Factcheck.org report further proves that Lou and his friends are lying

Factcheck.org report further proves that Lou and his friends are lying
WILKES-BARRE, PA – A report released by Factcheck.org today provides further proof that a group of Lou Barletta’s supporters are airing false ads against Congressman Kanjorski.
Factcheck.org issued a report on ads by 60 Plus Association, a conservative group working to elect Lou Barletta.  According to Factcheck.org, 60 Plus is spending more than $5 million to air misleading ads against 16 Democrats.  Factcheck.org notes that most of these ads “make statements that can’t be backed up, lack important context or are wrong.” 
Factcheck.org provides a detailed analysis of the ad and its claims.  Regarding the claim that seniors could lose their doctors, factcheck.org writes, “That’s not true.”  The report also states that the new health care law “specifically forbids cuts in the basic package of Medicare benefits,” while adding new features.  Factcheck.org also challenges the ad’s claims that health reform is a “big government” plan, noting that “just as before the law, private physicians, hospitals and other providers will continue to be the main sources of medical care in the U.S.”
The Kanjorski campaign’s spokesman, Ed Mitchell, said, “It’s no surprise that Factcheck.org has criticized these ads, but this report provides further proof that Lou Barletta and his friends are lying to voters.” 
Please read the full report here: http://factcheck.org/2010/09/misleading-onslaught-by-60-plus/                                                                                    

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