Eakin Responds to Release of Emails

EakinIt took about a year to see PA Supreme Court Justice Eakin’s emails.

Former Justice Seamus McCaffery threatened to take his colleague down with him during his own scandal.

Then, earlier this month, Kathleen Kane brought attention back to this issue (and away from her own) by handing over more documents.

The Daily News printed a trove of the Justice’s offensive and inappropriate messages last week.

At long last, Justice Eakin is apologizing.

“It is disconcerting and embarrassing to find others searching years of private personal emails looking for and publicizing any insensitive content,” Eakin stated. “I sincerely apologize for such content. Those who know me understand the items chosen for release do not reflect my character or beliefs, nor have they ever been part of my consideration of any case or business of the Court. I do not offer this as an excuse, and will continue to cooperate fully with the independent review by the Court and by the Conduct Board.”

The Court and the Judicial Conduct Board is still investigating this case.

16 Responses

  1. Does anyone remember the smear campaign that some mystery group from Virginia ran against Eakin’s Jewish opponent when Eakin ran for Superior Court?

  2. MONTCO PA DEM: Your best point is that this ex parte communication must be investigated in full.

  3. MARIE: My sentiment is exactly like yours. He is trying to seek mercy by an insincere apology. He should resign. Using govt resources is a crime for some, so why is he different than Orie?

  4. I hope all of the emails will be released. I want to know where my tax dollars are going. I pay their salary, I pay for their computers, but I don’t want to pay for their porn. Judge Eakin got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, that is the only reason he apologized. Treat him like everyone has treated the Attorney General. Both parties are silent about asking him to resign – well, I want him to resign.

  5. As an employee, I am constantly reminded that I should have “no expectation of privacy” when it comes to my work email or online communications. I believe the same should hold for anybody who draws a state paycheck, up to and including the governor and all supreme court justices. Its time to examine just how widespread this ex parte communication scandal is. Each and every justice should make public their entire email archive for inspection.

  6. Does anyone remember the Supreme Court case that Eakin ruled on that involved his brother in law at the Board of Claims?

  7. McCaffery had the decrncy to resign. Not Eakin; he dragging the Supreme Court down.

    Even his apology is offensive.

  8. He does not get it at all – the most serious ethical transgression has nothing to do with “content.” It has everything to do with these ex parte communications with people who are likely to appear before him. That is a conflict of interest he cannot fix with any apology. He should take his retirement and cash in on his huge pension now, before he is stripped of it.

  9. “insensitive content”

    That’s one way of referring to it. LOL

    But, those who’ve read about the details would use a stronger description.

  10. “How dare people expose me for the pig racist I am. I am a part of the ol boys network. No one tells the truth about us!”

    Seriously – the righteous indignation of these creeps is laughable. They think it’s OK to joke about female domestic violence victims … and then rule on domestic violence cases. They have intimate relationships with prosecutors (other white male pigs) that they don’t disclose. And now they cry like little girls because the TRUTH has come out.

    I hope Kane gets all this vile behavior out into the open … and then gets held accountable if she broke the law.

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