FACT CHECK: Joe Sestak’s Phantom Independence Haunts New TV Spot

A brief history of Joe Sestak, “The Real Democrat”:
· Joe Sestak voted for Nancy Pelosi’s cap-and trade bill (Cost: $821.2 billion (CBO, 05/05/09)) but he didn’t think it went far enough: “I was disappointed in this bill because I thought it was eviscerated during the process too much” (Netroots Nation, 08/14/09).

· Joe Sestak voted for the final health care bill (RC #165, 03/21/10) but said it did not go far enough (Cost: $2.3 trillion (Senate Minority Budget Committee Report March 26, 2010)): “I’m disappointed in the bill frankly, frustrated, I wanted a robust public option” (MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell Reports, 12/17/09).

· Joe Sestak voted for President Obama’s “stimulus” package (RC #70, 02/13/09 (Cost: $787 billion)), but once again, Joe Sestak didn’t think it went far enough: “This bill is actually a bit small in my opinion, but it’s the right step.” (ABC WPVI, 02/27/09)  He also said he “would have voted for $1 trillion” (NBC WCAU, 02/27/09).

· Joe voted for the first half of the Wall Street bailout (RC #681, 10/03/08) and for the release of the second half (RC #27, 01/22/09). But again, Joe thought a year of Wall Street bailouts was insufficient and opposed a bipartisan effort to let the bailout expire after one year. (Press release, 09/26/09). Cost: $700 billion (New York Times).

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