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Eakin Apologizes, Defends Himself

Michael EakinSupreme Court Justice Michael Eakin experienced perhaps the worst day of his life yesterday.

Eakin pleaded for mercy in front of the Court of Judicial Discipline as they review the lewd emails he sent.

“I apologize to my brethren, to the judiciary, to the legal profession, to people who voted for me, to people who didn’t vote for me, for what I have allowed to happen,” he stated. “Perhaps my demeanor was ‘one of the boys,’. But what I sent was to people who were ‘one of the boys.’ It was in the locker room.”

A number of witnesses appeared to defend Eakin’s character while the Justice himself argued that he is the victim of a “media circus”.

At stake is whether Eakin will be suspended for his conduct, which the Court could decide as early as this week.

In 2014, when accusations first surfaced, Eakin was cleared by the Judicial Conduct Board in a questionable investigation. Since then, the Board charged Eakin with misconduct while an aborted attempt to stack the deck in his favor led Governor Wolf to call for the Justice’s resignation.

38 Responses

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  2. Linda – you seem to have missed the point. The hateful content of Eakin’s e-mails is WORSE than porn. He is a bigot. And he has no place on this State’s high court.

    Kane’s sister will be dealt with by the Independent Prosecutor. Wake me when she orchestrated a “fix” like Eakin tried to do to save his own rear.

  3. 9 emails! 9 emails is what is sent or forwarded from 2009 to 2014. All deemed crude but not porn. Seems like an over-reaction – not only for him but for others who lost their jobs (BUT NOT THE GENERAL’S SISTER!!)

  4. In fact, the deck still got stacked. Joey Del Sole is a Zappala-Cappy guy and looked at what evidence he had and said “aw, shucks.” the real mischief will come out of the panel, led by, uh, Panella, another Zappala guy. Remember, he got drubbed by Joan Melvin, somehow, on the cash for kids scandal. So…why is the Pgh. Mob so interested in protecting Eakin.? Too much sunlight coming into the new supreme courtroom?

  5. I schizophrenic and love getting owned by people I threaten and impersonate. Eakin broke no laws, but I must distract from Kane’s criminal acts. Democrats rule!

  6. SciFi, yes, Bill Clinton. Remember, he actually had “sexual relations with that [fat] woman” in the Oval Office and then lied under oath about it. Add to that all of the other bimbos he banged along the way. Do you, like HaHaHa, give Billy a pass?

  7. This is getting embarrassing. These guys must be making a ton of money behind the scenes. Because he needs to retire now. Can anyone paint a more perfect picture of a corrupt woman-hating bigot than Michael Eakin?

  8. Marie, you are a lunatic if you think Kane will have any employment in any legal realm. The DEMOCRATS want nothing to do with her, let alone the Republicans. She has embarrassed the likes of Chris Matthews, who fawned over her as the future of the Democratic Party before she completely fell apart. As Reasonable Rep said very well below, she accidentally stumbled across some low-level corruption and, even then, it was only to create a distraction from the criminal charges against her. Her legacy will be worse than Preate’s.

  9. No doubt in my mind these guys think they are above the law. Why is it OK for Eakin to corruptly try to “stack the deck” and have himself “cleared” again? Why is it OK for him to sit silent the first time around when his buddy was “clearing” him initially?

    And how much taxpayer money was spent to fix this case from the start? How much did DelSole get to lie about Eakin’s e-mails? Has he refunded that money to the State? Has Graci given back his 2015 salary yet?

  10. I’m impressed. You spread out your three posts over an entire SEVEN minutes instead of your usual 90 seconds.

  11. Kane’s legacy will be complicated. A lot will depend on whether she is actually convicted of anything. If not – then she will be a celebrity lawyer/personality. She will comment on legal matters on television and make a ton of $$$ on her book and movie deals. And regardless of whether she illegally leaked something or not (Fina certainly has on tons of cases – PSU included), she will get credit for weeding out props like Fina an Eakin – people we knew were out there doing bad things – but weren’t sure what. Personally – I already give her credit for McCaffery and the other peole that Corbett dumped when Kane first exposed these guys for what they really are.

  12. This is appalling to me. This guy thinks it’s funny to laugh at immigrants and rape victims- and then he cries for his poor privileged self. Pathetic.

  13. This headline got me thinking. has Frank Fina apologized yet? Or is he waiting until he get hauled off to Court as well?

    Also – has the Disciplinary Board moved to suspend Fina’s law license? After all – he used his State computer to send around racist materials. According to the 1st Assistant AG (who just testified against Kane), he made an “unjust” deal with a con-man who has the same lawyer as he does on a case where he “improperly” targeted Blacks. Those are not my words – they are Bruce Beemer’s.

    Despite the deal that was made where Bishop’s lawyer got what he wanted and said what they wanted, there was no question in the First Deputy’s mind that Fina’s work on the steaming pile of dung (sting) case was flawed. Think about it. If it wasn’t flawed, would Seth Williams really be making these sweetheart offers? And begging the defendants to take the deals?

    There is something NOT KOSHER going on here. I hope someone is investigating. And I hope that someone finally writes something detailed about my taxpayer $$$ going to Fina’s lawyer’s wife … to do a job she is not qualified to do … giving her access to documents and information that may help her husband and Fina sue The AG’s Office. They stand to profit on a $$$-driven lawsuit where they want our money – taxpayer $$$.

  14. I’m confused. When HaHaHa/Pat Unger gets called out for being a Kane apologist, his usual flabbergasted response is something along the lines of, “I’m not defending Kane! If she leaked grand jury materials then she should go to jail! I’m only obsessed with Fina!”

    And yet, here he is under ANOTHER moniker – The Final Final Words – now whining that “the charges against Kane are nonsense.”

    Much like Bozo the Attorney General, you are nowhere near cunning enough to play this game.

    When the dust settles, I will grant that the collateral damage from this saga may extend to the Philly DA office and to the Supreme Court. But neither that damage nor the endless internet ramblings of a couple apologists (principally, one who clearly has skin in this game) will EVER vindicate Bozo.

    No, she will not be remembered as a conflicted figure who did some wrong, did some right and sacrificed her career for the greater good of the legal community.

    Her legacy will be that of an incompetent Attorney General who was in over her head from Day 1; who knowingly broke the law to exact revenge against those who had the temerity to criticize her; who knowingly attempted to undermine the subsequent investigation through, among other means, lying under oath; who through sheer luck stumbled upon embarrassing materials in a COMPLETELY unrelated matter; and who selectively used those materials to shamelessly further her own interests and punish her detractors.

  15. Eakin is corrupt. He tried to stack the deck to get himself off the hook. The hate in his e-mails is not just “raunchy” locker-room stuff. It is the stuff that racists and women-haters seem to like.

    Kane is just accused of a crime. She has not been convicted of anything – and remains innocent until proven guilty. Of course, the accusations against Kane come from the Repervlican CLOWN CAr that has been on the war-path since Corbett and Ryan failed to destroy the evidence of their corruption. The same people who think that this is funny:

    The charges against Kane are nonsense. And the ClOWN CAR is afraid to take them to Court. Can’t say I blame them – as the star witness has told two completely different stories. And his testimony also makes the star witness in the sting case (Ali) a complete liar.

    BTW -Nick Field: I am still waiting for your article on the new “Chief of Staff” and “general Counsel” at the Philadelphia DAs Office. She has no qualifications. But she IS Frank Fina’s lawyer’s wife.

  16. Tim — Right on point.

    This guy is a hypocrite. He sent people to prison as a prosecutor and as a Judge. But when his ass was on the line, he tried to cheat his way out of it. And, when it didn’t work and he got caught again, he cries like a baby. He is a disgrace.

  17. Tim and Peggy, any Supreme Court justice could instantly make three to four times their salary by joining a law firm, so the “government salary” isn’t what keeps them on the court.

  18. Oh cry me a river. Eakin you are a Porn King of abuse. Go, just go away!!! I didn’t know people would see how sick I am. I didn’t know that a public STATE OWNED computer would be public. I didn’t know… But hey “I am smart” I am smart, let me sit on the highest court. Just Go away!

  19. Funny how the judge was “reduced to tears”, I would be too at the thought of losing my fat government paycheck! He’s more interested in keeping that quarter million a year coming in – that’s more than $20,000 a month!
    He should be suspended. Judges are supposed to be beyond reproach. A Supreme court justice has an even higher moral standard to fill and should be exemplar in all of his public and private dealings. But alas, Eakin turns out to be nothing more than a cheap politician.
    As far as asking for mercy, don’t make me laugh! Ask all the defendants who have asked judges for mercy from across the state only to be given maximum sentences because the judge was constipated that day, had a fight with his wife, lost a bundle plying blackjack or is just plain mean. Mercy! What a concept!
    Bottom line, he cares more about his fat government paycheck than anything in the world right now, and will say and do anything to hang on to it.

  20. “I’m the victim ………. I’m the victim” ………. So sick of hearing white males play the victim card !!!!!!

  21. How about Eakin trying to stack the deck by conspiring (with another Supreme Court judge) to appoint someone to fill an empty slot in the board that would be reviewing him?

    How about having his buddy (former campaign staffers) as the “independent” investigator of his emails, and failing to disclose?

    These breaches of ethics are more serious than the emails. What’s his excuse for these?

  22. Agreed, Watcher. At least McCaffery had the decency to resign rather than bring shame upon the Court. This Repervlican hack has no decency. Just look at his e-mails.

  23. Court Watcher, Seamus threatened to blackmail people to keep from getting revealed. Meanwhile, he was referring clients to ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers and his wife got the referral fees. Some of the lawyers paying the fees appeared before the court. Far worse than Eakin. Seamus was basically a plaintiff’s lawyer on the bench too, so good riddance.

  24. I remember when Seth Williams tried to blame Kane for the fact that the FBI is investigating him criminally. It has become the vogue thing to do.

    Of course – Kathleen Kane has nothing to do with Justice Eakin and his base, racist, misogynistic ways.

    His career is over. His crocodile tears are a JOKE. Did he cry when he sent others to prison? Or does he just cry when HE GETS CAUGHT? Did he apologize for trying to “fix” the case against him?

    Time to weed out all these hateful ayy-holes (including Granahan if she sent the racist, vile material around to groups of people).

  25. How can anyone justify pushing Seamus McCaffrey off the Court and leaving this guy on? All this whining is childish and pathetic.

  26. Eakin’s disgusting communications are a window into his soul. No jurist should be mocking rape victims, making fun of immigrants, and laughing at victims of domestic violence. It’s certainly not the type of person you want on the Supreme Court.

  27. I beg for my job too if I had the income that Eakin has. He needs to go. At least he was given a chance to defend himself.

  28. Hate to lose a republican on this pathetic “Supreme Court”- but Eakin should go. Its not just a question of is he a pervert- we have had Presidents(Hiliary’s pride and joy- Bill)- but there has been a clear attempt at a cover up and in my opinion he led
    Efforts to wrongly shield his misdeeds. Should we blame Kane- Eakin should be censured and replaced

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