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Early Returns: Gov. Corbett Says Election Under 2001 Legislature Lines ‘Stupid’

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“We’re waiting to see an opinion from the court. We got an opinion from the dissenting side, now we’re waiting for an opinion from the majority, but they seem to have gone out of town somewhere.”

“It’s not me that’s waiting, ’cause it’s really the commission, but it’s the voters of Pennsylvania who are waiting. They don’t know who’s going to represent them. If you’re going to do that, fine, get an opinion. What’s taking so long?”As for the Democratic theory that this year’s elections should go forward under the 2001-drafted boundaries, he said that’s out of the question.

“It’s stupid,” he said. “It’s probably unconstitutional.”

“People have moved tremendously in the last 10 years. Ask [House Speaker] Sam Smith – he’ll tell you the numbers that have moved in certain areas. I think that’s an unconstitutional thought process.”

8 Responses

  1. I can not comment on the court’s decision as I have not read it.
    However, anyone who reads this article should understand that Gov. Corbett’s comment “It’s stupid. It’s probably unconstitutional.” is addressing the Democrats’ idea of using the 2001 map for this election.

  2. Pete said,” The comment on petitions is not valid as without knowing where the lines will be drawn it is counter productive to collect signatures”

    We had people out the first two days collecting signatures in the new areas of our legislative district. The people collecting the petitions were glad that they knew then instead of Monday or Tuesday when the full decisions is expected. So the hat tip from the court that they were rejecting the map as soon as it was determined was appreciated .

    Obviously, the timing was horrid by the court. Our legislative district has to increase in size because of lost population.

  3. The comment on petitions is not valid as without knowing where the lines will be drawn it is counter productive to collect signatures. This decision has put candidates in a position of not knowing if they will be in the same district with in which they began to run. This comes out two days after petitions are being circulated. Redistricting occurs every ten years as by the constitution of the state in order to protect minority populations in changing demographic regions. The time appropriate to mount a challenge was before candidates committed.

  4. What ever happened to respecting the position, even if you disagree with the person. That is a conservative principle.

    It surprises me that a former attorney general would frame his disagreement such as he did. He needs to remember he is speaking as the Governor and to lead by example.

    At least the Court rendered the decision so the people collecting the petition signatures could adjust immediately. I appreciate that, being one of the aforementioned. That is much better than having waited until the entire opinion was articulated .

    Do I agree with the decision? Without having read the opinion, it is difficult to say.

  5. As one of the plaintiff’s in the lead appeal, it is about time that the people be heard not the politician’s will. If The Commission had done it’s job according to the Constitution then we would not be in this quandry.

  6. I love King Corbett trying to lecture the courts about what may or may not be constitutional……. What a worm the guy is

  7. King Corbett endorsing Welch the Obama-Sestak supporter and now telling the Supreme Court they are stupid. And to think I thought this guy might be different and voted for him. Just another party hack RINO.

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