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FBI Investigating Kane for Haiti Trip

Kane-sadWell, the report is true.

On Monday, the Legal Intelligencer revealed that Attorney General Kathleen Kane is being investigated by the FBI.

Today, this was confirmed in a new report from Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer.

Couloumbis and McCoy uncovered that the FBI is focusing on two specific incidents surrounding the AG.

The first allegation is that Kane suggested the FOP would get a more favorable union contract if they publicly supported her controversial Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker.

The second incident the bureau is looking into is a trip Kane and four aides took to Haiti in April 2014.

Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo said that Kane went there on her own dime and that everyone paid their own expenses.

Ardo told Couloumbis and McCoy the identity of her four fellow travelers: “David Peifer, a top commander of the office’s agents; Kane’s twin sister, Ellen Granahan, a deputy state attorney general who heads a unit that pursues child predators; Dan Block, a supervisory special agent; and Justin Leri, a special agent who works in the child predator unit.”

Peifer was the individual who asked Kane’s driver, Patrick Reese, to access employee and grand jury emails. Reese was later charged with criminal contempt.

The Attorney General said that her trip was inspired by a video that her youngest son showed about the 2010 earthquake. She said that she didn’t take her son because she was worried about his safety.

80 Responses

  1. Montco PA Dem-

    Very fascinating!

    That is an interesting shoe to drop.

    Trouble paying his gas bill and Lowes credit card requiring court action? Tisk. Tisk.

    Wonder what his FICO score is.

  2. rsklaroff-

    I’d estimate this should take about a week or two to make sure private data (like peoples’ phone numbers) is properly redacted.

  3. @ DD:

    “Kane will release all the emails, with the proper connections and context”


  4. LOL, Double D. You’re focused on the wrong people vis-à-vis Ashley Madison. Worst kept SEACRETS (get it, Driver)– yes, secrets plural — in Harrisburg.

  5. BTW, has anyone searched for Fina and his pervy pals in the Ashley Madison dump?

    I don’t know his real email address.

  6. rsklaroff:
    It’s very clear from the article that Kane doesn’t want the the press to have unredacted access because of issues within the union as well as third-parties outside the office.

    For example, let’s say that you, Robert, were the recipient of one of those emails. A raw dump would include not only your name, but also your email address.

    For public disclosure, should the office release your name, or your name and email? Should they identify your occupation and whether it relates to the operations of the office? What if the email included your phone number?

    As I stated earlier, I would expect any release to come with a report that puts the emails in context, and redacts private information that is not in the public interest to know.

    My expectation is that Kane will release all the emails, with the proper connections and context. Clearly, she isn’t going to publish/post the raw emails with the pornographic pictures on the state website, so there are going to need to be some standards for publication.

    Maybe, her strategy is to have the Inquirer win the “Right to Know Law” request so that she can’t be blamed for any blow-back against witnesses. The papers have been trying to get this data since the story broke, so she can “lose” this fight (on purpose).

    Either way, the emails are going to be made public.

  7. An ENTIRE week in HAITI?!?! This beggars the imagination. Especially with the Dominican Republic so close!

  8. David,

    Here I will say it plain as day. RELEASE THE PORN EMAILS. RELEASE ALL OF THEM!!!

    Once again David acts like a little baby. No one here is defending the porn emails despite your attempts to paint that portrait. Someone tell Kane to release them.

    Then once she does I want her to have the press conference that she has promised to have. What are the odds of either of those things happening?

  9. Marie-

    kanesdriver and the other pervs here are very concerned that porn be protected worker right, and are very interested in the details of Kane’s private life and with whom she is and is not sleeping.

    Clearly, their problem is that she would never sleep with any of them.

  10. How do some of these people know that the Attorney General has a married boyfriend? Please share where you get this info from? Do you pull it out of the air or are they Republican talking points? If it’s not true, can she sue you for libel? What does her personal life have anything to do with this case? How would you like your personal life exposed? How would you like to have your reputation ruined, especially if these rumors are not true?

  11. sklaroff – you appear to be a DD Groupie. Get a handle on yourself. You sound like a mental patient.

  12. @ DD:

    The reason my queries were not addressed is that they were buried in threads that subsequently were supplanted by fresh AG-Kane related reports…not because they were the subject of rantings; perhaps the provision of the corroborative hyperlink was intended to answer them in-passing.

    They remain relevant, noting the discussion herein; I wouldn’t be “all over” anyone who would release relevant info so, again, your tendency to issue INCORRECT negative-predictions has been manifest.


    So does this site from which interested individuals can recall DD’s flawed pedigree…
    …prompting me to wonder how many postings you will have to walk – back (hundreds? thousands?) after the datadump proves to be a dud.

    It remains relevant, therefore, to ponder when AG-Kane will complete her datadump; none of the articles explains why AG-Kane acted as if she was ignorant of the old (now public) order by the Supremes.


    There was no mention of your “caution”-reticence in an article depicting AG-Kane’s indication that she will reveal more about porn email scandal…
    …so the inherent contradictions in what AG-Kane says/does remains glaring…
    Kane seeks reassurance on release of emails
    …which is why I articulated a triad of additional queries [Is she awaiting Godot? Has she filed for a release from Carpenter? Why does she both try to release/withhold these e-mails?].

  13. IMO – Kane is now between a rock and a hard place with the porn emails if the shills here are correct that her sister was involved. If she releases some of them, it will look like she is protecting someone. If she releases all of them, her sister goes down.

    Worst case scenario for Kane os that she already botched some attempt to “wipe” her sister’s emails from the server. That would make her even dumber than I had originally feared.

    On the other hand — She may be able to get away with releasing only those emails that are relevant to the people behind the investigation of her alleged leaks (of which her sister is obviously not one).

    Sorry DD … I am slowly coming around to driver/Jessica’s way of thinking on this one … especially if she spent my money on a trip to the Caribbean with her new (married) boyfriend. The AG should know better.

  14. Diano: Since the endgame is rapidly approaching, perhaps I will call attention to some salient facts here. Did you notice that, beginning in early 2014, Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman and Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane were BOTH suddenly subjected to hostile criticism in the press (particularly The Philadelphia Inquirer). Kane, of course, was accused of abandoning the sting inquiry, etc., etc. Ferman – almost simultaneously – was alleged to have botched the investigation into the Robert Kerns rape case, and the even more troubling Walter Logan wrongful prosecution case. Both Kane and Ferman, throughout the winter and spring of 2014, denounced in the media. And both had been media darlings prior to early 2014…

    Now – surprise, surprise – they are suddenly antagonists. Uncanny coincidence? No. One party succumbed to the pressure, while the other has not…

  15. Ah David,

    You were so close. Try staying focused. Pretend you’re playing chess. See the whole board.

  16. Are Peifer and Block, respectively, married?

    I hear the Dominican Republic is a stone’s throw away from Haiti.

  17. As for the FOP accusation… how do we know if the FOP was trying to play hardball with Kane and threatening to oppose her pick of Duecker unless they got favorable deal?

    Sounds like he-said-she-said union negotiations.

  18. KSDF-

    That’s the exact opposite of what I said.

    I said that if it’s a question of misuse of state funds, it’s not an FBI matter.

    If it’s a paid trip by a donor, then state that’s what you think it is and name the donor.

  19. Peggy,

    You do realize that she could release them right now don’t you? Why do you think she’s waiting?

  20. Shame, shame, shame! when are you going to leave the Attorney General alone? You all forget that in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. As I have said before, release the emails and let the chips fall where they may!

  21. @DD, you indicated that the Federal government (i.e., FBI) had no jurisdiction over corruption and improper influence investigations. That’s the consistency there.

  22. Come on David. I would think a highly paid political operative such as yourself could figure this out. I would think one that has watched as many TV Cop shows would understand what occurred. I would think someone such as yourself that believes that they know and understand so much would understand what’s right in front of them.

    I’m not going to give you the answer. It’s right in front of you and believe it or not you have figured it out.

  23. rsklaroff-
    “When I posed the following questions on another website, no one answered”… that’s because no one was interested or paid attention to your rantings.

    As for the order by the Supremes, it’s pretty clear why Kane is being cautious. When she asked for the release, Carpenter’s first response was for her to file a formal request. Then, he changed his tune to say no request was needed. The Supremes then unsealed a sealed order (with no explanation as to why it needed to be sealed in the first place). Had Kane released anything without this confirmation, you and the press would be all over her. It’s still not clear from the awkward wording that Carpenter used that he won’t go after Kane for the release once Fina’s involvement is revealed.
    But, given the nature of the emails, it’s probably in a raw form and some report/documentation would be needed to go with a release explaining how they were obtained, and guidelines for redaction lest Kane be accused of publishing pornography.


    If you have something to state, just state it. The story implies it’s a question of embezzlement of PA taxpayer funds. If you think the trip was paid by some donor, then state so directly.

    Your game is to imply all sorts of stuff so that no matter what happens you claim to have “called it”. State the charges/crimes you think that the FBI is investigating.

  24. When I posed the following questions on another website, no one answered, although I was provided a hyperlink that illustrated the relevance of my queries:

    Anyone know when AG-Kane will complete her datadump?

    Anyone able to explain why AG-Kane acted as if she was ignorant of the old (now public) order by the Supremes?

    Anyone able to predict the number of postings DD will have to walk – back (hundreds? thousands?) after the result is a dud?



    Kane indicates she will reveal more about porn email scandal

    Everyone should recall DD’s flawed pedigree.


    This was posed a few days ago, as well:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the “leak” of Carpenter’s Grand Jury data essentially what subsequently was released as its report?

    Thus, if so, is there moral-/legal-equivalency in this instance with what AG-Kane [de-novo] leaked, that otherwise would have remained secret [unless a proceeding prompted its release]?

  25. I’m sure Couloumbis and McCoy were wetting their panties as they swallowed all the crap that Fina was spoonfeeding them on this. They are emblematic of the complete disgrace that the Inquirer has become.

  26. KSDF-

    Bob McDonnell was “indicted on federal corruption charges for receiving improper gifts and loans from a Virginia businessman”.

    Are you claiming that some donor paid for the trip, as opposed to the PA taxpayers? Otherwise, the McDonnell case has no bearing on this issue.

  27. You can do better than that David. You’ve stumbled upon the answer yet because you simply aren’t very bright you can’t see what’s right at your feet. See the whole board David. See the whole board.

  28. Yup, that’s exactly what I want to do: go on a vacation with my boss and three other co-workers.

  29. Pat-

    No. This shouldn’t require the FBI. This should be a straight-forward accounting matter with the OAG’s accounting office and the PA State Treasurer. This should be an internal state accounting matter, not Federal.

    If she were a congresswoman, using federal budget, then FBI would make more sense, but this should be able to be handled by PA Treasurer with a few phone calls.

    The FOP thing is not black and white, as it is subjective interpretation. There isn’t enough information in the story for commentary.

    But, the accounting of who paid what is pretty cut and dry. This seems like overreach by the FBI for a simple accounting matter.

  30. JB,
    Because they are no womens shelters in Pennsylvania? Or maybe it’s a “Secret(s)”?

  31. And just what in the hell was she doing in Haiti? Sightseeing? Why? Come on… more to the story than that crap. I went to Haiti because I was in the military and they MADE ME GO. It’s a horrible place. What did she think she would accomplish by going there?

  32. Everyone wave at David. He’s now departing on the credibility train. Bye David.

    I also notice that you don’t mention the attempts by Kane to extort support for her predatory chief of staff in exchange for a advantageous contract for the FOP. Can you say racketeering? Go look up that term David. Or watch an old episode of Hawaii Five O.

    Oh and change that binky cry baby.

  33. DD – What are you talking about? The “who paid for the trip” issue is the one that would make it illegal. The FBI “resolves” this because the Feds would prosecute this.

    Hate to tell YOU this (because you seem to get it when it comes to the corrupt perverts who sent porn emails to Judges), but I have to be even-handed … GET A CLUE.

  34. Multi-Tasker-

    Well, they do things frivolously at the FBI for the phony terror plots they pretend to foil.

    But, regarding this, I’m commenting on the fact that the reporting indicates that “who paid for the trip” is the only issue. This hardly requires the FBI to resolve.

  35. DD — now you are sounding a bit unreasonable.

    If Kane vacationed in Haiti/DR with her new boyfriend and I paid for it, she is a criminal. Period. And she is dumb too.

    It’s almost as bad as what Frank Fina is alleged to have done on State time with his State-issued computer … except that Kane would not be committing ethical violations on criminal prosecutions (which Fina did if he emailed the pornographic material to Judges).

    Sources are not always correct. There are sources saying that the Feds are investigating Fina and is cronies. There are sources that say the FBI is investigating Seth Williams for what may have been improper behavior in the “sting” case. Who knows what is true.

  36. Dave, ya think there might be much more to it than that? I know you like to think you know more than lawyers about the elements of a crime and more than cops about how to conduct an investigation, but c’mon, they don’t do things frivolously at the FBI.

  37. Why does the trip require an FBI investigation about who paid for it? If the taxpayers paid for it, there would be receipts turned in for reimbursement or charges on OAG credit card. This sounds like a simple accounting question.

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