Exclusive: NRCC Robocalls Slam Critz Over Gas Prices

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

The NRCC is slamming Rep. Mark Critz in a series of robocalls set to begin today. The hard-hitting message blames Critz and Washington Democrats for the recent surge in gas prices.

“Feeling the pain at the pump every time you fill up your tank?” the message asks. “Well, you should know that your Congressman, Mark Critz, is supporting policies that could raise gas prices even more.”

The call does not reference specific votes or bills. Rather it aims to be an indictment of the general energy policies of Democrats, which Republicans argue restrain the production of domestic energy. Critz is one of 10 Democrats nationally on the receiving end of these calls, and the only one from Pennsylvania.

“Partisan Democrat Mark Critz continues to go along with Nancy Pelosi and his party leaders in support of radical policies that limit the production of American-made energy,” said NRCC spokesman Tory Mazzola.

In Pennsylvania, according to AAA, the cost of the average gallon of regular gasoline spiked from $3.19 to $3.54 in the past month.

The message is going out to registered voters in PA-12, but the NRCC would not elaborate on the specific breadth or targeting of the call.

General characterizations of Democratic policy aside, Republicans have a tough road ahead if they aim to paint Critz as an extremist on energy issues.

Critz campaigned against the Democrats’ cap-and-trade bill aimed at combating climate change. Just this month, he co-founded a Congressional caucus that emphasizes the need to develop Marcellus shale.

From the article in the Johnstown-Tribune:

“The congressman, who is serving his first full term, has talked often about gas drilling’s economic potential. During his campaign last year, Critz said coal mining and Marcellus Shale drilling could help make western Pennsylvania the ‘energy capital of the world.’”

Here’s the entire robocall script:

I’m calling from the National Republican Congressional Committee 320 First Street SE, Washington, DC  20003, 202.479.7000 with an important recorded message about gas prices.

Feeling the pain at the pump every time you fill up your tank? Well, you should know that your Congressman, Mark Critz, is supporting policies that could raise gas prices even more. Critz is so detached from reality that while families in Pennsylvania are forced to pay more than $3.50 a gallon, Critz has been in Washington supporting big-government policies that lead to higher gas prices and restrain the production of American-made energy.

Call Critz today at 202-225-2065 and tell him you’re paying too much at the pump. This call was paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  202.479.7000.

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive: NRCC Robocalls Slam Critz Over Gas Prices”

  1. Ron F. says:

    I with you Tom C. The problem is some people believe it. They hear it from the right and they think it is true. Wake up people and be an informed voter instead of listening to lies. Its also a sad day in America when the right tells you that Police officer, Firefighter, and Teachers are the financial problem in this country. I’m still waiting for the corporations to pay their far share in taxes so the rest of us middle class can get a tax break.

  2. Tom C says:

    I am so frickin tired of the right wing wacko’s sayin stuff that has ZERO basis in reality!!!

  3. Ron F. says:

    This is another Republican lie, we here in western Pa. know that Congressman Mark Critz is working very hard for working families. Congressman Mark Critz has worked against cap and trade and is working to create jobs in the natural gas industry. Clean coal is also one of his priority’s. Congressman Critz’s is about jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

  4. Greg K. says:

    I knew it! Those dastardly Dems are at it again – first inciting unrest in the Middle East, now causing earthquakes and tsunamis! Next thing you know, they’re going to start lighting oil wells on fire.

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