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Exclusive: Lewis Enters Race for the 11th District

B4A6C33D-2331-4CBF-A42B-0A1B04CF075CBusinessman Andrew Lewis released a video this morning announcing his entrance into the race for the 11th Congressional district.

“I want to bring practical leadership and real world experience to Washington. Career politicians are not getting it done,” Lewis told PoliticsPA.

Lewis is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Tradesman Building Group. Prior to joining the business, Lewis served in the U.S. Army for 10 years of active duty.

In 2016, Lewis ran for the state Senate in the 15th district, losing in the primary to now state Senator John DiSanto. Lewis says that he gained valuable experience in that race.

“I knocked on thousands of door during the race, and built relationships with community leaders across the district,” Lewis said.

The 11th district is a geographically large district, spanning from almost 20 miles from the New York border to about 20 miles from the Maryland border and without a major population center, though many consider the district to be a northeast district.

Lewis does not see it that way, saying that since Dauphin county is in the middle of the district he can more easily reach the entire district.

Lewis is not the only candidate from the southern parts of the district, state Representative Steve Bloom (R-Cumberland) is also in the race. Former state Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser, from the northern part of the district, also declared for the race.

You can view Lewis’s video below.

12 Responses

  1. No shot coming from his part of the district. This seat runs through Luzerne/Columbia/Skook etc. This dude just seems desperate. He will run for anything. Is dog catcher still an elected position?

  2. Lewis is a young guy and getting in this race was a youthful mistake. He should have started smaller and built a name for himself in municipal or state government and shown a dedication to the Republican party for a whole lot longer than a hot minute before running for Congress. Bloom has paid more dues, but he’s a dud. Meuser has paid more dues also. Meuser forgot more about business than both Bloom and Lewis know combined. Appreciate this young man’s military service to our country though.

    1. Agreed, youthful mistake. You can’t go from loosing a state senate race to running for congress. Good on him for serving in the military though. Looking like a Bloom versus meuser showdown, where meuser clearly runs away with it.

  3. Wait wait wait. So he “knocked on thousands of doors” during his senate race and “built relationships with community leaders” but then he lost that race? So he talked to thousands of people and they went out and voted for the other guy? Why would you be proud of that?

    1. He was out spent by DiSanto by a huge margin and the Primary election was pretty close. Lewis is not a bad candidate and has a decent background. Look at why he lost his close first race ($$$$$) not just that he lost. Have so better insight.

      1. So he got outspent that’s the reason he lost. Hate to break it to you Steve, he’s gonna get outspent in this race also. Dan Meuser has more money than god.

    1. how many losing campaigns will this be for joe? credibility, lol. desperate, wannabe are the words that come to mind

      1. “Credibility”? Joe Peters is the dude who got spanked by Rafferty in a Republican Primary and then, sore loser, turned around and endorsed the Democrat, Shapiro against his own party! Joe Peters has zero loyalty to the Republican Party. People don’t forget and won’t forget. He’s running around the 11th District at all these events and everyone is whispering why is he even here!

  4. Talk about failing upwards. Loose a state senate race so he runs for congress a few months later. How does that make any sense?

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