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Exclusive: Wagner Raises $500K in Fundraiser with Hogan

Wagner HoganState Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner (R-York) held a fundraiser last night with Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan that raised $500,000 for Wagner’s campaign.  

“This level of financial support proves that Scott is the clear frontrunner for the Republican primary, and is the only candidate with the ability to raise the money necessary to compete with Governor Tom Wolf and the special interests that fund his campaign,” Wagner campaign manager Jason High said in an email.  

“The money that we raised for the event last night consists of hundreds of donations including some as small as $10.”

Hogan, who was named one of the most popular Governors in the country by Morning Consult, also reportedly endorsed Wagner’s candidacy.  

The match of Wagner and Hogan seems to be an unlikely political team.  Wagner has been a vocal supporter of President Trump, during his campaign and since taking office, going to far as hosting an event with Vice-President Mike Pence at his recycling plant in York.  Hogan has been much more distant regarding Trump.  He refused to endorse Trump during the campaign last year, and said he would not vote for him in the general election.  The two are reportedly close personal friends though, and Wagner supported Hogan’s campaign.  

Both Hogan and Wagner have elections in 2018 they are preparing and building support for.  The endorsement and events with Hogan could benefit Wagner with more moderate Republicans who might be worried about his closeness to Trump.  

17 Responses

  1. If you want to see what Wagner will bring to PA, look no further than Sam Brownback in Kansas. A total failure that can’t manage a government. Trickle down needs to be flushed down the sewer like the pile of ish it is. Wagner needs to go back hauling trash rather than trying to put our entire state in the garbage dump.

    1. Looks like the POTUS is going to bail out the Governor from that mess in Kansas.

  2. @ The_New_Liberal_Lion says:

    1. “Smaller Government” is NOT Fascist dog whistle for more corporate control.

    2. Scott embraces revamping and shrinking bureaucracy, a process that is mutually exclusive of corporatism; indeed, enhancing competition by – for example – contracting-out, would yield lower-costs/taxes.

  3. @rsklaroff

    1. “Smaller Government” is Fascist dog whistle for more corporate control.

    2. Shut up and pay your taxes.

    1. As the superpowered liberal lion what are your powers? Overstretching the powers of government? A 60% income tax?

      I love the resistance vocab too, it’s like they locked all of you sheep into a room and brainwashed you..oh wait…

      How about we stop being a mindless follower and join in civil discourse about the issues instead of being a child, my child.

    2. By the way your new bedtime is 10pm, don’t let me catch you online trolling at 2am again.

  4. Notwithstanding the predictably-negative comment from D2, this illustrates why no credible competitor has emerged as Wagner continues to march towards the nomination.

    My one preliminary objection to his candidacy – that someone on PoliticsPA had documented that a “Scott Wagner” had donated to Dems – was rectified when ANOTHER reader of PoliticsPA had ID’ed that individual as a DIFFERENT “Scott Wagner.”

    He has a platform and a plan, and this non-politician/businessman will prove to be a formidable opponent to the incumbent, pitting a small/efficient-government reformer against a big/expansile-government incumbent.

    1. Like the “big/expansile-government incumbent”(s) who are going to borrow and spend to balance the State budget?

  5. “The money that we raised for the event last night consists of hundreds of donations including some as small as $10.”

    Translation: 2 donations of $10

    I wonder if Wagner will use this haul to pay-off his campaign debt to himself?

  6. I do support them both for their races for governor in 2018 and I think for they made a right choice here is to do a foundraiser together.

  7. Old picture of Hogan. Looks a lot different since under going cancer treatments.

    1. Your comments are willfully ignorant and lower the standard of expectations in discourse. Your actions are what have gotten this country’s political dialog to the depths we see today. Grow up.

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