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Fattah Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

chaka-fattahChaka Fattah was sentenced to prison today.

U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle gave him 10 years. It will begin on January 25th.

Jonathan Tamari of Inquirer notes that this is the second-largest prison term ever given to a former member of Congress, trailing only Bill Jefferson of $90,000 hidden in a freezer fame.

“We welcome a lengthy prison sentence for former Rep. Chaka Fattah, who ranks among the most canny and shameless denizens of Philadelphia’s Democratic culture of corruption, and serves as an example of the arrogance of incumbency,” PA GOP Chair Joe DeFelice responded. “We hope that the sentence will be lived out and not stretched out by years of appeals, and that the Fattah family will fade into the night once all of the pertinent FBI probes surrounding them have been carried out. We’d also like to highlight our embarrassment at the sight of city Democrats lining up to influence Judge Bartle in his sentencing, urging for leniency for a convicted thief who defrauded his entire district. The voters of the Second Congressional District are owed significant recompense, not just from the money siphoned away by their former Congressman through decades of poor representation, but from his establishment enablers as well. The Philadelphia Republican Party envisions a future where flagrant corruption associated with one-party rule is a thing of the past.”

Fattah was forced to resign in June after being convicted on violations of the RICO Act. His son was also sentenced to five years in jail earlier this year.

8 Responses

  1. Hey Joe come to Delco if you want to see corruption at least you have a couple seats on council in Philly. Delco R’s control our county and say they will work for both parties. Put your money where your mouth is. White should run alone and let the D’s get a seat.

  2. “The Philadelphia Republican Party envisions a future where flagrant corruption associated with one-party rule is a thing of the past.” Gee Joe, too bad you were not around when Philadelphia was a one party Republican town and flagrant corruption went un-punished. You know, the good old days when the Vare Brothers had 75,000 votes “if they needed them”. And I continue to hear belly aching about voter fraud now?

  3. I wonder how Chaka’s former constituents in affluent Montgomery County feel? Montgomery County used to have (mostly) its own congress member. Now splintered into five of six. The Montco GOP from back then and the state GOP boss Asher really screwed the county. That’s how Chaka represented one of the poorest districts in the country and some of the richest municipalities.

  4. Gotta love Democratic city machines, greed, graft and corruption… all the while nothing ever changes.

  5. The wife was making big bucks as a reporter on TV and he was making decent money in Congress. Wake up call to both of them for greed, corruption and stupidity.. even his kid is doing five years. They live in a different world than everybody else.

  6. Still laughing at that bullshit speech about govt honesty by the GOP Chair. Maybe he has not heard yet about Donald Trump.

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