DSCC Targets Barletta on Moore in Digital Ads

The DSCC is launching a digital ad buy tying Congressman Lou Barletta’s Senatorial campaign Roy Moore after Moore’s loss in the Alabama Senate special election.

The DSCC is targeting Barletta over his response to the allegations against Moore that he sexually assaulted two women when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s.  

Barletta said that Moore “step aside immediately” if the allegations were “found to be true.”

“Unlike Republicans like John McCain and Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, Barletta put political expediency and the interests of his party ahead of what’s right, and voters deserve an explanation,” DSCC Communications Director Lauren Passalacqua said.  

The ad is a still with Barletta and Moore with “Roy Moore doesn’t think women should run for office.  And Lou Barletta said nothing” and a call for people to add their name to the DSCC’s lists.  

After Moore was upset by Democrat Doug Jones earlier this week, Democrats are looking to capitalize on the momentum to help defend the seats they are holding next year, and tie Republicans to Moore.  

Update: Barletta’s campaign went on the offensive against Senator Bob Casey.

“It’s no surprise that Bob Casey is focusing on Alabama in a sad attempt to distract from his own failing re-election campaign. Bob Casey is trying to steer Pennsylvania’s voters away from the fact that he has been in office for 20 years and has no record to show for it. While Bob Casey attempts to score cheap political points, Lou Barletta is fighting to cut taxes for Pennsylvania’s workers and families,” Barletta spokesman Jon Anzur said.

5 Responses

  1. The Republicans should run ads that accuse Casey of misogyny for not calling on Al Franken to resign immediately when that picture of him groping Leeann Tweeden came out.

    Exact same logic the Dems are using here.

  2. The issue that Lou Barletta is strong on is being Pro-American worker. His rating from NUMBERSUSA is an A+ Casey is a F=failure and is for any illegal coming into America and living on the government dole. Maybe with LOU in the Senate we would have someone who would push for real billions to build the WALL

  3. Nobody in PA gives a shit about Roy Moore anymore. He lost! He’s old news. Only DC operatives can think an ad like this matters to the PA US Senate raise. Waste of money,

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