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FBI Investigating Kane for Haiti Trip

Kane-sadWell, the report is true.

On Monday, the Legal Intelligencer revealed that Attorney General Kathleen Kane is being investigated by the FBI.

Today, this was confirmed in a new report from Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer.

Couloumbis and McCoy uncovered that the FBI is focusing on two specific incidents surrounding the AG.

The first allegation is that Kane suggested the FOP would get a more favorable union contract if they publicly supported her controversial Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker.

The second incident the bureau is looking into is a trip Kane and four aides took to Haiti in April 2014.

Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo said that Kane went there on her own dime and that everyone paid their own expenses.

Ardo told Couloumbis and McCoy the identity of her four fellow travelers: “David Peifer, a top commander of the office’s agents; Kane’s twin sister, Ellen Granahan, a deputy state attorney general who heads a unit that pursues child predators; Dan Block, a supervisory special agent; and Justin Leri, a special agent who works in the child predator unit.”

Peifer was the individual who asked Kane’s driver, Patrick Reese, to access employee and grand jury emails. Reese was later charged with criminal contempt.

The Attorney General said that her trip was inspired by a video that her youngest son showed about the 2010 earthquake. She said that she didn’t take her son because she was worried about his safety.

80 Responses

  1. Most of Clinton’s friend prefer to visit Haiti during the day, but at night they travel in helicopter to Dominican Republic. Haitians have being claiming that the donors money has not being used to help them. About 90 % of millions of dollars were used already for NPOs, like the Clintons. And BTW, It is safer and is more glamour staying at the villas in DR. Clintons themselves travels every night. They have lots of Dominican “friends” with very expensive villas and all highly secured, most of them in Casa de Campo in Romana. One of their very closed friend is Rolando Bunster, a Argentinian and Bill Clinton’s college friend who started an energy company that went south (eolic) and now he is into a very lucrative energy company, making millions of dollars. When Haiti is in a middle of an investigation, there is a high percentage of corruption.

  2. D D, you’ve done a great job on those campaign finance expense reports. Query why our Pa. Bureau of Elections has not audited what appears to be some pretty outrageous claimed ‘expenses:” –Club memberships? (Illegal under Federal campaign finance guidelines…) 10K in payments payments to a California lawyer ? (did said candidate have some California law issue in his recent campaign, which needed a CA lawyer not a PA one?)

    methinks our pa bureau of elections is a toothless wonder who does not bother to audit anyone, if this particular campaign finance statement got by them. or is it that the great harrisburg state dem political machine tells them whom to audit, so the current Dem darlings of the Dem machine never make the list?

  3. HaHaHa-

    If you can prove you are someone I already know, I could share what I know privately.

    But for now, the small bit of light I’ve shone on him (just mentioning Pittsburgh) has sent him running back into the shadows like a cockroach.

    I don’t think he’s going to speak out again for a while, even changing his alias, still won’t change his computer/location.

  4. I will accept that … for now.

    But I will now also call for him to continue his diatribe. I notice he is nowhere to be found right now …

    He is probably sweating bullets … like his boy Frank Fina.

  5. HaHaHa-

    He can change his screen name, but not his location.

    It’s amazing how he cried about me locating him, after he looked me up in campaign finance reports and accessed my server last week.

    I’d rather keep him guessing about how much I uncovered, lest he close up those holes. Also, he doesn’t know what ammo I have to contradict his future posts, nor whom I’ve shared the information with. If he gets a knock on the door about his insider info or leaks, I’d rather it was a surprise. 🙂

  6. DD – You owe it to the rest of us to tell us who this shill really is. He has been here – and on many other sites – attacking Kane (and other Ds) at every turn. he has called you every name in the book. He has leaked information to further his agenda. He will change his screen-name now. But, we have a right to know … especially after he was stupid enough to go to your website from his personal computer.

    Do it. Tell us who he is.

  7. kanesdriver-

    Look who is the whiny, crybaby now.

    You go creeping around on MY server, and I catch you, and now you are complaining? Boo hoo.

    You bragged about how f*cking smart you are and how you think you are smarter than me, because you are hiding like a cockroach.

    A little bit of light shines on you and suddenly, you are devastated?

    I’m out in the open under my own name. You only think you are in hiding.

  8. David,

    It’s really creepy you would go to that level. So basically anyone you don’t agree with you creep on them? OK. I’m done.

  9. kanesdriver-

    I wouldn’t use the word “hacked”.

    “found”? “determined”? “located”?

    But, maybe you accessed my site last week and left a breadcrumb.

  10. David,

    I’m absolutely not threatening you. So I guess you’re admitting you hacked my IP?

  11. David,
    Stop. This seriously has to be an act because you simply aren’t this stupid. You can’t be this stupid. Seriously. You.Just.Cant.Be.This.Stupid.

    I’m done. No more.


  12. kanesdriver-

    This article completely explains the trip to Haiti and why Kane’s sister would legitimately be there:

    You can’t refute this

  13. David,

    I’m breaking my rule in responding to you. First, you’re a complete idiot. Second, I know nothing about Seth Williams or his finances. So unlike yourself who pretends to be an expert at everything I would much rather sit back and watch because I simply don’t know.

    But keep sounding stupid. Keep pretending you understand what is actually written in a court order. Not what you interpret or want it to say but what it actually does say.

    The noose is tightening on Kane. She’s been shown (much as yourself) to an incompetent fool who doubled down onthe porn stuff but has yet to release anything.

    Oh and you’re idiotic belief that she “wants to lose” the RTK request shows how stupid you are. Losing the RTK request would mean that ALL the EMAILS have to shown and she can’t pick and choose which ones she does.

    Oh and finally it doesn’t matter which ones she has because THERE IS NOTHING THERE. They won’t show anything remotely exculpatory (go and google that word Davey because I know you don’t know what it means)to her criminal case. She knows that and that is the reason that she doesn’t want to release the emails.

    Come back now and wow us all with your expertise. Show us all your google skills. Anybody that can claim while writing here “Kane has never struck me as partisan nor political” has not one ounce of credibility.

    You’re a paid political shill (that has been established). You are intellectually bankrupt and devoid of any ability to have a civil discussion based on facts.

    So therefore the next time you call me out make sure it’s based on something or better yet facts and not the wild figments of your imagination.

    PS: Did you figure out the issues regarding the trip yet? Hmmm…It’s a Seacret(s)…(Jessica I can do it too.)

  14. So, I’m guessing that Kane would bring the heads of the Child Pornography fighting divisions in her office to Haiti because a lot of kiddie porn originates in Haiti and the Domican Republic. If the office was on a fact finding mission, it should be fairly easy to substantiate if the trip was ok or not.

  15. Wow. Ever since this story broke, kanesdriver and SpongeBob have disappeared.


  16. Pat Unger-

    The FICO score would be a relevant indicator of his credit history: paying on time, indebtedness and any difficulties getting loans.

    You need to be pretty delinquent before you wind up in court, and he’s been to court twice (and lost). It’s likely he’s behind on other payments, but not to the point of a court judgement against him (well…. other than this mess). So, a bad FICO score would be an indicator of why he used campaign funds.

    Well, whether it was $800 for one night or $400 for two, it’s a personal expense.

  17. Pat…. I don’t know if Williams is on PSU Board. I have football and basketball season tickets. Do not know PSU Ticket Policy for Board Members. I know some Board Members that purchase their tickets. I am not sure if that is the rule or some are comped.

  18. David…… PSU payed the U Mass in a football game on 9/22/14. With Sringhill Suites policy of having to pay for Friday and Saturday on Football Game Weekends and inflated hotel prices of $400 a night for PSU football weekends. It is a pretty good guess Seth was at a football game that weekend.

  19. Larry – I hope he didn’t. Because, if he did, then a whole lot of convictions are going to be overturned. Really though – Even if it wasn’t Fina, but someone else in the OAG, the convictions in front of those Judges are going to be appealed.

    BTW – if it turns out that there were people involved in this email fiasco that were connected to Judge Carpenter or others involved in the investigation of Kane, there BETTER be a grand jury empaneled.

    Speaking of Grand Juries – I am still waiting for the grand jury to be set up to investigate the illegal leaks of tons of secret material from the Kane investigation.

  20. Pat Unger, I don’t think the press has said anywhere that Fina sent emails to judges. They reported that judges were included in emails from the OAG, and that Fina may have been (probably was?) one of the people in the OAG circulating these emails. But they never connected Fina to judges, because those have not been made public.

  21. DD – You say that Kane’s personal life is not relevant. But, somehow, Seth Williams’ FICO score is???

    I would not be happy if the taxpayers are paying for his membership at the Sporting Club. But, falling behind on personal bills is not illegal. He could be making scores more in the private sector. He did not come from a well-to-do family. Who cares when Lowes gets paid? Not me.

    Of greater concern for Williams now has to be the fact that he employs people who mis-used their government computers and may have committed crimes. Fina now works for Williams. The Press has reported that Fina is one of the State Officials who used his work computer to send porn to Judges … Judges he had cases with. If the reports are correct … and we will find out soon enough … the porn included images of male “bosses” receiving oral sex from their female employees – with phrases like “Devotion” and “Dedication.” Not sure how Williams can avoid firing these people. Many others already lost their jobs (including a Supreme Court Justice). The fact that Fina used his government computer on work time may make it criminal.

  22. I got copy of expense report for 2014.

    Out of $81,525 raised and $116,518.09 in expenses:

    $43,700 to LISETTE GONZALEZ for ED and Fundraising
    (ED = Executive Director rather than helping Seth with Erectile Dysfunction for the juvenile among you)

    Here is her linkedin page:

    There is roughly $400/month for cell phones

    $10,000 in legal fees to LAW OFFICE OF J. CONNOR CORCORAN in Los Angeles. (Can’t he find a lawyer in Philly?) This seems odd.

    $2,000 to WILLIAM MILLER, V for fundraising/consulting

    $10,145 in quarterly fees to NGP. The ODD thing is there are 5 “quarterly payments” of about $2,000 each.
    03/06/14, 05/05/14, 07/29/14, 09/22/14, 12/10/14

    $2,116 to Public Storage for campaign office storage. Oddly, price jumped from $168/month to $212/month half-way through the year.

    $1,800 in monthly fees for membership at “THE SPORTING CLUB AT THE BELLEVUE” 10 months at $180/month. Sounds like a person expense!

    $28,446 to the UNION LEAGUE. A few thousand is market for fundraising, but $25,472 is marked for MEMBERSHIP DUES/ LUNCH AND DINNER MTGS

    Here’s an odd one: $822.44 for EVENT OVERNIGHT ATTENDANCE at SPRINGHILL SUITES in State college on 09/22/14

    That seems a bit pricey for a guy who needs to be taken to court to pay his gas bill.

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