Ethics Investigation Opened into Meehan Over Sexual Harassment Claims

The House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) over sexual harassment claims against him, and his office’s handling of the allegations.

According to Politico, the investigation cites the harassment allegations and the use of his office budget to settle the claims. 

Meehan’s reported use of his office budget to pay for the settlement is not explicitly banned by House ethics, but the congressional Office of Compliance was created to rule on sexual harassment claims and pay for settlements.  

Meehan’s former aid who brought forward the allegations has asked the Ethics Committee to examine whether Meehan breached the confidentiality agreement that was part of the settlement.  

Texas Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe replaced Meehan on the Ethics Committee

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6 thoughts on “Ethics Investigation Opened into Meehan Over Sexual Harassment Claims”

  1. Kelly D Johnston says:

    You do a nice job of mindlessly parroting the victim’s attorney without adding an ounce of substantive thought, obvoiusly out of partisan movitivation.

    1. David Diano says:

      Kelly D Johnston-

      It’s not a “misunderstanding” when he releases the creepy letter and admits referring to this young staffer as his “soul mate”.

  2. Kelly D Johnston says:

    I’ve seen no evidence to date that Rep. Meehan (my congressman) violated any House ethics rules or engaged in sexual harrassment, although I respect that the young lady in question felt uncomfortable enough to report the matter. While her concerns should be taken seriously and investigated (and they are), Rep.Meehan has been open and transparent about a situation that seems more like a misunderstanding than anything more sinister. Like so many other Members of Congress (and I’ve worked for and helped elect several), they build close personal relationships with the people they work with. Some cross the line, others could choose words more carefully. Regardless, there are always political and often personal consequences to these unfortunate circumstances, even when such communications ultimately prove nothing more than to be a misunderstanding. I hope the House Ethics Committee acts justly and expeditiously.

    1. David Diano says:

      Kelly D Johnston-

      1) Meehan has been neither open nor transparent.

      2) He completely lied/dodged that once he professed his feelings for her, and she rejected him, he became hostile toward her and drove her to work from home and eventually quit and move out of the country.

      3) HE was the one who insisted on the non-disclosure agreement to protect his political career. Now, he does a selective release and offers/asks to break non-disclosure, which would invade the privacy of his victim.

      4) It was a conflict of interest for him to be on the Ethics Committee settling the case (which paid out less than the girl’s legal expenses, victimizing her further).

      5) She not only reported the matter (and was harassed for it), but it WAS investigated and she was paid (though, not enough).

      6) The NEW investigation is not about the girl’s claims, but rather how unethically Meehan behaved. Paul Ryan (who would have easy access to what happened) IMMEDIATELY kicked Meehan off the Ethics Committee.

  3. Robert B Sklaroff, M.D. says:

    for further discussion, see prior iteration

    h ttp://w ww.pol iticspa.c om/meehan-settled-sexual-harassment-claim-with-staffer/86115/#comments

  4. Robert B Sklaroff, M.D. says:

    Meehan’s excuse that he felt he was her “soul-mate” won’t work.

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