Eichelberger Announces for PA-9

State Sen. John Eichelberger (R-Blair) officially entered the race to replace retiring Congressman Bill Shuster, joining a crowded primary field.

“I stand before you today to say that yes, we ended midnight votes and illegal pay raises. We slowed down—and have almost replaced—a culture where cars and trips and parties on the taxpayer dime have almost come to an end.  “But I didn’t come to Harrisburg to fulfill a lifetime dream. Now it’s time to take the fight to Washington, DC,” Eichelberger said.  

Eichelberger is serving his third term in the state Senate, and will not be running for his current seat in 2018.

Eichelberger is running on his conservative record in the state Senate, saying he will continue that in Congress.

“A distress call has been sent out by like-minded members of Congress, asking patriots from across the nation to stand up for liberty, truth, and justice and, in some cases, to send reinforcements,” Eichelberger said.  

Eichelberger stirred controversy last year after his comments on inner city schools during a town hall meeting.  

Art Halverson and Benjamin Dayton Hornberger have already declared for the race, while state Reps. Richard Alloway, state House Majority Leader Dave Reed, and state Senator Pat Stefano, are considering runs.

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  1. I will be supporting eichelberger for congress in 2018 and he will win this race 100%.

  2. Is it true that Dave Reed wants to run for this seat? He always struck me as not being very intelligent.

  3. True story. He waits, the field fills up with one good candidate (Eich)and 4 or 5 other guys pulling away his votes, then he enters late and wins with 30%. Just like that, the super conservative 9th is represented by what is basically a liberal democrat. Reed is only running because he’s about to lose his day job.

    I’d say it was shocking that this is happening, but this is pretty typical for conservatives. We’re idiots when it comes to actually achieving our goal. We always get lost in who’s the MOST conservative, then we get a liberal.

    1. No one could ever explain to me how a bachelor’s degree from a state party school qualified him to be majority leader. We have so many intelligent and qualified doctors, lawyers, and business leaders. Why anoint this numbskull

      1. “No one could ever explain to me how a bachelor’s degree from a state party school qualified him to be majority leader.”

        Seriously? First off, IUP is great school. Secondly, they don’t pick leadership based off of where someone went to college or even their profession. The house republicans, obviously feel he is intelligent enough, that they elected him into leadership.

  4. Yea, and just last cycle Halvo said that if Eich was running, he wouldn’t be. Typical of a guy like Halvorson. This guy will do anything to win. It’s clearly about HIM. He also ran around the district hating Trump, but now he’s campaigning on the Trump agenda. Just another wanna be politician saying and doing whatever he needs to do to win.

    I’m with Eich, but he can’t win with all of these idiots splitting up the conservative vote. Conservatives kill themselves every time.

  5. Halvorson must be scared. On a flyer posted on Facebook he stated that Eich is a career politician even though Eich had a career before politics. Halvorson even stated he had more experience in Washington DC. More attacks and negativity from Halvorson.

    1. You do realize Eichelberger has been an elected official for over 20 years. Isn’t that a career?

        1. I don’t live in the district and Halvorson is a tea party nut as far as I am concerned. I just don’t buy this idea of politicians moving up the ladder from county to state to federal. But I guess this is better than Elmer BUD setting his son Billy up to hold a congressional seat as a family legacy.

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