Eakin Found Guilty, Fined

Eakin-SadMichael Eakin is guilty.

That’s the verdict of the Court of Judicial Discipline, who found the former Supreme Court Justice guilty of misconduct.

“The common thread of the emails, with their imagery of sexism, racism and bigotry, is arrogance,” the court wrote.

The Court asserted that Eakin’s conduct undermined public confidence in the judiciary, however, they also said his bias didn’t influence his opinions. As a result, Eakin will not have his pension removed from him.

The ex-Justice’s resignation also played a factor in him getting to keep his $153,000 annual pension.

He will, though, be fined $50,000.

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  1. Would you PLEASE stop comparing Eakin and Fina!! Frank Fina is a good guy. Seriously … he is! He really is!!! Do you hear me?? GOOD GUY !!!!

    Just ignore the fact that Frank Fina is my husband’s client in a money-driven lawsuit against the State (OAG). Just ignore that please! Just ignore the fact that Fina’s e-mails are more offensive than Eakin’s.

    Just ignore the fact that I hung up on a reporter trying to get at the truth about the John Dougherty case and how my boss gave Dougherty a FREE PASS. Did you notice how my boss just ignored my utter lack of qualifications when he hired me. Need you all to do the same here …

    Yikes … I hope the Feds don’t come for me too!!

  2. LOL … Peter J. Smith, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District in Harrisburg … So – he employs people involved in Porn-gate too, huh?

    Isn’t Peter Smith the U.S. Attorney that Frank Fina used to make it look like Tyron Ali actually took responsibility for the fraud that allowed him to steal $430,000.00 from PA taxpayers?

    These guys really think they will get away with this nonsense? LOL. Fina the prosecutor and Ali the con-man have the SAME ATTORNEY. If it wasn’t so corrupt, it would almost be funny.

  3. David. Thank you for your last post as it was exactly what I needed from you.

  4. Looks like some folks in Harrisburg are not willing to let these creeps get away with being profane bigots and then rigging the system so they can get away with it. Hardy Williams gets it. And he is taking action. I agree with Sen. Williams that “Pennsylvania cannot continue to have a system that allows — and shields — its jurists and prosecutors from punishment for unethical behavior.”

    Right now – Seth Williams is shielding Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo and their unethical behavior. Chief Justice Castille stated that the “porn-gate” e-mails were criminal. Regardless whether we agree, they certainly were profane, disturbing and inappropriate. They most definitely exposed Fina as a racist and a woman-hater. And the fact that Fina used his Government computer calls into question his ethics and judgment even more. Now we have the Superior Court calling his conduct in the Penn State case “highly improper.”

    Here’s the article:

    “Senator Williams calls for new ethics legislation for state judges”

    Posted: Friday, March 25, 2016 12:00 am
    Damon C. Williams Tribune Staff Writer | 0 comments

    State Sen. Anthony Williams, renewed calls this week for greater accountability for state judges and said that punishment must still be meted out against those embroiled in the “Porngate” scandal.

    “Pennsylvania cannot continue to have a system that allows — and shields — its jurists and prosecutors from punishment for unethical behavior,” said Williams (D-8). “The Court of Judicial Discipline must be free from conflicts of interest like those which arise naturally when disciplining their own appointing authority.”

    To effect even more change, state Sen. Judy Schwank and Williams have co-authored a bill to remove the state Supreme Court from the judicial discipline process.

    “The inappropriate handling by the Judicial Conduct Board in recent cases against sitting state Supreme Court justices show how vulnerable our current investigative and disciplinary processes are to inappropriate influence by the Supreme Court,” said Schwank (D–11). “To restore confidence in the courts and our judicial process, we need now to deal effectively with judicial misconduct at all levels.”

    Williams was among the very first legislators to call for Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin to resign, which he did last week.

    Eakin’s resignation was the latest fallout since embattled state Attorney General Kathleen Kane began releasing hundreds of emails in 2014 to the media and ethics agencies. Kane has since been indicted on perjury and other charges that she claims were trumped up because she took on Pennsylvania’s law enforcement establishment.

    Former Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery abruptly retired after being suspended by the court for his role in swapping the controversial emails. Eakin was cleared at that time, but in September, Kane reignited the investigation by releasing more exchanges that included photos of naked women, sexually suggestive themes, gender and socioeconomic stereotypes, and content that was anti–gay and made light of violence toward women.

    Williams said he received a pro–forma response to a Dec. 4 letter that he mailed to Peter J. Smith, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District in Harrisburg. That letter asked Smith to reprimand or terminate the assistant U.S. attorneys under his charge involved in this matter. No such action has been made public in the nearly three months since that initial response.

  5. Ha3 – I just posted that on the other article.

    Does Seth Williams really think that he can employ prosecutors who did even worse than what Eakin did?

    Frank Fina sent this to his white male buddies:

    Some of his other e-mails suggested that a wife’s place is at home … “ironing and fucking.” One of Fina’s e-mails suggested that females in the workplace needed to perform oral sex on their male bosses to advance their careers. These were not “off-color jokes.” These were not SI swimsuit photos. These were racist, profane, bigoted e-mails. Disturbing images and videos with even more disturbing messages.

    Why is it OK for a prosecutor (who has control over the lives of others – victims included) get away with being a profane bigot when a Judge does not?

  6. Yes, Kraig. SpongeRETARD, AKA PA’sResidentAssClown has wet and dirty prison fantasies as well as an obsession with my testicles. He’s my #1 Groupie!!

  7. Democratic Pa. Resident-

    If you don’t like the links I post as counter-arguments, then either post your own or remain unconvinced. I really couldn’t give a sh*t. I’m sure you and other supporters of police brutality against blacks wish Ferguson and other high profile cases had never come to light, exposing decades long patterns of abuse and systemic racism in the police and local government.

    BTW, you seem to be having an identity crisis posting under several differently spelled handles.


    He sure seems to be worked up and taking it personally over a feud I’ve had with “another” poster. Seems rather odd for a new poster to just show up out of the blue, spouting identical nonsense. Unless, the original poster, accidentally posted under a different handle by mistake, and is now trying to pretend he’s someone else. (And, doing a very poor job of it.)

    I guess that’s what happens to you if you spend too much time living in a pineapple under the sea.

  8. When we read these articles about about the disgraced Eakin, it is natural to ask what is going on with Frank Fina. After all – his behavior was worse than Eakin’s. And he is also in a position of public trust. Here are some interesting questions/issues for Frank Fina:

    If Chief Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina is to be believed when he states that he thought incoming Attorney General Kathleen Kane wouldn’t prosecute the long-dormant “sting” investigation he supervised, why’d he strike a deal with con-man Tyron B. Ali in the 11th hour, after Kane was elected but before she was sworn in?

    How could Fina think Kane would not prosecute the sting case – before she ever learned of the existence of the sting investigation? And if Fina didn’t know, then why would he “steal” the files and turn them over to an FBI agent at the very moment Kane was being sworn in (which is the alleged timing). BTW – the FBI declined to bring the case too.

    Fina did this, he says, because he was “concerned about a conflict of interest.” But,That wasn’t Fina’s decision to make. Fina’s previous boss, Linda Kelly, who actually knew about the “sting” case, had also declined to pursue the case. Did she have a “conflict” too? How about US Attorney’s Office? They also refused to bring charges. They also have a “conflict?”

    Fina says he didn’t believe Kane would prosecute — and that he had that belief before she even took office. Yet he signed an extraordinary agreement with confidential informant Tyron B. Ali – dismissing all 2,000+ charges of fraud – on November 30, 2012. That’s just 24 days after Kane, whom he believed would not prosecute, was elected. But before she was sworn in as AG.

    Oh – and Fina, in that same deal, also let Mr. Ali keep the over $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers.

    An extraordinary deal indeed. Bruce Beemer (who testified against Kane) called Fina’s deal with Ali “unjust.” Dismissal of more than 2,000 charges of fraud. In exchange for testimony in a case that Fina believed would not be pursued. In a case his previous boss (Linda Kelly; not Kane) had declined to pursue. Something is fishy.

    It’s looking more and more as though the case was, as Editorial Boards have speculated, “a ‘welcome present’ designed to blow up in [Kane’s] face.” And maybe it was also designed to discredit Kane – who was destined to find the Hate-gate e-mails and OTHER ISSUES too.

    It turns out that Frank Fina and Tyron Ali have THE SAME LAWYER. His name is Bob Levant. And Levant represents both the lead AG and the star witness on the “sting” case. It has been reported that he also represents/represented the elected DA on the “sting” case – Seth Williams.

    Fina and Levant are now suing Kane and the AG’s Office for more taxpayer $$$. Lo and behold – Seth Williams just gave Bob Levant’s wife a cushy government job where she gets to say bad things in the Press about Kane and the AG’s Office and good things about Frank Fina (her husband’s client in a case against the AG’s Office). She also gets to hang up on reporters asking why the Johnny Doc mob attack case was being swept under the rug.

    Not too long ago, before his racist e-mails and “unjust” plea deals were made public, Frank Fina was saying he wanted a televised debate with Kane. Now – it’s nothing but “No comment” from Frank Fina and his new best buddy – Seth Williams.

    Hope the Feds come for them sooner rather than later!!

  9. Notice how the RETARD troll tries to change the subject? He may be crazy like a fox!! And more of a shill than a troll.

    LOL. Either way – he is a pathetic ASS-CLOWN loser.

  10. Diano. chew on this for a while is basic Internet etiquette calling someone; a troll, a peophile, a felon, a liar, or how about this person drives a clown car. Does it also include posting and cross posting under different names. Does basic Internet etiquette allow you post blatant, false statements and when you’re asked to provide an independent source you don’t. You just lie and when someone calls you on it you run like a sniveling child.so don’t talk about etiquette ok.

  11. With Eakin finally gone, we need to get some answers on why the prosecutors in Philly are still getting paid with taxpayer monies and why he has still not been suspended by the Disciplinary Board.

    A Complaint against Frank Fina was filed with the Disciplinary Board after the Superior Court found that Fina lied to the Court in the Penn State 3 case (against the administrators). The Court ruled that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.”

    Wonder why it is taking the Disciplinary Board so long to suspend Fina’s law license.
    I mean – they already know what he used his Government computer to distribute. The material Fina distributed was much worse than what Judge Eakin sent. And Eakin was just forced off the Bench in disgrace.

    The Disciplinary Board needs to act. Prosecutors cannot be allowed to get away with disgraceful, dishonest conduct (no lawyer should). Faith in the Criminal Justice System is paramount. Right now – there are corrupt racists masquerading as prosecutors in Philadelphia.

  12. HA3 – It seems that Pa.’s Resident “Ass-Clown” is obsessed with you again. Now he is talking about your balls. Creepy!! You should alert the authorities.

  13. PA’s Resident “Ass-Clown” can’t even post a link properly. Someone needs to ban his IP address here at PoliticsPA. Enough is enough.

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