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Dubow Wins Superior Court Race

alice-beck-dubowPhiladelphia Judge Alice Dubow will follow in her mother’s footsteps after winning a seat on the PA Superior Court.

Dubow’s mother, Phyllis Beck, was the first woman elected to the Superior Court in 1983.

With 99% of the state’s 9,173 precincts reporting, Dubow has picked up 53% of the vote, seeing off GOP nominee Emil Giordano.

Dubow, 56, will serve a 10-year term beginning in January 2016. Superior Court judges can retain their seats until the age of 70 under PA law.

Dubow defeated Robert Colville in May’s primary – just days after picking up Sen. Bob Casey’s endorsement – to set up Tuesday’s victory.

Giordano had received several prominent Lehigh Valley Democrats’ endorsements in the last month, including State Sen. Lisa Boscola and the Mayors of Easton, Whitehall and Northampton.

Dubow will be one of nine women on the Superior Court come January, after David Wecht and Christine Donohue won promotions to the PA Supreme Court.

Democrats had a very successful night, winning all three openings on the Supreme Court and an opening on the PA Commonwealth Court.

10 Responses

  1. GulagPittsburgh: Great point – yeah only Democrats have families in politics? We should ask Bush what he thinks. Oh not W. Bush, I meant his father – or maybe his brother Jeb.

    Rachael: Why would you take the largest city out of a state? What does that even mean?

    Dubow was the better candidate and ran a better campaign and she won. Congrats to her.

  2. Cry all you want this is a fine lady and one who really understands her duties as a judge as well as she knows how to get along with other human beings.

    I won’t go over the cries for so-called merit selection of those who represent the wealthy.

    Politics does exist in this state and as long as it does it is good to have these candidates appear on public to let us know who they are and to also judge their record of support by the Bar Associations and other groups. We did and she won!

    And by the way I don’t trust “merit” selectors who would bar others because their parents were also good candidates and served with honor.

  3. gulag, First, Repervlicans. Second, Clown Car. Third, it’s all good because David Diano has not heard of the parents. What Diano has heard of is really the standard.

  4. gulagPittsburgh-

    It is MERIT selection because I never heard of r remember any of their parents as judges.

  5. She could graduate with honors from five different schools. She has the personality of plant life. She will not understand the dynamics of the Superior Court. The only way she won this race was because of the Philadelphia people voting straight ticket, certainly not because of her ability to do the job. Take the Philly out of the equation and she loses. Very sad and unfortunate.

  6. “Smart as a box of rocks?” You must reference really smart rocks; she graduated with honors from Penn and from Penn Law school – both top 10 schools in the country. Don’t think Penn awards degrees, with or without honors, because they liked your mom.

  7. This is unbelievable. She is as smart as a box of rocks. Did you have try to have a conversation with her? The people get what they deserve in this one.

  8. Nothing against Dubow, whose mother was a decent judge, and she did beat another Robert Colville in the primary, but come on Democrats. Does every candidate have to be a hereditary person? Surely, you can find even better candidates who aren’t related to somebody. Try MERIT selection for once, even if courts are still filled by election.

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