FBI Searches Brady’s Emails as Part of Illegal Campaign Contribution Probe

The FBI reportedly searched Congressman Bob Brady’s email account, the clearest sign they are looking into Brady as part of a probe into his campaign allegedly paying former primary opponent Jimmie Moore to exit the race.

According to the Inquirer, who uncovered it in an unsealed search warrant affidavit, the FBI alleges that Brady was an active participant in the scheme.  So far, Moore and an aide have both admitted to their roles Brady’s campaign paying Moore $90,000 to exit the race, and two of Brady’s top aides have been indicted.  

“The investigation has uncovered evidence which indicates that Brady, Smukler and Jones utilized Smukler’s and D.A. Jones’ corporations to conceal payments from Brady’s campaign … for Moore to withdraw from the 2012 Democratic primary race.” FBI Special Agent Jonathan R. Szeliga said in the affidavit.

Even though the reports have been unsealed, it is still unclear is the investigation in winding up or down and if charges will be filed.  Prosecutors, though, are working against the statute of limitations.  Despite Brady signing agreements extending the statute of limitations, the latest agreement will reportedly expire this week.  

“The congressman is not a target and he did nothing wrong,” Brady’s lawyer Jim Eisenhower told the Inquirer.

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  1. ‘unknowingly’ spending 90K on fake shell corps whose employees do no work whatsoever sounds like a really stupid politician with a badly managed campaign. . did he as candidates not sign his required campaign finance reports? or on th other hand, we have a really crooked politician trying to illegally buy an opponent out of the race. either way brady is toast… and we’d be s stupid to vote for him .

    but BB still has mike stack for a buddy, and stack boasts and treasures brady’s endorsement? hmmm that may prove to be somewhat of a mistake….

  2. Who thinks that $90,000 gets spent without the candidate’s knowledge/approval?

    (Hint: not the FBI)

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