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Exclusive: Houlahan Raises $432K in Q2

Chrissy HoulihanDemocrat Chrissy Houlahan announced her fundraising totals for the second quarter, raising over $432,000.  Houlahan ended the quarter with over $383,000 cash on hand.  

“I am incredibly proud of the campaign we have run this past quarter,” Houlahan said in a release announcing the fundraising totals.  

Houlahan is running to challenge incumbent Congressman Ryan Costello (R-Chester).  Costello is targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  

Since announcing, Houlahan has picked up endorsements from several national Democratic organizations, and got a shout out from DCCC Chair Ben Ray Luján when talking about their recruiting efforts.  

Building a war chest will be beneficial for Houlahan if she makes it through the primary into the general.  The race will likely draw national interest from both Republicans and Democrats.  National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Steve Stivers called Costello’s seat a “bellwether” race that will predict how Republicans will do nationally in 2018.

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  1. Nothing really shocking when you think about it. She is the DCCC golden child in this district, has the support of all the early fundraising groups (EMILY, etc), a national target, and is personally rich. This is what she SHOULD have achieved. The question comes how does she tie Costello to Trump when his record thus far is clean on that. Right now, Costello is the independent one…she’s the one being propped up by DC insiders/groups. Of course, none of that really fits in a soundbite and voters don’t look for much more, so this will be a big fight.

    1. Tired what has Costello done for the 6th District he represents? He is always looking for the safe way out when it comes to voting. he barly has town halls, he doesn’t spend much time in his district. He is def. not indep. look where his money is coming from..

      1. LOL the dude lives in the district and comes home to his family every night, unlike most DC politicians who have DC area homes, etc. Not that I always agree with them, but him and Dent are everywhere in their districts all the time. I’ll be “Glad to see!!” Houlahan try to run another sham of an apparel company in December 2018.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Honestly, this is a low number for someone with the personal, 1% type of wealth this family has. She was handpicked in this primary just like Hilary was for president in 2016.

      1. There is nothing handpicked about this candidate. She is doing the hard work and reaping the rewards. this success is well deserved and the outside support comes as a recognition of what she brings to the race.

        1. Lets be honest shes a multi-millionaire who lives in a mansion. She was handpicked. She is anything but OF THE PEOPLE. I don’t always agree with what Costello puts out there, but at least he is a home grown, humble guy. He is one of us. Houlahan is a California girl, living in a California world.

  2. I’m glad to see she is raising money, she is a great candidate to represent the 6th. I will be supporting her. She was in the military and small business owner. We def. need a change in the 6th, and she is the right change.

    1. Not a small business by any means lol. But I respect her military background for sure.

  3. This is great. Although my concern is the DCCC will put all their eggs in just a few baskets like they always do, rather than spread it out to other candidates, then only win maybe one or 2 races, then all the money seems misspent.

    1. There isn’t more than one or two that are winnable, given the gerrymandering. DCCC never knows which ones to pick.

      1. Yeah I guess my thinking is: if we’re counting on ’18 being a wave year (which we should be), you figure Dems are gonna have to win at least a few red-leaning districts here and there to net the necessary 24 seats to win the House back. You lose most of them, but at least win a couple here and there you didn’t plan on.

      2. …Except Clinton won the 6th and 7th Congressional Districts and yet Democrats, for all their whining about gerrymandering over the past decade, have not won either district.

        Your big problem in these districts is the candidates that have been nominated.

        6th (Cook PVI: +2): Trivedi (14.2), Trivedi (14.2), Trivedi (12.6), Parrish (14.4)

        7th (Cook PVI: +1): Lentz (10.5), Badey (18.8), Balchunis (24.0), Balchunis (19.0)

        When Republicans outperform the partisan tilt of the District by more than 10 points (and the District has substantial crossover voting), gerrymandering isn’t your problem

  4. That’s a huge total this far out for a first time candidate. She’s legit.

    This is going to be a huge race.

      1. With what the Kochs have done to our democracy over the years, I don’t have one problem with having at least one big gun on the other team.

  5. Can someone get her to a makeover specialist? She looks like a ghost… A minute or two in the sunshine wouldn’t hurt.

    1. Red hair, blue eyes….so fair skin comes with the package. PA should love her. Quite a novel complaint….that a woman candidate is too white.

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