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FBI Raids Scranton City Hall, Mayor’s House; Courtright Says He Isn’t Resigning

On Wednesday, the FBI raided Scranton City Hall and Mayor Bill Courtright’s house.

The Citizens Voice reports that the FBI “undertook court-authorized activity at City Hall and the mayor’s house” although it’s still not clear what prompted the agents arrival.

According to WNEP, FBI agents took two boxes from the office of Pat Hinton, the head of the city’s Licensing, Inspections, and Permits department.

Rumors swirled that Courtright was going to resign from office days after this raid, but The Citizens Voice reports that the Scranton Mayor denied these claims yesterday.

“I know there’s a rumor I’m resigning,” Courtright said. “I’m not.” He would not provide further comments on the raid, but did say he hired an attorney according to The Citizens Voice.

WNEP reports that the first Scranton City Council meeting since the FBI raid is set for tonight.

The Democratic Mayor was re-elected for a second term in 2017.

7 Responses

  1. The city of Scranton has executed many illegal condemnations of buildings. The insurance company for the city of Scranton refuses to pay damages to the owners because the condemnations were illegal

  2. When are people going to admit that the Democrat Party is a criminal conspiracy and should be prosecuted under RICO; Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton, etc.

    1. Right on, brother! All DemoRATS should be put in jail/re-education camps and Trump and the Republicans should run the country as a one party state. No elections, just Republicans. What a paradise!

  3. I think for I will be the nominee for the Mayors of Scantonicity and will be endorsed by myself, and some other people too. and win this upset in 2019.

  4. Obviously, very heavy duty to do raids with court ordered approval. And to a house as well.

  5. You’d think at least 1 reporter would mention his political party, but 3 different stories and not 1 peep. How do these people call themselves journalists?

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