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Ex-Staffers Accuse Leach of Inappropriate Touching, Sexual Talk

In new report, former staffers of state Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) of crossing the line with sexual talk and touching them inappropriately.  

According to the Inquirer, multiple women and men have described Leach of using “highly sexualized jokes and comments” and touching women in a way they deemed inappropriate.

“Politics is, sadly, an ugly business.  I will go back to doing what I’ve always done, being a fierce fighter for women’s rights and trying to protect my family from the unfortunate consequences of the profession I’ve chosen,” Leach wrote the the Inquirer.  


From the Inquirer:

After being alerted to concerns regarding Leach’s behavior, the Inquirer and Daily News interviewed nearly two dozen people about the senator’s conduct. Some women described him as a good boss, one who gave them wide latitude to make political and policy decisions in an office where hierarchy and job titles mattered little. They acknowledged he often made sophomoric comments and had a bawdy sense of humor, but said they were not bothered by it.

But eight women and three men recounted instances when Leach either put his hands on women or steered conversations with young, female subordinates into sexual territory, leaving them feeling upset and powerless to stop the behavior.

Aubrey Montgomery, a former finance director for Leach’s first campaign for Senate in 2008, said Leach has consistently supported policies that help women.

“But,” she said, “as great as his legislative record is for women globally, he can be awful to women individually.”

Leach, who is also running for Congress, has been considered to be a strong advocate for women during his time in the state legislature.  

One woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity with the Inquirer, spoke of Leach “slid his hand down her back and ‘touched my but.’” She then yelled at Leach and was told by campaign staffers that her response was “inappropriate.”  

Drew McGinty, one of Leach’s opponents in the Democratic primary next year, has already called for Leach to exit the race.

“I wholeheartedly believe the brave women and men who have come forward with their allegations against Senator Leach. That’s why today, I am calling on State Senator Leach to resign from office and withdraw from the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania’s 7th district. This conduct is reprehensible from anyone, but when your job is to serve the good people of Pennsylvania, it is especially heinous. The 7th district deserves a nominee that will treat all women and men with respect, and it is clear that Senator Leach is unable to do so,” McGinty said in a statement.

58 Responses

  1. Does anyone remember the “excessive hugger” Sen John Peterson? Word in Capital ack in the Day was never be alone with him.

  2. gulag Pittsburg-

    Plenty of GOP coming as well. Daylin is just the first of many to be exposed.

    PoliticsPA rarely makes fresh news, particularly of the investigative variety like this story. They are referencing the Inquirer piece (just like a lot of other newspapers around the state).

  3. Why is it that I have seen no such expose on any GOP politico here, up to and including Trump? Is that blatant bias by a GOP site?

  4. Daylin still thinks this is a joke. He takes a crack at Metcalfe in his statement, I guess to lighten the mood. He would do better to just apologize for his own actions rather than try to deflect by dragging in Metcalfe and blaming the women for not being able to take his high brow humor.

  5. Witch hunt – hang without proof. Shame on Americans complete Fools. Fools, fools I say. Democratic Elected Officials have no power, but they keep eating their own. Fools Republican Party sit and watch the show.

  6. It’s been a really long time but the godfather is now concerned about the secretaries and staffers he took into Rolf Larsen’s antechamber when he was on the Supreme Court. They better keep their mouths shut, that’s the message I got.

    1. If that turns out to be true, his picture should come off the wall of fame at Central Catholic.

  7. it’s so ddeeee-licious to watch the double-scoop of Daylin/David twist [mixing metaphors]

    1. Bob-
      Hate to clue you in, but I broke off contact with Daylin in March of 2014 over how he handled the false charges against Alan Grayson. He sent me a “f*ck-off” email, and I responded with an appropriate retort. I haven’t spoken a word to Daylin in nearly 4 years.

        1. When was the last time that I defended him, personally?

          I happen to agree with many of his political positions, and will defend an issue or if his position has been mis-characterized. But, I don’t think anyone paying attention considers me a defender of Daylin. But, you don’t pay attention.

          I never agreed with him on marijuana legalization ans a revenue source, nor selling it in the state stores with liquor.

          1. You invoke classic Dem postures:

            1. “standing up for principle” presages hitting The Donald.

            2. you are mute rather than replying to my critique of what you wrote to “Deplorable Voter”

            3. “Stuff is coming out from both parties” is typical progressive egalitarianism, obscuring Lib-imbalance [both in D.C. and in L.A.]

            Perhaps you should pause from constantly “dishing” and recognize how your anti-Jewish attitudes [repeatedly documented over the years] poison how you communicate on PoliticsPA

          2. Robert B Sklaroff, M.D.-

            Your answer is non-responsive about when I personally defended Daylin.

            Your replies to Deplorable were more of your usual babble and not worthy of reply.

  8. Governor Tom Wolf has called upon Senator Daylin Leach to resign; thus, it’s clear that the dye has been cast!

    It’s really just a matter of time until his “Al Franken” realization that his own party “threw him under the bus” by fellow Liberals?

    Karma really is a Bitch, huh?

    Guess it’s all Donald Trump’s fault?

    1. Wolf called for Daylin to resign? Wow. There must be more, because Wolf normally wouldn’t come out that quickly, leaving it to underlings or surrogates.

      1. The Democrats are “eating their own” as it’s a “feeding frenzy” in the “me too” politics! It’s just so funny that daylin was upset over Trump’s words…but not his very own “actions” of a sexual beast? Hello?


        Governor Wolf is eating Daylin for Dinner…and breakfast!

      2. Deplorable Voter-

        It’s not “eating their own”. It’s called standing up for principle.

        I realize that the Trump and Roy Moore lovers don’t get that. They put tax-cuts for the rich over country and teenage girls who were molested.

        1. As to “words” on a bus, the President was doing “locker-room” talk. It was ironic that (then) 55 year old Al Franken was doing his “jokes” with Leanne Tweeden…as it is that also (then) 55 year old Senator Leach (per the Inquirer) was acting sexually inappropriate to “Emily” (a staffer)?

          It’s all “a joke” when Democrats do it?

          Al Franken also made “jokes” about raping Leslie Stahl?

          It’s just “Karma” to see a rapid “Trump Hater” get his share of the “# me too” medicine that he’s so eager to give to the President?

          Yeah, blame it all on Donald Trump as it’s clearly nothing that Daylin did to deserve his fate?…

          Governor Wolf has decided to make Daylin “walk the plank” as the Democrat did to Al Frankenstein, too?

          All Donald Trump’s fault as it’s always the President’s fault?

        2. Deplorable Voter-

          1) Trump was recounting actual experiences, and merely claimed it was locker room talk. (Trump is now claiming that it’s not really his voice on the tape.)

          2) 19 women came forward and accused Trump of actually touching them, kissing them, etc.

          It’s Trump’s fault that Trump is a bad president. The incidents in the story about Daylin pretty much all took place BEFORE Trump was president.

          1. 1. How do you know that “Trump was recounting actual experiences”?

            2. How do you know that the accusers are honest when “19 women came forward and accused Trump of actually touching them, kissing them, etc.”?

            3. As noted on another page on this website, in response to your oh-so-typical diatribe:

            ht tp://ww w.polit m/wolf-calls-for-leach-to-resign-in-wake-of-sexual-harassment-allegations/85779/comment-page-1/#comment-1187846

            The Donald continues to MAGA by revising both policy and attitude; he’s accomplishing his campaign promises despite the Resistance and, in the process, has become deeply involved in the Culture Wars [per Andrew Breitbart’s mandate, mediated via Bannon].

            Specifically, he has endorsed an ALLEGED child-molester [with accusers having been refuted on Breitbart by Aaron Klein, in multiple pieces that were ignored by the DbM]; he has tried to reset ObamaDon’tCare by returning to non-expanded Medicaid and (pending) and by rescinding the Individual Mandate (by week’s end) to enhance the private-marketplace; he has removed onerous regs to stimulate the economy; he has fought divisive/revolutionary BLM-types while trying to enlighten regarding racism/reverse-racism; he has consistently confronted the Rooskies; and he is on the verge of creating a baseline GNP of 3% via the tax-bill.

            Get with the program, and recognize how close America came to having been destroyed by the Clinton Crime Foundation.

      1. It’s true; it’s always appealing to see pompous, righteous people get a fair blast of “karma” as it’s such that Al Frankenstein is a rapid “Trump Hater” and it was “outrageous” of Trump to say “grap them by the pussy” as he (Al) forced a sloppy kiss upon Leanne Tweeden? It’s also “funny” in Franken’s world to “joke” about rape? It’s applicable to Sen. Leach too as he’s always been a true hater of the President…while remaining silent about Hillary’s crooked behavior? It’s all about true “karma” as it fully goes around in a way to bite!

  9. Daylin Leach now, Nick Miccarelli and Todd Stephens are next to be exposed.

    Finally cleaning out the scum in Harrisburg. Stay tuned….

    1. I’m hoping husbands and wives see this comment. The Legal girls love the Stephens/Tobash Den of Inequity. Stephens spent his summer drunk swimming in the fountain, instead of worrying about the budget.
      Can’t forget Regan. He tore that building up.
      We always hear the stories.

      1. Slander can be a bitch. Especially when it’s becoming clear who is spreading it all. You’re use to lawsuits, so it’s a good thing you have an attorney.

        1. Love the speculation here but let’s just wait for the next story to drop (if there is one) and see what happens.

          1. @ you’re all annoying:

            I live in Bucks Co and the Leach story is a hot topic down here. Forgive us for being interested.

            Merely stating that whomever is spreading this information should best have their facts straight because if not, they’re at risk for legal consequences. Besides, I’m hearing that the people spreading these rumors aren’t even those in Hburg but a few Philly based lobbyists. Politicians who let their guard down in front of lobbyists are always gonna be exposed.

            Thankfully, no one from the Bucks delegation is named in these rumors.

          2. @Wood

            I’m sure everyone named in these rumors are so thrilled for you that the Bucks Delegation isnt named.

            Also, isn’t there anything better to do in SEPA than follow Hburg drama? Go order a cheesesteak with your horrible accent.

        2. No worries here! I’m just microwaving some popcorn and getting ready to enjoy the show.
          I’m glad you think so highly of me.
          Someone said my name was getting thrown around on here.
          I hope if you are going to insinuate that I did something wrong, man up and put your name to it, instead of using mine.
          This is probably Jim Mann. He likes to threaten people’s jobs and lives. Ask our Director, Assistant Director, the Network Engineers, and Hardware Technicians what we have all had to experience, and not just with Jim.
          PS- If these guys were doing their jobs, this would be a Nothingburger.
          It’s sad that we even have to waste the time of dealing with this sexual harassment stuff.
          Someone could write a novel about the shady crap that goes on at the Capitol.
          G47 Irvis Building if you need a hug, M Wood!
          Have a great day!!

  10. It just seems as if inquirer needed to have this washpo/nytimes moment. Obviously, not even close and to try to buttress this credibility, they went after a liberal dem first with a sensational but flimsy piece. Ok, leach is ruined with a push by his primary opponents. But everyone knows there is more to come from both sides of the aisle, the real stuff, not this.

    1. It’s “Karma” for Daylin as he was ape-shit over the President’s words (as he was “joking” with interns and “feeling up” his staff)?

    2. Just like public corrupting, I anticipate the vast majority of these offenses to be found in one party. Let’s see when the names roll out, but when it is obvious one party holds 80% of these offenders, it isn’t exactly honest to say it’s a bipartisan problem.

    3. Who knows?-

      Stuff is coming out from both parties. If the GOP has fewer, it’s because they paid off their harassment claims without public funds to hide the paper trail.

      1. Right. It’s because they were paid off. What a convenient excuse for you to side step the issue.

        Rep. Todd Stephens, Sen Regan, etc. May be unfaithful but they just might not be creepy and unfaithful.

        The Democratic party should be taking a long look at the extensive corruption running rampant, but they do not. They will dismiss this issue too.

      2. Who knows?-

        I’ve seen the list of Dems about to be exposed. Party is taking it seriously. (Also, the all appear to be in safe Dem seats, so the party won’t be losing any seats.)

        I’m starting to think the gerrymandering that creates safe seats gives these officials the idea they can get away with more.

  11. It certainly is refreshing to see a “Trump Hater” getting a full-blast of overdue Karma…Daylin is just like full of shit Al Frankenstein who’s terroristic assault of Leanne Tweeden was “funny” and just a part of the “reality” of a Democrat who is just a “joker” (like Senator Leach)?

    These two jackass politicians (Daylin Leach and Senator Frankenstein) were quick to condemn the words of the President on the bus (Access Hollywood tape), as they did a premeditated assault upon women?

    Karma is a real Bitch…huh, Senator Daylin (“only joking”) Leach?

    It’s truly poetic justice in motion?

    Karma is the real deal!

  12. I don’t know anyone involved so I feel I have an objectivity here. I feel the Philly Inquirer story was trying to be part of the “me too” movement but fell short. It was full of asides where this person “feels” this way and the Senator “feels” that way but where the line is and or was crossed is anyone’s guess. The reality is that there is no way the Congressional campaign can go on because all of the candidate’s time will be spent volleying back and forth on perceptions and recollections of events and not the economic issues of the race. I am a complete supporter of the freedom of the press and criticism of public officials. I just didn’t think the Inquirer article was all that great.

    1. What I think you are missing is several fold:

      1) there is a consistent history of the inappropriate behavior

      2) he had been repeated told that his comments were offensive to his female staff, yet he continued

      3) the cases were upsetting enough that the women related their experiences to others

      4) some of the women actually lodged complaints, over a period of years with various people party hierarchy, and got little/no satisfaction, as the behavior continued

      5) Daylin’s response boils down to: “f*ck’em if they can’t take a joke”

      6) there are indications (not so much in the article, but elsewhere) that Daylin and/or his surrogates attempted to harass/silence these women. That’s what made the Harvey Weinstein case even worse. The cover-up is often worse than the crime.

      7) Who has been covering for Daylin? I find it hard to believe that the state party chairman, from Montco, was unaware of all this.

      1. David..I want to agree with the tone of the article but I don’t. I feel it is possible to have different perceptions of an event and have nothing bad happen. I think it was not a good article in that there was a vague tone to everything and I feel that if you are going to derail a congressional campaign it should be from more than one person feels aggrieved and another thinks they didn’t aggrieve. The bottom line is that the damage is done and in the “me too” climate this campaign is going to struggle to stay afloat. I remain 100% steadfast in the freedom of the press and in criticizing public officials. I also feel all people should be treated with dignity. I just didn’t care for the article.

      2. Same Old Same Old-

        I agree that the article is not as “strong” as it could be, due to the number of women who didn’t want to come forward. However, the world of political operatives in PA isn’t very large and this has been an open secret for a few weeks now, and many of my political friends know the unnamed women and their stories. This article may cause some women to come forward. For example, Colleen Kennedy was not mentioned in the article, but came out with her own information about what she knew/heard. I expect more information to come out.

        I’ve consistently heard that the women have been harassed recently to keep them quiet, so I understand why some might not want to put their names forward. Some may fear that other candidates won’t hire them out of fear that they “can’t keep a secret” (that they shouldn’t have too.

        One friend of my suggested that Aubrey might get blow-back to her business by coming forward. I doubt that, since much of her “branding” is focusing on female candidates. She’s in a solid enough position to withstand any blow-back from Daylin.

  13. No way Daylin survives this. Once the first article is written more comes out . . . “Do as I say not as I do” was basically his motto on a lot of things. HYPOCRITE!

    1. Matt Finegold really was the nail in the coffin (for Leach) in that he’s a former Director for Daylin! It’s really a sourced, verified and well done article that isn’t a Republican inspired “hit piece” as it’s clearly done by a Liberal newspaper (the Inquirer); if the paper had backed Trump in 2016, I would see a taint; but it’s clearly a Democrat themed paper, as it’s a liberal city (Philadelphia).

  14. BTW, at “best”, Daylin created a “hostile workplace environment”.

    Personally, up until now, I thought his most hostile workplace offense was exposing his staff to his ugly bare feet in sandals.

      1. No one. I’m repeatedly and publicly on record that the entire race is a giant f*cking waste of time, money, and resources because it’s mathematically unwinnable (unless Meehan is propositioning teenagers at the mall, or the district is redistricted fairly).

        I happen to prefer Dan, but I’ve told him that he has no shot, without redistricting and that he shouldn’t spend much money on the race.

        We should have a placeholder candidate (in case of scandal), but only fund them enough to do GOTV and help the down-ticket candidates to win some state legislative seats.

        I’d rather see the $2 million that the Dems are going to blow in this race go to state rep races to help candidates that will vote for fair redistricting bill.

        The FATAL analysis flaw in this race is looking that the presidential results and Hillary winning the district, and assume the “Hillary voters” will vote for the Dem against Meehan. That is a 180-degree misunderstanding of the results. What REALLY happened is that solid Meehan voters crossed-over to vote for Hillary. They aren’t going to vote for a Dem against Meehan.

        1. Interesting point about the suburban vote. I don’t think those votes are as gettable for Dems in these seemingly close districts as the party thinks (see Ossof, John). They party should focus rather on winning back the Obama coalition working class vote.

          But I think you may get your wish soon about the districts getting redrawn.

  15. Okay, now that I brought up how Daylin handled controversy in the past, let’s talk about the article and Daylin’s bullsh*t response now.

    First of all, Daylin blamed the women. This is a classic mistake, when there are so many with matching stories and multiple witnesses.

    Second, then he blamed one of his opponents (and is clearly referencing Dan, because Daylin’s surrogates have been doing a whisper campaign against Dan the past week). Now, I didn’t realize that Dan had a time machine and went back over five years to get women to lodge complains against Daylin all this time. I don’t think the H.G. Wells defense is going to work.

    Daylin, if women around you at the 2012 DNC convention are advised to travel in pairs around you, then you might be a predator.

    Daylin, if women are going through the hassle of lodging complaints, then you might be a predator.

    Daylin, if your staff has to “fret” about hiring attractive women, then you might be a predator.

    Daylin, if you’re repeated told by women that your sexual jokes are making them uncomfortable, then it’s probably not that they don’t “get” your “humor” and you should cut it out. You aren’t fooling anyone.

    Daylin needs to resign, in disgrace (and take his pal Aren with him into oblivion). If Daylin’s current campaign manager and staff had any integrity, they would have quit weeks ago, when they knew the story was coming (and likely knew many of the victims as colleagues) and Daylin was fighting a losing legal battle to suppress this. They can still quit now (though I suspect they have been feverishly updating their resumes for weeks).

    BTW, about 5 years ago, or so, I did see Daylin put his arm around a female staffer, that struck me as a bit too familiar, at an event in Harrisburg. She didn’t seem to flinch, and I just assumed there was a consensual affair going on, and none of my business. I didn’t see her name mentioned in the article, so I don’t know whether she’s an accuser, was harassed and kept quiet, didn’t care or was having an affair. I only mention this now, because it’s the ONLY time I ever saw Daylin do something that looked inappropriate and it was unusual enough to have stuck with me.

  16. PoliticsPA reader, use the search feature to look for:
    Alan Grayson

    You will see several articles. Look at:
    Leach Supporter Accused Of Domestic Violence
    PA-13: Leach Supporter Cleared of Charges
    from May of 2014

    Congressman Alan Grayson held a fundraiser for Daylin in Jan 2014. Two months later, when Grayson was FALSELY accused of striking his wife, Daylin (and his side-kick Aren) couldn’t throw Grayson under the bus fast enough (and didn’t wait a week for Grayson to be cleared by witnesses). However, here was their statement of political cowardice at the time, which should now be an albatross around Daylin’s neck: “higher standard”

    While Congressman Grayson has not contributed to our campaign, if he had, Daylin would have returned the contribution as soon as these allegations were levied against him. Running for public office and holding public office means holding yourself to a higher standard — which is why Daylin would give back the contribution of anyone accused of committing a crime.

  17. Aubrey Montgomery speaking out on the record about this? She’s a big deal. Daylin’s career is over. It is just a matter of time now.

    Very much a Franken situation.

    1. Calling something a Franken situation is not what you imply. It means a good person is being slandered by biased women encouraged by GOP operatives to inflate or even make-up allegations.

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