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Dr. Oz Campaign Taunts John Fetterman Over Debates

Fetterman and Oz

The Dr. Oz campaign turned up the heat and the rhetoric heading into Labor Day Weekend and the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania has taken a turn into the mud.

John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for the open Senate seat in the Commonwealth, rejected Mehmet Oz’s offer to hold a debate next week in Pittsburgh, saying the Republican candidate’s campaign thinks “it is funny to mock” his recovery from a stroke.

On Tuesday, Oz’s campaign put out a tongue-in-cheek list of “concessions” it was willing to make to accommodate Fetterman in a debate, including:

  • Doctor Oz promises not to intentionally hurt John’s feelings at any point.
  • We will allow John to have all of his notes in front of him along with an earpiece so he can have the answers given to him by his staff, in real time.
  • At any point, John Fetterman can raise his hand and say “bathroom break!”
  • If the topic of his pardoned murderers comes up, we will allow extra time for him to explain that second-degree murder is “not as bad as” first-degree murder.
  • We will pay for any additional medical personnel he might need to have on standby.


Fetterman’s campaign responded in a not-surprising manner.

“Today’s statement from Dr. Oz’s team made it abundantly clear that they think it is funny to mock a stroke survivor. I chose not to participate in this farce. Any sense that these “challenges” were done in good faith is damaged.

“My recovery may be a joke to Dr. Oz and his team, but it’s real for me.”

The war of words continued from the Oz camp.

“We were just informed by Jon Delano at KDKA that the Fetterman campaign is declining to attend the KDKA debate on September 6. John Fetterman is a liar, a liberal, and a coward,” said Brittany Yanick, Communications Director.

Earlier today, the Oz campaign continued to taunt the lieutenant governor, releasing its Top Ten reasons why Fetterman pulled out of the debate:

  1. Scared of Doctor Oz
  2. Campaign staff are worried Fetterman might talk about releasing convicted murderers from prison (again).
  3. “Taking questions from reporters IN PERSON…ICK!” John Fetterman hasn’t done that in months!
  4. Scared of Jon Delano
  5. Might accidentally reveal a health condition that’s worse than previously disclosed!
  6. Debate takes place after 7pm — way too late!
  7. Debate would have lasted 60 minutes — way too long!
  8. Scared of Ray Petelin
  9. Stretching Labor Day into a FOUR day weekend!? Alright!
  10. Parents refused to pay for the gas to drive to debate.


“I’m eager to put my record and my values up against Dr. Oz’s any day of the week,” Fetterman, the lieutenant governor, said in a statement Tuesday evening. “As I recover from this stroke and improve my auditory processing and speech, I look forward to continuing to meet with the people of Pennsylvania.”

11 Responses

  1. As a physician, Oz should be ashamed. This is real chicken-scrap coward stuff. His campaign staff must be bracing for a real shellacking to behave like this, too. They’re all classless for playing it this way. Sure, politics is rough and tumble, but these bozos have crossed the line.

  2. Fetterman loves to dish it out, but he can’t take it when someone fires back at him with a snarky comment. What a baby!

  3. Dung Mastriano is soon expected to offer to debate Josh Shapiro on the next Jewish holiday and offer him a “concession” of as many crosses as he needs.

  4. While the garbage coming out of Oz’s camp around this does nobody any favors, and is emblematic of the filth in this campaign coming from both sides, it’s looking more and more like Fetterman is ducking debates and unscripted appearances and trying to tweet his way into the Senate.

  5. Fetterman is trying to pull a Biden by hiding from his opponent. Won’t work. Another poll yesterday from Susquehanna (that PoliticsPA is ignoring) shows Oz closing fast. Democrats are panicking and no amount of biased press coverage will save them.

    1. I just smoked some of the stuff you did before writing your post. It’s all clear to me now. Elvis is alive in Tamaqua. The Bee Gees are going to do a hologram tour. Dr Oz is taking PA by storm!

    2. Closing generally means going out of business. So, yes, NJ Oz is “closing fast”. Final day is projected for early November.

    3. Biden hid from Trump? I seem to remember him telling the orange idiot to “Just shut up” on live TV.


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