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Evan Feinberg Raises $50,000 in 4Q of 2011; On The Backs of Influential Donors

By Tara Jerry, Contributing Writer

Former congressional staffer Evan Feinberg raised just $50,000 so far in his Republican primary challenge to incumbent Rep. Tim Murphy (PA-18).  This is in comparison to Murphy’s $200,000 he raised in the third quarter of 2011, the latest filing available for the congressman.

In a statement to PoliticsPA, Feinberg said, “Raising $50,000 almost entirely from individuals instead of special interest groups speaks to the widespread support for my candidacy.  The best, however, is yet to come, as I anticipate a number of key endorsements in the coming weeks.”  One of Feinberg’s donors is Michael Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America (an independent, sister organization of the Heritage Foundation).  The Heritage Foundation is a massive conservative think-tank, and their support could be huge for Feinberg.

Murphy, a five-time incumbent, officially launched his reelection Thursday night.  He made no mention of Feinberg (often referred to as “The Kid”), and instead attacked Obama.    Although he voted against many of Obama’s proposals, including health care reform and Dodd-Frank, many people on the right side of the Republican Party feel he is too moderate and too close to labor unions.  An editorial in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review even calls him a “weasel” and says Murphy “must think his constituents are a stupid and gullible lot.”  Murphy’s reelection wins have been with wide margins, but with the new congressional map his district is redder than he’s used to.  This could be an advantage for Feinberg, if he can raise enough money in the coming weeks and months to support his primary campaign.

So far only one candidate has announced a run on the Democratic side, Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi.

18 Responses

  1. It strikes me as very bold to write such strong opinions on Evan based on hearsay and conjecture. For those who decided to comment without doing any homework, please note:
    – Evan was born and raised in the South Hills
    – Evan is a graduate of local Grove City College
    – Evan is 27, not 25… a very bright guy, a loyal husband, a Steelers fanatic and unequivocally loyal to the people of Western PA

    The man would do one hell of a job serving in Congress and it would be a crying shame if his potential constituents didn’t at least do their due diligence. Please do us a favor and think before you write.

  2. Considering that he’s 25 years old, perhaps a lemonade stand is right up his alley!

  3. Twenty-five percent of Feinburg’s money came from Jeff Steigerwalt – the original tea party hypocrite. Steigerwalt gladly accepted green energy grant money from PA taxpayers yet complains about energy subsidies.

  4. For all Feinberg’s complaints about Murphy, it is Feinberg who has never held a job in the private sector, or for that matter outside the beltway bubble of non-profits and government. Is this the experience he thinks qualifies him for congress? If it weren’t for his Washington connections how much would he have raised? It’s ironic that the kid who claims to be the outsider is more inside DC than an incumbent. This is what gives true conservatives and constitutionalists a bad name.

  5. Weren’t we told we should vote for Obama because he was the smartest guy in the room? And he had more “experience” than feinburg! The problem with washington its crawling with “smart” folks who haven’t worked a day in their lives. Feingold is 26 and never lived here. I’m not voting for a carpetbagger.

  6. @JoyofSnax Better yet, this sounds more like when Dennis Kucinich thought he could move his congressional district from Cleveland to Washington State. People elect someone to Congress to ensure that their regional values have a voice in federal law, not to help someone further his career. If Feinburg wants to be a policymaker then run for office in Kentucky or Oklahoma or wherever he is from. If he wants to show everyone how smart he is, then go back to Heritage and write some “studies” that no one will ever read.

  7. What’s with all the hatred?

    Don’t judge a conservative/constitutionalist by the cover. This guy is smart, knows his stuff, and has a great amount of experience despite his age. I have met Evan. He is originally from the district that he is going to represent. It probably would be best if you looked into someone before you judge and make uninformed comments on someone who wants to help lead our Country back to its founding. Murphy is critizing his age because that is the only negative (if you can call that a negative) against Evan.
    I challege you to look at his website. See for what principles he stands. I think that after you do, you will see that Evan is the best person to represent the 18th Congressional District in PA.

  8. Is it true this kid worked and lived in DC then moved to Pittsburgh just to run for Congress? How is this any different than when rick santorum moved his family from PA to washington? I’m so sick of these guys who think they’re better than us. Don’t do anything for anyone but themselves. At least Tim and Maggi live here.

  9. Good luck trying to beat Murphy and Maggi with that cash even if you think you have the right message. Money=Power. Please drop out

  10. “on the backs of” what does that mean? It seems like editorializing. Is it?

  11. A lot of money came from Evan and his family. Another amount came from people outside the district like Wrightstone and Stigerwalt. This funding is lowwww and Murphy will most likely have 1 million after Q4 and thats not enough money to beat Rep. Murphy and then go on to beat Maggi in November. If he would’ve raised around 100k, I would be impressed.

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