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Dr. Rose Announces Campaign for SD-6

Dr. Rose
Dr. Rose

Dr. Kimberly Rose announced that she will run for the Democratic nomination in State Senate District 6, with the hope to face Sen. Tommy Tomlinson (R-Bucks) this fall.

“It’s time for a change, it’s time for a state Senator who will defend our children, will stand up to Corbett, and will protect women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions,” said Rose.  “Bucks County has been poorly served by Tommy Tomlinson and Corbett’s job killing policies and disastrous cuts of almost a billion dollars from our schools – forcing local communities across Bucks to raise their taxes.”

Rose, a chiropractor, small-business owner and Northampton Township Supervisor, made the announcement with the two prominent Bucks elected officials, Commissioner Diane Marseglia and Rep. Tina Davis.

Marseglia and Davis were rumored to be seeking the seat, but now they have clearly rallied behind Rose.

“I am honored to be part of this campaign for the future of Bucks County.  Sen. Tomlinson has failed Bucks County by choosing his loyalty to Tom Corbett over Bucks County’s working families,” Marselgia said. “Kim is a fantastic candidate who has been dedicated to her community and the people of Bucks County for more than two decades.”

Davis echoed Marseglia’s statements.

“[Bucks families] deserve a leader like Kim Rose who will be a tireless advocate for them, instead of just another ‘yes’ vote for Corbett’s failed agenda.”

Tomlinson, 68, has held the seat since 1995. He cruised to re-election by 16 points in 2010 and won by 7 points in the Democratic wave year of 2006.

He is a licensed funeral director. He owns and operates Tomlinson Funeral home in Bensalem, a family established business. He resides in Bensalem.

“Tommy Tomlinson is one of the most popular elected officials ever to serve in the Senate, and recent [internal] polling bore that out,” said Mike Long, a Harrisburg-based political consultant who advises the Senator.

This seat will be one of Democrats’ biggest targets in 2014 in their attempt to reclaim the Senate.

SD-6 is the kind of seat Democrats need if they are to win a majority in the State Senate. The district gives Dems a 49% to 38% voter registration edge and leans left in statewide and federal races with a Democratic Performance Index (DPI) of 56%. In a rough year for Democrats, Joe Sestak took 50% of the vote over Pat Toomey for Senate and Dan Onorato earned 47% against Tom Corbett for Governor.

The 2012 numbers are even more promising for Democrats. Obama took 54%, Senator Bob Casey took 56% and Kathleen Kane had the best showing with 57%.

It is unlikely that 2014 will have as strong of a turnout for Democrats as 2012, a presidential year. At the same time, the election will likely not be as anti-Democratic as the GOP wave of 2010.

13 Responses

  1. As someone who volunteered to help her campaign I haven’t met a more down to earth, honest, and people loving candidate. She’s smart, collected and the best for the job. I hope she gets her spot in the Senate! Go Kim!

  2. Shame on those of you who have left misogynistic, snarky, belittling comments. If that is the best you can come up with as rationale for not voting for Dr. Rose, then perhaps she does indeed have a much better chance to win than you suggest. I, for one, would much prefer her to a candidate who is supported by the likes of you and your mentality.

  3. Someone needs to shine the light on Tommy’s dalliances in Harrisburg. He’s not just there to make law! The word is getting out, finally.

  4. Unfortunately Kim Rose cannot string two thoughts together without Frank Rothermel coaching her on what to say.

  5. Anyone who has met Dr Rose knows why she is so well liked and respected. In her election here in Northampton, even local Republicans campaigned for her. How rare is that?

  6. Rose one her campaign in Northampton two years ago by sticking to a script of untruths. Her “mentor”, until their falling out in August, was dumped as a Supervisor due to his arrogance, personal attacks and threats on citizens, and out right and proven lies. Little Kimmie is now the thorn left on the stem.

  7. Rose is part of the Northampton Democratic group that just got tossed out of office last November for their vile behavior, overspending and overall incompetence. While she may be better than her two counterparts who lost, she still has all that baggage. Also, while I get the Dem strategy of talking all Corbett all the time, it won’t work against Tomlinson. He’s shown his independence AND he is personally popular. People there know him and won’t fall for that BS. Davis and Marseglia wouldn’t run b/c they knew they would lose…so they got Rose to do it for them so they can wait until the seat is open.

  8. Tomlinson is one of the most highly regarded elected officials in Pennsylvania….for good reason.

    Rose is a sacrificial lamb.

  9. A chiropractor? Why not a Fortune Teller or a used car salesman? Whoops, I meant “salesperson.”

  10. I’d love to see Dr. Rose win this seat. She comes from the right part of the district — Tomlinson’s cross-over appeal in Lower Bucks is going to need to be countered by some Republican ticket spliters.

    But his popularity in Bristol and Bensalem in particular is insane. I’ve gone door-to-door there and the sheer number of folks with a personal connection to Tomlinson is something to behold.

    She’ll have her work cut out for her.

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