Engineer Jumps into Race to Challenge Costello

Robert-DettoreDemocrat Bob Dettore is jumping into the race to challenge Congressman Ryan Costello (R-Chester) in 2018.  

According to the West Chester Daily Local, Dettore is a trained engineer and currently a construction executive.  

“I’m a ‘Labor Democrat.’ We’ve strayed away from the importance of representing the working people. It’s important that everyone is included … we can’t exclude or underestimate all the groups that make up our party,” Dettore told the paper.  

Dettore is looking to make the Democratic party more inclusive.  

“He wouldn’t exclude others, especially young men with no college education,” the Daily Local wrote.  

Dettore is a graduate of Spring Garden College and a trained EMT.  

“Congressman Costello remains focused on working hard for his constituents. He welcomes and applauds anyone who enters into the democratic process,” Vince Galko, a senior advisor to Costello’s campaign said in an email.

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2 thoughts on “Engineer Jumps into Race to Challenge Costello”

  1. The other, other guy says:

    Might as well call him Joe Sestak, minus the prestigious military career. Everyone knows the Dems will put their support (I didn’t say endorsement) behind Houlahan and push her across the line in the primary artificially.

  2. Publius says:

    I don’t think anyone needs Mike Parrish 2.0.

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