Emhoff To Visit Allentown on Wednesday

The Second Gentleman will be traveling to the Keystone State this week. 

According to a press release from the Office of the Second Gentleman, Douglas Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, will be visiting Allentown on Wednesday. 

Emhoff’s upcoming visit is a part of the Biden administration’s “Getting America Back on Track” tour. No other details were provided for the Wednesday trip in the press release. On Thursday, Emhoff is scheduled to visit Memphis, Tennessee Sec. of Labor Marty Walsh. 

Emhoff visited Allentown in late October to hold a rally for the Biden-Harris campaign, alongside Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Rep. Susan Wild (D-Lehigh), state Rep. Peter Schweyer, Lehigh County Executive Phillips Armstrong, and Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell, according to Lehigh Valley Live.

On Friday, President Joe Biden delivered an address in Philadelphia promoting his infrastructure plan during an event celebrating Amtrak’s 50th Anniversary. Biden’s visit was also a part of the “Getting America Back on Track” tour.

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    Historic visit by Second Gentleman.

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