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Eaton Touts New Five Point Plan

Missa Eaton, a psychology professor at PSU Shenango and Rep. Mike Kelly’s Democratic opponent, took to the road Thursday to explain what she’d do in Congress. She toured several restaurants in the district to unveil her Five Point Plan.

You can read the plan below.

“I have a five-point plan that includes job creation and economic development; Social Security and Medicare protection; investment in our future with education initiatives; access to affordable health care; and an American energy policy based on sustainability,” said Eaton.

Eaton says she’s campaigning to be “an independent voice for Western Pennsylvania.” She made three stops in northwestern PA eateries.

Her first visit was to Cafe Main, a local diner in Butler.

Then, for lunch and digs at her opponent, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Butler), Eaton hit DiLorenzo’s Deli in Sharpsville.

“Millionaire Mike doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle in this tough economy like you and I do.  I’ve been where you have been, with sore feet from a retail job; gathering change from the bottom of my purse for a loaf of bread because payday is a few days away and wondering if my next paycheck is my last,” she said.

She ended the day with a discussion of her plan at Erie’s LaBella Restaurant, where she emphasised the job creation and economic development point.

“We need to encourage public and private partnerships, provide incentives for private job creation, encourage public re-investment for local projects, create incubator programs to put local residents to work and establish re-training programs for unemployed and underemployed residents to prepare the workforce for new businesses and industries,” she said.

We need to get the people of this district back to work, that must be our number one priority.”

Kelly spokesman Josh Wilson said Eaton’s plan was a rehash of Democratic policies the district has already rejected.

“Mike Kelly’s campaign won’t be commenting every time Ms. Eaton says something about her liberal, Obama/Pelosi agenda. Mike Kelly is the only real job creator in this race and is happy to run this fall on his record in both business and Congress.”

Eaton has a difficult journey ahead to secure the district. Thanks to GOP map-drawers, the district became slightly more Republican (R+3 to R+5), and  the entirety of Kelly’s support base, Butler County, falls within the 3rd.

Kelly, a freshman, defeated Democratic Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper in 2010.

Here’s the plan:

Job Creation and Economic Development includes: Encouraging Public/Private Partnerships; Incentivizing Private Job Creation; Public Re-investment for Local Projects; Creating Incubator Program to Put Local Residents to Work; and Establishing Retraining Programs for Unemployed & Underemployed Residents to Prepare the Workforce for New Businesses & Industries.

Social Security and Medicare Protection includes: Strengthening the Social Security Trust Fund; Eliminating the Income Cap for Individuals; Fighting Against the Privatization of Social Security; Fighting Against the Medicare Voucher Program; and Ensuring the Solvency of Social Security & Medicare.

Investment in Our future:  Education Initiatives includes: Establishing Early Childhood Education Guarantees; Creating Smaller Class Sizes; Revising “No Child Left Behind”;  Supporting Higher Education Including The Creation of Trade Schools & Community Colleges; and addressing the Student Loan Debt Crisis.

Access to Affordable Health Care includes:  Safe-Guarding Small Businesses And Non-Profits From Rising Insurance Premiums;   Protecting Patient’s Rights;  Allowing Medicare & Medicaid to Negotiate Pharmaceutical Rates;  Protecting Women’s Health Care; and Promoting Cost Savings & Efficiency In The Health Care System.

American Energy Sustainability includes:  Eliminating the $41 Billion Oil & Gas Industry Subsidy; Investing in Research for Alternative Energy Sources; Instituting the Sustainable Communities Initiative; Protecting Water Sources & Wild Lands Especially in Shale areas; and Reducing America’s Carbon Footprint.

2 Responses

  1. Mike Kelly has never been a woman, so he should recuse himself when bills on women’s issues come up in the House. In fact, he’s so out of touch with so many voters in PA-03, he should resign. Voters need to look at how he’s cast his votes since January 2011. Has he done anything in Congress which is in the interest of the people — We the People — of NW PA? No!!!

    He’s voted twice for the Paul Ryan budget that would cut Social Security and turn Medicare into a voucher. He voted to repeal the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act which is already working for a great many Americans. He voted against the FCC rule to preserve a free, open Internet. He voted to repeal many EPA clean air regulations. He voted to kill the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program. He voted to swap away federal lands to copper mining interests. He voted to repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund. And he voted to continue giving businesses tax breaks to offshore our jobs.

    I don’t think the majority of voters in PA-03 are going to find that voting record very attractive. I believe that when the voters find out about his real agenda — more power and more wealth for the already powerful and wealthy — they’ll race to the polls in November to vote for Missa Eaton.

    Missa Eaton 2012!!

  2. Job Creation? This gal has never created a job before, what does she know about it? This 5 point is a joke.

  • Understanding that basic education funding should/will be first, what should be the next highest priority for the General Assembly?

    • Raising The Minimum Wage (25%)
    • Legalizing Adult-Use Marijuana (24%)
    • None of the above. Something Else. (20%)
    • Economic Development (14%)
    • Higher Education (8%)
    • Public Transportation (8%)
    • Workforce Opportunities and Innovation (2%)

    Total Voters: 51

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