Exclusive: Houlahan Adds Plumbers Endorsement to Early Campaign Moves

Chrissy HoulihanChrissy Houlahan is announcing the endorsement of Plumbers Local 690 this morning in her run to challenge Congressman Ryan Costello (R-Chester) next year.  

“Chrissy’s priorities are clear and we know she will champion Pennsylvania working families in Congress,” Plumbers Local 690 Business Manager John Kane said in a release announcing the endorsement.  

Plumbers Local 690 covers most of the southeast, including the majority of the 6th district.  

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of Plumbers Local 690 and look forward to going to Congress to fight for Pennsylvania working families,” Houlahan said in the release.  

The endorsement is the second endorsement Houlahan has received in the last week.  She was endorsed by VoteVets early last week.  The early endorsements will likely help Houlahan secure major donors in preparation for the race.  The Union endorsement will allow her to tap into their network of organizers and build the grassroots organization that is needed to win races.  

Houlahan is currently running against Bob Dettore for the Democratic nomination in the district.

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14 thoughts on “Exclusive: Houlahan Adds Plumbers Endorsement to Early Campaign Moves”

  1. jmarshak says:

    Did they pick her on account of her toilet brush haircut?

    And when was the last time you were influenced on who to vote for by the candidate your plumber likes?

  2. VOTE HOULAHAN says:

    I will be voting for her. Our current congressman has let me down. He is not for the people of his district and doesn’t truly care about us. No matter your party, people wake up. Costello, is about the Rich and big business. I researched Houlahan and was impressed with her background and experiences. I’m also impressed that she is a veteran and served her country proud. The 6th needs a change and Houlahan has my vote. I encourage others to do their research and educate themselves.

    1. Good One says:

      She is running against Costello right? How is he not for your district? LOL. Costello and Dent voted independently for the AHCA and have been a real voice for their moderate constituencies. Not only with HC but also with other topics such as Climate Change, hardly interests of big business. Houlahan seems like a decent candidate, but she holds no experience in political office (really does help, it is not the same as a business exec.!), for single-payer healthcare and is so far left that it will never work in that district. I mean come on, she wants to add all kinds of entitlements and social programs, not gunna fly in a higher class, philly suburb. She would do better in my district, against Cartwright, NOW THAT is someone who doesn’t care about their constituents.

  3. Johnson says:

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  4. Miltant Moderate Republican says:

    How many members of this Local actually live in the 6th District? Nobody in their right mind outside of Philly uses union plumbers

    1. Good One says:

      Agreed. It is also a very liberal group. For this reason, I do not believe it is news worthy that she received it.

  5. Big Sally says:

    Would you wear it if it was a watch? or a pin? or a pattern on a tie?

  6. Big Sally says:

    What in the heck is she wearing around her neck? It looks like she was playing Mancala and decided she would string up all the pebbles on the game board and wear them as a necklace.

    1. Rex says:

      Things you would never say about a male candidate?
      Alex: Correct!
      I’ll take the war on women for 800.

      1. Val Myers says:

        Well, to be fair, most male candidates don’t wear necklaces. 🙂

        That said, I give much more weight to the idea of a champion of working families than accessories.

      2. Just Saying says:

        A little sensitive there Rex? Could have said the same thing about a male candidate’s tie clip. You are half of the problem in the world today. Granted, there are people that absolutely do discriminate and that is the other half of the problem, but people like you who make a big deal out of statements like that, misidentify discrimination and it downplays when real discrimination is actually happening. Also, no comment on Mrs. Houlahan’s fashion choice.

      3. Big Sally says:

        Rex, I’m going to assume by your name that you know nothing about being a woman? So how can you tell one woman that she is wrong for saying that another woman is wearing a weird necklace? Geez.

        1. Rex says:

          “I can’t possibly be asking a question that wouldn’t be asked of a man, because I am a woman!” – BigSally #Logic

          Just Saying- The only accessory of a man’s dress I’ve ever heard anything about was republicans claiming that Obama’s Flag Pin was a hammer and sickle. This is absurd, and not worth discussion.

          1. Big Sally says:

            “I will kill a pointless discussion by dragging it out, because I’m a joke like every other hyper-liberal hypocrite!” –“Rex”

            Little Rex says dress of public officials is absurd so he created a 12 page thread about it! Let us not forget that you tried to make this about sex. (of course you would, amirite? Because EVERY non-liberal is a racist, sexist pig right?). Let me ask you this Sad Little Rex, would you wear that necklace?

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