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Ellsworth Launches First Ad of Governor’s Race

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Laura Ellsworth launched her first TV ad of the primary, introducing herself to voters, and branding herself as a “different kind” of leader.

The ad, much like Ellsworth’s debate performances, points to the negative ads fellow candidates Paul Mango and Scott Wagner have been running against each other and labels her as a better option.  

“Mr. Mango and Senator Wagner might be confused by this spot.  Laura talks about putting people ahead of politics, creating jobs, bolstering education and reforming Harrisburg,” Ellsworth’s spokeswoman Brianna Buczkowski said.  

The 30-second ad titled “Turn it Off” is running heavily in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh media markets with the possibility of growing the buy as the primary approaches.  

The ad pushes the message that Ellsworth will look to “get conservative things done, like creating jobs, improving education, breaking the opioid epidemic and reducing taxes and regulations.”

You can view the ad below.


38 Responses

  1. Apparently Mango’s lack of donations to Pa. doesn’t bother you but it is ok for him to hide his Democrat donations to Dem’s outside Pa. Doug Heckman, New York Democrat probably liked his $1000 donations from rino Mango

  2. Although I certainly did not agree with Laura Ellsworth’s choice in candidates for President, nor could I agree with her reasons why, but at least SHE TOLD THE TRUTH. Something Mango has no clue about. Truth to him is implications with an “out” enabling him to say he didn’t say what he implies. Truth about Mango & his implication that is a LIE! Mango claimed he supported Trump & ‘maxed’ out his donation to him, as though “maxing out” his personal donation level was “proof” he supported Trump. Well here is the Truth he left out. Truth i.e. Fact Check: Mango in combo with his wife donated abt $50,000 to the NRCC Dec 2015 when it was all being dumped into Jeb Bush as our ‘given’ candidate! (1st donation by Mango ever to the NRCC). January 2016 Mango dumped, in combo with wife, $50,000 into Jeb Bush, each maxing out personal donation level $2700 each theremainder into the Jeb “Rise” pac. Feb. 2016 Mango & wf. each maxed out personal donations to Rubio, $2700 each. Then 0000 from name Mango or Rucker until a MONTH AFTER THE PRIMARY ELECTION. Yes, a month after Trump won, Paul Mango alone, (no match from wifeee) did max out personal donation level to Trump, $2700. AFTER does not count as SUPPORTING TRUMP. Just another example of Mango slippery slick lies.

  3. Will try again to write a post here that never gets past the “captcha” code. Must not like what I am trying to get published. truth hurts?

  4. All the Trumpkins can say whatever about her, but if the Rs were smart the party would have endorsed her. She has a better chance at beating the Gov than the other two blowhards.

  5. This would be a winner if Ms. Ellsworth was not one of the few remaining moderates in the GOP. She ran eight years too late. But at least she has Tom Corbett in her corner – who ran for Governor four years too early.

  6. I heard she was a plant for Russia to undermine our Governors election by taking third!

  7. What are the Mango-bots going to say when she does better than RoboPaul? I can only guess more CONSPIRACY tears.

  8. Laura Ellsworth is a RINO. She donated money to Obama, Hillary, and Bob Casey and still claims to be Republican. At the CMU debate, she openly admitted she did not vote for Trump nor did she support him. The audience booed her. She’s since changed her tune and now says she supports Trump. Additionally, it is widely suspected she a plant by Scott Wagner to take votes away from Paul Mango, her accepting a helicopter ride with Wagner tends to support this suspicion. Ellsworth is a LIBERAL and a LAWYER, two things we have enough of in politics. No thanks, I’ll vote for Paul Mango.

    1. “Widely suspected”? Widely suspected by delusional Mango supporters… yeah, probably. But not widely suspected by anyone who has two brain cells to rub together.

    2. Trump endorsed & donated big bucks to the Hillary for President campaign in 2008 and has contributed $330,000 to Democrats since 2000–including Schumer.

      Ellsworth has my vote.

  9. She is the only serious candidate in the race. She’s also donated a lot of money to Republicans.

    1. NO, she is only running to help Wagner, they both answer to liberal powers that would love to subvert true conservatives in PA. She is not serious in the slightest. She can barely muster 3% in polls. She is only in the race to make Wagner seem more conservative by comparison and to split the WPA vote against Mango. Anyone who donated to Casey, Obama, and Clinton is disqualified from representing conservatives in government. She does not align with our values, she just pretends to.

    2. “only serious candidate”. ahahahhaahhaa you cant say that with a straight face. She is a liberal running as a conservative in PA. She thinks the rest of the state is like Pittsburgh. “Serious”. ahahahahahahah

  10. “She is a Democrat who has donated to dozens of democrats over the last 10 years, including thousand of dollars to liberals…”

    Just like Trump before he descended down the escalator.

    1. Out of state Democrats like Doug Heckman, New York surely liked Mango’s $1000 donation to him.

  11. She is the only adult in the room in that primary, and that seems to be an attractive quality to voters right now. Maybe she can come from way behind and pull it off.

    1. Exposing the truth is only childish to those who’d rather it was left unexposed

      1. An adult Democrat pretending to be Republican. Mango only exposed a few of Wagners characters flaws, he didn’t creat them, Wagner did it all by himself. Mango didn’t respond to Wagners attacks until he had asked Wagner to stop his attacks. Think of it this way: If you invited someone into your home and I knew that person was a crook or abuser, you’d want me to warn you. What Mango is doing is warning you not to allow Wanger into your Governor’s mansion. I don’t think that immature, it’s reality.

        1. 1. Why place a label on a person , let alone someone you do not know
          2. Please take some time and educate yourself on the thousands of lives Laura has touched and significant improvements made in western pa
          3. I know Laura personally, she is in it to win it- hopefully that puts your conspiracy thoery to rest

        2. Sorry Black Tuesday but you have reversed facts. Fact was that the Mango bunch of trolls came out of the starting gate doing nothing but vicious attacks at every Republican who they perceived as not jumping on the Master of Implications bandwagon day one. They attacked people who were actually leaning to Mango early on. It was Mango himself who did nothing but attack and attack, with lies, innuendo, and misrepresentation of virtually everything related to Wagner. It was NOT Wagner who started and attacked. It was Wagner who finally, after waiting far too long, came back with some truthful defense which you would then call attacking. Mango has been nothing but deceit camoflaging his beliefs, record and facts by keeping dimwits focus on his attacks on Wagner.

        3. An adult Democrat pretending to be a Republican.

          Halfway sounds like Trump:

          A juvenile Democrat pretending to be a Republican.

  12. Laura what about the private plane ride on Wagner’s plane? What about Wagner supporting you to pull votes from Paul Mango? How much money has Wagner sent you and what type of job where you promised? No thanks Laura is a Democrat that gave to Obbama not once but twice. And let’s not forget the acting lessons she took so let’s not be fooled by her act during the debates.

    1. I also heard Laura and Scott were on the grassy knoll during the JFK assassination.

      1. Tom, that is asinine. That’s the problem with this website, people take things way too far and never have the correct information. Scott actually WASSSSSS JFK and Laura used voodoo magic to bring him back to life as a SEPA Garbage Company Owner. I think Lifetime made it into a movie.

  13. Rumor has it right before Ellsworth announced her run for governor, that she took a free jet ride with Scott Wagner to the governors conference in Colorado. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    She makes wagner look conservative by comparison, much needed, imho.

    She splits the western PA vote, which wagner also needs.

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Wonder why she is still running when she knows she has NO chance at winning 10% of the vote much less winning?


    1. Would you also share the improvements to WPA Laura led? Or do result not matter?

    2. The same could be asked of Paul Mango. Why is he running when he has no chance of winning?

      1. He just beat Wagner in a poll with the largest sampling to date. Wagner is a joke. MAngo has all of the real grass roots.

          1. He’s talking about an internal push poll that was done by the Mango campaign where they basically tell the information from the attack ad to the individual and then ask them if they’d vote for a horrible monster they just explained or Mango lol. And yes, Mango was up in their fake poll by like 3%, which in itself is sadddd.

        1. Did you really just cite a Daily Item online poll that people could vote multiple times in? In that same poll Libertarian Ken Krawchuck was beating Tom Wolf. Mango supporters can’t be that stupid, right?

  14. She is Democrate who has donated to dozens of democrats over the last 10 years, including thousand of dollars to liberals, Bob Casey, Barak Obama, and Hillary Clinton. She should be running on the dems ticket. Any conservative who considers her needs to get their head checked.

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