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Feds Indict Johnny Doc

Powerful Union boss and Philadelphia political powerbroker John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty was federally charged today with embezzlement, bribery, theft and other charges. Philadelphia City Council Majority Leader Bobby Henon and six others associated with IBEW Local 98 are included in the 116-count indictment.

The indictment alleges that the defendants misspent more than $600,000 in union funds for a variety of personal uses.

Dougherty has led Local 98 and the City’s Building Trades Council becoming one of the most influential political figures in the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania. He is credited with playing a part in electing Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, his own brother, Kevin Dougherty to Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, and other Democratic officials.

“The allegations in today’s indictment show that contrary to the public face, John Dougherty himself is not pro-union and does not honestly represent the interests of all of 98’s membership,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael T. Harpster.

Kenney was asked about the news by reporters this morning in Philadelphia before the press conference stating that no one in his administration was implicated in the probe. Kenney also would not call for Henon to resign, but said that was a decision he had to make himself.

The indictment alleges that Henon used his position with Philadelphia City Council to advance the causes of Dougherty and not the citizens of his district.

“In essence, the indictment alleges that Henon abdicated his duty to provide honest services to the citizens of Philadelphia because he made decisions on behalf of John Dougherty, rather than the people who elected him to City Council,” said Jennifer Arbittier Williams, First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Dougherty and Henon have denied wrongdoing.

In a Facebook post, Henon said that he has done nothing wrong and has represented his district “with the goal of serving working people” and does not have intentions of resigning.

“I want to make clear: I have done nothing wrong,” Henon said. “I will continue to serve, I look forward to clearing my name and I will never waiver in my pursuit to protect and serve the working people who live in and built this city.”

Williams said at the press conference that she is not calling for Dougherty, Henon and others to resign from their posts, but if the defendants are convicted of all charges they “face decades in prison.”

Dougherty is being represented by Hank Hockeimer and David Axelrod. Henon is being represented by Brian McMonagle.

All eight defendants are scheduled to make their first appearance in federal court at 1:30 p.m. Friday.

The full indictment is provided in PDF form here courtesy of WHYY’s Ryan Briggs.

25 Responses

  1. Waiting for reply from Governor Wolf. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting?? Should your money Buddy Resign?

    1. Yeah. He’s even posting his own replies. Keep him busy talking to himself and we can 302 him.

  2. With this, the fifth column that elected (and keeps electing) State Rep Martina White collapses.

  3. Hot off the press Governor Wolf your buddy has been charged with 116 counts of corruption. But you say NOTHING???
    No demand to resign??? Its high time you resign. You slept with the dogs. You have flees. Resign. Demand Johnney Resign…

  4. It’s TRUE Bobby threatened to get revenge on a school board for not voting his way.Feds should go ask. I was there. Hes a rotten person. He funded ward leaders in Northeast Philly to fight each other only to lose. 75k of 98 union dues. Look at Dillions and Lewis Financial Reports

  5. Doc bought his brother a PA Supreme Court seat. Any chance his bro can be impeached for taking money he knew was dirty?

    1. This was a deal cut with Godfather Zappala to elect junior as A G.
      There is plenty to investigate here.

      1. Actually Doc cut a deal with Shapiro to NOT charge him with AGG Assault when it was on video DUH!!!

  6. Re:indictment
    The baby wipes went to his daughter ERIN who gets paid from local 98 as a consultant and also heads Dougherty electtical charter school. So she gets paid ablu 200 k a year lol. Shes about 28 years old. Known as Family member 5 in indictment. She adopted a baby.she cant buy her own baby supplies. Union guys are paying this greedy elites bzby bills really. TOM WOLF RETURN THE MONEY TO UNION MEMBERS OR YOUR JUST AS CORRUPT AS THEY ARE

  7. The first to cast the first stone is always Guilty. Wolf you have cast your last stone. Resign Resign Resign. The game is up. Take your pack and go straight to jail. You Phony self righteous two faced prick.No need for a visitors list. Your friends will be in the next cell. Praise God the game is over.

  8. Baby wipes??? Really hundreds of dollars on baby wipes. used to wipe off what?? yuck. Wolf & Johnney? Yuck resign now Wolf.

  9. Sing baby sing. Johnney boy is singing as we watch this game play out. Wolf Resign now. Return the money that paid for your election.
    Feds went fishing and they have caught themselves a Wolf… High time you pay. Karma is a bitch.


    1. Bad boys bad boys what’s ya going to do when they come for you?? Add Sin and Obey to that list of going to jail wolf pack…… Who will turn first. which Rat will eat the others??? Oh how the tides have turned.

    2. You can’t bad mouth mother Mary IsenHappyHour on politics PA! Sy stands for Sycophant, he’ll boot you! He’s had his head up her and her kabal’s asses for 10+ years and counting…..

      1. Oh Mary Happy Hour never could pass up a bar or free drink. Its 5 O’Clock somewhere in Mary world. Why did Wolf fire her?

        1. She fell off one too many barstools. She was only there as a favor to Rendell, but how much of her stupid drunken bullshit was Wolf supposed to tolerate?

  11. Karma is a Bitch!!! Doc and Bobby have hurt a lot of people and families. Bob just threatened a whole board because he personally did like how a vote went. Thank you for putting these two crumbs away.

  12. Watch out Tommy this is getting a little to close to
    to home!!!!! Maybe you should return all the money the unions sent you? Never fear, I am sure the Russians made him do it!!!!!!

    1. You sound like the typical delusional Trumpbot scourging the internet for any lame gotcha you can find. Point remains that you support an orange blimp.

    2. Well, Doc has been openly corrupt forever. Glad they finally got him. However, it doesn’t change anything. Not 1 suburban woman will come back to Trump over this and it won’t effect Wolf at all. When will Trump return the $30m to Russia that was funneled to him through the NRA?

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