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Eakin May Be Suspended

Michael EakinPA Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin might be suspended.

According to Mark Scolforo of the Associated Press, the Court of Judicial Discipline has alerted Eakin to this possibility.

The Justice will get the chance to present his defense before the court at a December 21st hearing in Easton.

Earlier this week, the Court of Judicial Discipline charged Eakin on three counts related to his involvement in the pornographic email chains.

You can read the full 52-page ruling here.

20 Responses

  1. Why weren’t a hundred Zappalas investigated in this Kane mutiny? The Bazzano-Zappala-porter mob started it.

  2. I’d like to know whether Eakin will be given the same sweetheart deal as his buddy sean mcCaffery– resign and keep your fat state judicial pension? too bad the 3 Dems about to be seated on the Supremes cannot participate in the suspension vote. i wonder if Eakin’s GOP buddies on the court will save Eakin from suspension, although he is by now an international disgrace. and i wonder if the GOP appointments to JIRB have the guts to rule to discipline Eakin — or whether his former Chief Counsel/ personal lawyer and friend has wired the new JIRB counsel to not bother to prosecute vigorously.. or at all. the rank and file has totally lost confidence in JIRB– whose Eakin-cpntrolled counsel refused to look at the 2nd batch of pro that would have nailed Eakin . whatever the outcome of KK’s legal troubles–kathleen kane has done a great pubic service in bringing to light this horrid state of affairs .

  3. Observer says:

    December 11, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Observer, you write: “Notice that they give Eakin a chance to object before they do a temporary suspension. Kane got no such opportunity.” Whether because you’re ignorant or a liar, you’re way wrong. August 28 Rule to Show Cause, Sept 4 Answer, Sept 21 Order, all available on the Court’s website here:

  4. Ha3 makes a good point. It is clear that Fina and his buddies used e-mail recklessly. They obviously did not think anyone would ever be looking at them. Lord knows what the Independent Prosecutor is going to find. We also know that Kane, for months, has had two people reviewing Fina’s grand juries. This isn’t going to end well for him.

  5. It is starting to become obvious why so many people wanted AG Kane “gone.” The corruption is mind-boggling. There are a ton of people who have a lot to lose.

    I hope it isn’t the case – but I have a feeling that the Independent Prosecutor is going to find that Frank Fina and his buddies mis-used Grand Juries. We already know he mis-used his State computer.

    This may go all the way up to Corbett — who tried (along with Ryan) to destroy the e-mails that Kane eventually discovered.

  6. Might be? They suspended McCaffery and issued a rule returnable completely circimventing the pa constitution so they could move to remove him forcing his retirement. Why is Eakin Getting a pass for worse conduct?

  7. Pat Unger-

    With the special investigator assigned to root out all the emails, I’m not worried. The foes against her have been abusing the system to keep her quiet (which has backfired). So, the priority should go to them.

    For the people close to her, their emails should come out too, and determinations made based upon sender/receiver and position, and whether or not there has been a longstanding pattern and correlation to any complaints. (For example, I’m not too concerned about the phone receptionist sending emails as a prosecutor or judge.)

  8. David – Many here have raised the point that Kane has not properly disciplined porngate/hategate offenders that she is close with. How do you respond to that?

  9. DD – Being the AG is not about “kicking ass,” but Kane’s circumstances are very unique.

    Kane, as a Democrat, walked into a snake pit. The OSG was (and still is) loaded with treacherous, corrupthareful people (the ones I’m talking about probably LOVE Trumo).

    She came in on a promise. And it was a good one. There was something very wrong about the Sandusky investigation. Most importantly – it took too long. Corbett and Fina dragged their feet – allowing that monster to continue raping children.

    The Independent Investigation found unnecessary delays. The victim’s book paints a very grim picture of Fina.

    Kane’s probe of that case led her to the e-mails that Corbett and Ryan thought they had destroyed. Now the oervert racist creeps were on a mission. Their goal: discredit and “get rid” of AG Kane.

    Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the citizens of PA, the corrupt racist perverts did not achieve their goals. Their smear campaign worked. Most that have a negative opinion of Kane do so because of their smear campaign.

    But now the truth is coming out. And the powers that be – the ones who tried like hell to keep the truth under wraps – are going to be held accountable.

  10. Notice that they give Eakin a chance to object before they do a temporary suspension. Kane got no such opportunity. Adds to her civil rights lawsuit evidence. The Court’s sub-agency gives advance notice and a hearing, but the Court itself did not. Pretty much the definition of disparate treatment. She is gonna get big bucks out of this… at our expense. Thanks, Dummy Saylor!

  11. Go Kane!! Two down and many more to go before PA judiciary is even close to ethical and competent.

  12. Could Eakin be out before the Senate’s kangaroo court against in January?


    When was the last time an A.G. knocked two PA Supreme Court justices off the bench (one from each party)?

    Let’s admit it, Kane’s kicked-ass and taken names.

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