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Dr. Nche Zama Launches 2022 Bid for Governor

A renowned cardiothoracic surgeon has joined the 2022 Republican race for Governor. 

Dr. Nche Zama formally announced a bid for the statewide office on Thursday evening Shawnee Inn in Shawnee on Delaware.

“For too long, Pennsylvania has been sick. Our economy, schools, and healthcare system have been broken for years while Harrisburg has been in a coma,” Zama said in a press release announcing his candidacy. “Pennsylvania should have a trillion-dollar economy that is globally competitive and strongly supported by world-class schools and a top-notch healthcare system.”

“As an ardent supporter of educational, technological, business and healthcare excellence, I am running for governor to lead the charge and address these and other ills confronting this great Commonwealth,” Zama continued.

The Pocono Record reports that “nearly 200 guests” were in attendance for Zama’s formal campaign launch, “including fellow medical professionals and political supporters,” and state Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe). 

Zama, a Cameroon native who resides in the Poconos, has worked across the nation and Pennsylvania with top surgery teams at Aria Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia; York Hospital in York; Guthrie Clinic in Sayre; and Pocono Heart and Vascular Institute in East Stroudsburg.

In his press release announcing his candidacy, Zama says that Harrisburg is “broken” and says that as Governor, he would “lead the best teams to transform Pennsylvania into a globally competitive force that serves the people of this Commonwealth.” 

The issues that Zama highlights on his campaign website include education, healthcare, and the economy. 

Several Republicans have also already declared their candidacy for governor. 

Former Congressman Lou Barletta and Jason Richey, an Allegheny County resident and partner at Pittsburgh’s K&L Gates law firm, both formally announced their entrance into the race last week, while former Corry Mayor Jason Monn joined the race in April and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale launched a campaign for Governor in February

Congressman Dan Meuser (R-Luzerne), state Sens. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) and Doug Mastriano (R-Adams), former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain, are also reportedly weighing a run for Governor.

19 Responses

  1. Nothing would be better than getting out and catching a nice bass on the lake. Maybe catch some frogs too. Havent been on my meds for a couple weeks but I’m feeling good. I’m tired of all these political articles on here, let’s talk about something more peaceful and less divisive.

  2. Does Dr. Zama realize that the problem with Harrisburg is the heartless/brainless/soulless GOP legislators?

  3. So why would this dumbass think he’s going to get GOP votes? Keep your day job.

    1. I’ve met this man on a number of occasions; he is extremely bright, so while there are plenty of “dumbass” politicians, I can confidently predict he won’t be one of them. I have observed him to be demanding of his staff while keeping a professionally kind rapport, and it is without question that to succeed in cardiothoracic surgery as he has, he’s had to be an extremely adroit decision maker. These qualities and skills came to my attention because he saved my mom’s life a few years ago. I observed his staff and him carefully while visiting many hours daily at the hospital; because of his transparent and proactive communication and hands-on, caring approach with his patients’ care, I can confidently make the statements above. Could never have predicted I’d see him run for PA governor, but I’m heartened to see a logical thinker and doer of his caliber isn’t afraid to get out there and give it a go!

      1. All of the things you mentioned have nothing to do with being a good Governor.

        Admirable, yes. Not a prerequisite for Governor.

        Also, electable candidate and Gubernatorial qualities are separate characteristics, but still required.

        This guy is not going to have the skills of messaging and campaigning.

        He should run for House or Senate and see what a gauntlet of stupidity government is before he tries for the executive branch.

        1. Correct!
          It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t done his homework as a politician. His message is flat, full of platitudes and does not resonate with today’s GOP… (Today’s GOP in my view, is about Values, Sovereignty and the Restoration of the Founder’s ideals).
          I support him tactically.

      2. Thanks for the insight. I won’t be voting for this guy! What person would give up a lucrative profession to go into politics?

      1. I can only hope that is a satirical remark about the state of the Democratic Party’s ability to process legitimate criticism.

  4. If R’s want to win the general, they’d back this dude. But they’ll be sheep, back ‘Sweet Self-involved Lou,’ and Barletta will definitely lose. The R Party needs outsiders instead of the same old politicians. And diversity to win the state races. Brains too. This guy has it all. Don’t be stupid, Lawrence Tabas. Get off the Barletta train. He can’t win vs Shapiro. He’ll lose by 10-15 points.

  5. I think the most important thing we can take away from this announcement is that I enjoy the taste of John Chrin’s special sauce.

    1. Insecure loser congressional candidates and their failure staff can’t get over they never got a real job in life. Enjoy and get over yourself.

      1. You walk around with a stick up your ass thinking your shit don’t stink and the truth is nobody likes you.

  6. It’s getting to point where you should announce who isn’t running.

      1. Apparently it’s the fellow whose ass KP goes around sniffing and reporting back about.

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