End Citizens United Withdraws Endorsement of Leach, Asks for Money Back

The End Citizens United PAC sent a letter this week to state Senator Daylin Leach informing him it is withdrawing its endorsement of his bid for the 7th Congressional district and asking for its money back.

“End Citizens United stands with the women who have come forward to publicly share their experiences facing sexual misconduct,” ECU President Tiffany Muller wrote according to Politico.  

“The behavior is not acceptable in any setting and ECU does not tolerate it for endorsed candidates or candidates under consideration for endorsement.”  

In the letter End Citizens United asks for the $5,000 they gave to Leach’s campaign back.  

Leach said he was ‘taking a step back’ from his Congressional campaign, and has removed himself from the public eye without clarifying if that means he will be ending his campaign or is taking a break to try to ride out the negative stories and still run for the seat.

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  1. Open letter to Daylin and his stooges, cohorts, lackeys, enablers (and young staffers that still have a soul and integrity):

    It seems apparent that Daylin is going to fight this tooth and nail, with weaker and more pathetic arguments like what kind of touching is good or bad, and attacks on the credibility of the women.

    We’ve seen attacks on Leanne Krueger-Braneky for daring to stand up for women. The ridiculous attacks portray her as “disloyal” because Daylin helped her campaign. F*ck him. A lot of people (especially women) helped her campaign.

    First of all to Daylin: GIVE IT UP! People have seen what an arrogant, narcissistic pr*ck you are, and they can’t un-see it. You are DONE in Pennsylvania politics. YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM, so stop whining and crying like Trump about Russian Collusion. All you are proving iS that the “Liberal Lion” is a pussy. So “take it like a man” and resign.

    Secondly, to Daylin’s operatives in his attack squad: The word around town has been that Daylin and/or surrogates have used the threat of blackballing the women into silence (both now and over the years). What you don’t realize is that every time you threaten/attack the women, you are ending your own political careers and will be blackballed yourselves (and for GOOD reason). You all know (or should know) that the stories are not only credible, but the tip of the iceberg. You should also know that Daylin’s response has been reprehensible. You are jeopardizing your own careers to protect a man whose career is not only over, but will have NO JUICE to help you get another job, and whose association will probably hurt you.

    Thirdly, to any staff (especially female) still hanging on: Get out while you can. A Mass Exodus on principle and solidarity will earn you points with the party, your fellow staffers, and probably Daylin’s successor. This is your opportunity to take a stand and vote with your feet. Daylin’s done. Walking out is not a betrayal of him, nor an act of disloyalty, but rather a principled action that his behavior is unacceptable.

  2. Robert-

    You must be off your meds (or on self-prescribed meds). You are doing quite the circle-jerk with yourself.

    I don’t see Toomey coming out asking for Daylin’s resignation either. But, he was very busy being interviewed. He gave a big tax break to millionaires, increased the national debt by over a trillion, and now he’s prepping to gut welfare and medicare, to “save money”.

    Casey was working to stop it, and talking to his GOP colleagues. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful stopping Toomey and his cohorts.

    As for Breitbart, it’s less of a news source than supermarket tabloids with alien abductions.

    The first link about “forged” signatures is completely false. The girl added a clarifying note about Roy Moore’s position and the date, after Roy Moore’s own note and signature. She NEVER claimed her own notation was written by Moore.

    It’s basically the same as adding a note about the name of the restaurant a picture was taken at, if you have a photo with a celebrity.

    1. @ d2:

      Friendly advice: “Stop digging!”

      First, your deflection to Toomey is too-typical of a trapped-lib; Casey’s silence is as damning as has been yours…notwithstanding your constant self-referential glibness.

      Second, the yearbook-admission emerged only after her attorney, GLoria Alred [whose daughter, Lisa Bloom, offered to pay-off ladies who would accuse Republicans of sexual-anomalies] was cornered [following analyses by handwriting experts and the explanation that the “DA” was the abbreviation of his aide and appeared on his signature-stamp].

      Breitbart was accurate, despite your limp effort to puncture the weight of its individual/accumulated pieces.


      You knew and you didn’t divulge; silence when aware of illegality, etc. is to be condemned.

  3. @ d2:

    You have again been shown to be an amoral, allegedly knowing-it-all hypocrite; your opinions [notwithstanding their vileness] are thereby to be ignored.

  4. The following carries through on points made on earlier postings regarding the deceit that continuously emerges from d2.

    h ttp://ww w.polit icspa.co m/democratic-calls-mount-for-leach-to-resign/85811/comment-page-1/#comment-1188084

    h ttp://ww w.politicspa.co m/leach-taking-a-step-back-from-his-congressional-campaign/85793/comment-page-1/#comment-1188083

    1. in the first one, defending Casey’s silence, his reply to the following post was merely to diss Breitbart…despite the fact that the content of numerous articles on that site illustrated legal filings that faulted the ladies who attacked Moore.

      Such dismissiveness without dealing with data is reflective of his posting pattern.


      You again exhibit typical lib-spinning, again characteristic of your basic anti-Jewish posturing; when one rationalization fails, try another….

      Casey didn’t stop the tax-bill [and the rescinding of the individual mandate in ObamaDon’tCare] because you seem to admit he couldn’t multitask, so now you claim others should have spoken-up.

      No matter how true you may now have become and no matter the internal Dem-politics, there is no impediment to Casey choosing to weigh-in were he to be paying attention.

      You even pivot to the current Dem-meme of invoking Roy Moore, notwithstanding the fact that [as noted previously] numerous pieces on Breitbart quoted court-records to illustrate the disingenuous nature of the charges of ALLEGED [noting your omission of this key-disclaimer] child-molestation.

      Have you no shame?

      1. consider:

        ht tp://w ww.breitbart.c om/big-government/2017/12/08/bombshell-roy-moore-accuser-admits-forged-yearbook/

        ht tp://w ww.breitbart.c om/big-government/2017/11/26/court-documents-roy-moore-accuser-violent-nature-history-criminal-fraud-family/

        ht tp://ww w.breitbart.co m/big-government/2017/11/10/roy-moores-accuser-did-work-for-joe-biden-other-democrats/

        ht tp://ww w.breitbart.co m/big-journalism/2017/11/12/exclusive-mother-roy-moore-accuser-washington-post-reporters-convinced-daughter-go-public/

        ht tp://ww w.breitbart.co m/big-government/2017/11/16/exclusive-stepson-of-roy-moore-accuser-accusations-one-hundred-percent-a-lie/

        ht tp://ww .breitbart.co m/jerusalem/2017/11/12/exclusive-mother-roy-moore-accuser-contradicts-key-detail-daughters-sexual-misconduct-story/

        ht tp://ww w.breitbart.co m/big-government/2017/11/20/exclusive-ex-boyfriend-of-roy-moore-accuser-i-dont-believe-her/

        ht tp://ww w.breitbart.co m/big-government/2017/11/30/cop-accuser-breitbart-interview-unsupported-claims-moore/

        This is but the first page of a google-search that, although d2 may pretend to ignore, others may wish to vet.

    2. In the second one, he claimed to have revealed Daylin’s name 24-hours prior to its emerged from the Inqy; in the process, he made the point that sustained my attack on him.

      It isn’t “all about d2” as he constantly would have readers believe; rather, it’s ALL ABOUT REPORTING the existence of assault…of which he consciously/admittedly knew…which he failed to publicize, if for no other reason than to protect future potential-victims.

      1. It was more than 24 hours, you dolt. My post was on Dec 15th. Story came out on the 17th.

        The assaults had ALREADY been reported to the papers weeks before. There was nothing for me to post directly, as I hadn’t interviewed the witnesses, like the professional journalists had. Everyone up to Wolf knew about this before the story hit the papers, but without the paper printing its researched, on-the-record statements, no one could name Daylin directly, without legal jeopardy. That’s why the paper held the story for more than a week.

        No future victims were at risk either, because Daylin’s staff was scrambling for weeks to cover this up, by the time I found out. So, everyone at the office already knew what Daylin was accused of.


        1. @ d2:

          OK, you have averred that others are going to be revealed; provide an acrostic if desired, but “put up or shut up”

          Meanwhile, your self-serving posturing remains reprehensible; if nothing else, you should have reported what you knew directly/privately to the police if you were suddenly so afraid of litigation [notwithstanding your x-rated postings on PoliticsPA and who-knows-wherever-else].

  5. Is Marcel going to ask for his old job back babysitting Buffy and Jodi?

    1. Doubtful, but don’t be surprised if he sends that tool Kates all over PA to create a diversion by screaming into microphones.

  6. Perhaps he will attack this PAC in his next social media meltdown. Maybe his supporters will attack this PAC as well. I smell a social media meltdown in 5,4,3….

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