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Fast Eddie Strikes Again With Obama Critiques (Watch Video)

If there’s one thing for certain, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell isn’t a “wuss” when it comes to criticizing the most powerful member of his political party.

During an interview on MSNBC Friday, Rendell said President Obama’s recent attack on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s severance with Bain Capital “went too far.”

The former Governor has been controversial as an Obama campaign surrogate, and his soundbites are often used against the President.

“All these attacks may be hurting the president’s brand a little bit,” Rendell said. “I think our supporters may have went too far with the felony business.”

The attack Rendell referred to was made by Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter, who said Romney may have committed a felony by signing filings with the FEC saying he was CEO of Bain Capital in 2002 – three years after he claimed to have left the company in order to coordinate the Salt Lake City Olympics.

For Obama, Rendell, a fellow Democrat, continues to be a thorn in the president’s side – especially during the campaign season.

As PoliticsPA previously reported, Rendell said during a CBS Morning News interview earlier this year that Obama failed to tout his accomplishments on healthcare reform and the 2009 stimulus, adding that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would’ve fared better as president.

“I think the president was hurt by being a legislator only; for example healthcare and stimulus, Rendell said. “Two bills that I think did good things for the American people. He sort of said ‘here’s what I want, flush it out.’”

In addition, Rendell said in an article from The Huffington Post earlier this year that Pennsylvania is “in play” in the November elections despite the doubts from many political prognosticators.

“I think he will improve the vote there because a number of them are construction workers, etc. … and I think they know what is going on,” Rendell said. “I think he will do better there. But I don’t think he will carry there. The election will be determined by basically the four Philadelphia suburban counties.”

9 Responses

  1. O Frats will need actual skills to prevail in November. Have y’all even LOOKED at your results from 2010 and 2011? You got yer heads handed to you twice! Maybe Burn should reacquaint himself with communicating intelligently with the voters instead of pandering to the White House.

  2. I am the last person on this planet who would defend Ed Rendell. However, I take a pass on this one and, if there are not sinister and underlying motives, I applaud Rendell for refusing to appear as a fool by falling in line with Party bosses.

  3. Trust the Dems to send a PA hack to enforce the ultimate taboo in political discourse. You cannot say anything that compromises elite impunity. They know that Bush needs impunity for torture, aggression and unlawful surveillance,; Obama needs it for wilful killing of civilians and combatants rendered hors de combat by detention or any other cause; and, like Romney, the last three presidents need impunity for trading in influence and abuse of function. So STFU about felony crime, Is that clear?

  4. The media has permitted Rendell to pass himself off as some sort of political expert and he himself believes himself to be the spokesman for all things political . I have begun comparing him to Chris Christie , who believes he is the Messiah for all things New Jersey and now he’s taking his act on the road , not unlike Rendell . Rendell , if you know politics as you believe you do , then you should no your criticisms have no place in this election , if in fact you are a supporter of President Obama . I know you know better , so as others have stated , you obviously have a ulterior motive . SHAME ON YOU RENDELL !!

  5. What is Rendell doing? The problem with the Democrat party is we don’t stick together. The Republicans would never cut down on their Presidential candidate. Jim Burn needs to be on MSNBC more. He is a true surrogate for the President. What he says makes sense.

  6. “Fast Eddie” is a “gem”! Hopefully, Obama will not be mesmerized by his convoluted prattle (which can be heard whenever he shoots off his mouth)! I believe that he thinks he sounds intelligent, and is a good representative for his party, when in fact – he is actually worse than Joe Biden for speaking before he “thinks”!

  7. Rendell , a two term PA Governor is more concerned about his party than he is with whether Obama is reelected.

    Rendell may be yesterdays news but he certainly knows how to interpret primary results from his own party.

  8. Sounds like Rendell is fishing for a job in Clinton 2016 administration.

    Rendell is pretty much yesterday’s news. At this point and he’s more qualified/relevant to comment on where to get a good cheesesteak than what’s good for the party.

    He was wrong predicting Hillary would win. Wrong predicting Specter would win. Wrong predicting Sestak would win. So, I’m kind of hoping he predicts a Romney win. 🙂

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