guys.

    BTW – it looks to me like Hillary was posing with the woman on the right and Dougherty jumped in.

  12. “This meeting took place in Mayor Kenney’s private office.” Of course it did. This new Mayor better not owe Dougherty too much more!! He is going to lose me soon.

    Gotta wonder if Hillary knew she who she was posing with. She should read the Paper more.

  13. Interesting, Whistleblower … I hadn’t thought of that.

    Don’t forget that the Feds are investigating his attack on that non-union worker in South Philly. The one where Johnny Doc and three Union goons ganged up on one guy.

  14. The recent story about McCord wearing a wire means he was wearing during DRPA meetings with this bozo. He’s gonna need a presidential pardon

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