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DVJ Poll: Biden Leads Trump by 25 in Philly Suburbs

As the Republican Party continues to lose ground in the Philadelphia suburbs, a new poll shows that former Vice President Joe Biden holds a 25 point lead over President Donald Trump in the collar counties. 

According to a new Delaware Valley Journal poll conducted by Praecones Analytica, 60.6% of registered voters in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties said that they’d vote for Biden if the presidential election were held today, while 35.1% said that they’d vote for Trump. 2.6% said they were not sure who to support, while 1.7% said that they’d back another candidate.

According to the analysts at FiveThirtyEight, Praecones Analytica favors Republicans by an average of 0.2% and has an overall B/C grade.

Analysis from the Delaware Valley Journal reports these results for Biden are “far outpacing” Sec. Hillary Clinton’s margin in 2016 in the Delaware Valley. 55% of voters in the Philadelphia suburbs backed Clinton, while 41% supported Trump. 

While Trump trails Biden by 25 points in this region, the poll acknowledges that “shy Trump” voters could impact the presidential election. 47.6% said that they know of a friend, neighbor, or coworker who they believe plans to vote for Trump, but is keeping it a secret. 36.2% said that they don’t know of any of these “shy Trump” voters and 16.2% said that they aren’t sure. 

This poll was released one day before the presidential debate.

A bevy of polls released in the last few weeks show Biden leading Trump in the state, although the margin varies by the pollster. 

The Real Clear Politics Average shows Biden besting Trump by 5.7 points in Pennsylvania.

This poll, surveying 694 registered voters in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties, collected data between Sept. 23-25, has a margin of error of +/- 3.7%.

The story and full data for the polling can be found in the Delaware Valley Journal story here.

14 Responses

  1. Wow. Trump can sweep the Alabama section of PA 100 to zero, but with the Collar, and PHL, and the Burgh? Bidens swamps the racist guy. Not even close. And those aren’t “shy Trump voters” – they are Closet Racists. We do not tolerate your kind in PA.

  2. Question: What quality are Trump voters most know for?

    A) Being obnoxious
    B) Being racist (or at least Trump being racist isn’t a deal-breaker)
    C) Recklessly ignoring science meant to protect them
    D) All of the above
    E) Being shy

    1. Keep voting for the party of perv. Its all coming out…. real soon. Cannot wait for you to swallow the red pill. That is if your brain does not explode. Trump 2020. FOUR MORE YEARS BABY!!!! Don’t hate us cause we’re happy…. GO TRUMP!!!!

  3. Trump threatened to unleash the white supremacy Proud Boys on this nation if he loses the election.

    1. I was born too late to fight in the first Civil War, or against the Nazis in WWII.

      Looks like our generation might be called upon, like our forefathers.

      1. Let’s see how these pretty boys do once someone responds by cracking their skulls open.

        1. Hey, Racist. I will drop you at 50 yards before you even get close. I actually served my country – unlike you Trump cowards – and I was a hunter since I was 5. Bring your weak sh!t on. Coward.

      2. Funny.. BIDEN babies always call the party of Trump Nazi’s, but if you paid attention during history 101, you would have learned Hitler’s movement was the SOCIALIST PARTY.. Like.. hmmmm who else rings a bell,,, oh yeah, the DEMON party, I mean demorats, crats.. sorry! FDR and WILSON, both DEMs, were socialist too. All their policies were progressive socialist. Pays to study real history Davido… real history… MAGA….

        1. Wow! So, because Hitler called them Socialists, despite them being like total Fascist/Racists, then that is what they were?? Well, Hell! I am gonna call myslef a Billionaire! Where do I make my ATM withdrawals? The Billionaire Bank? I guess it’s the same as Trump calling himself a Very Stable Genius, despite being wrong on all three points. What a complete Trump Maroon. Don’t try to engage intelligent people in a debate – you are not equipped to do it.

    2. He did not.. Source please. Dems always lie. That is what happens when GOD is not your real Father.. Spoken like true evil..

      1. Luke. *I* am your Real Father.
        Lolol… gotta love you half-brains who blame all your shortcomings on some Magical Man in the Sky.

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