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Feinberg’s Busy Day (With Video)

Evan Feinberg, the conservative former U.S. Senate staffer challenging Rep. Tim Murphy, has had quite a day. He raised $71K in Q1, produced a TV ad, and scored a local newspaper endorsement.

He had about $80,000 on hand at the end of the quarter, which appears to be allotted for a last-week television buy. His campaign produced the ad above, and $80K is enough to keep it on Fox News (cable) for the week and add a handful of broadcast spots if he likes. His ad is above.

Hat tip to Early Returns, which flagged the Q1 report and the ad.

He also picked up the official endorsement of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board, which has been jazzed about his candidacy since the beginning:

Republicans have a golden opportunity in the April 24 primary to nominate a man who fully understands that sound economics is sound economics and benefits all socioeconomic classes.

That man is Evan Feinberg.

Mr. Feinberg cut his policy teeth at The Heritage Foundation. He later served as an aide to U.S. Sens. Tom Coburn and Rand Paul, two fellas who know a thing or two about sound economics.

The local Republican establishment rationalizes that a young and underfunded Feinberg, if nominated, surely would lose in November and hand the 18th District seat to Democrats. But what do they think they have sitting in that seat now?

Murphy has yet to report his Q1 numbers; he had $1 million on hand at the end of 2011, and he has been on television for weeks.

The Democratic candidate in the race is Larry Maggi, a Washington County Commissioner.

11 Responses

  1. Can someone explain why the tea party, 9.12 and VPU are endorsing an unemployed shorttime Congressional Aid who has nothing more to do than go around to all the meeting and proudly proclaim what he “is going to do?” Never been elected to public office, never voted on anything, his business plan will be tragic for seniors and will continue to bankrupt the nation, and he is funded by the same Texas liberals who are backing Barack Obama. Give me a break, have you gone mad?

  2. Evan Fineberg is a very bright hard working patriot. We need to give these fine young people a chance to fight for their very own future. I personally am ashamed of my generation for giving little Luke this very dismal America.
    I certainly don’t want to see Tim Murphy wink at Obama and ask for his autograph again after the next Stste of The Union Address, like he did in 2011. I don’t wink at my enemy!
    Vote Evan Feinberg!

  3. I have been able to see & hear Mr. Feinburg on a few occasions. I believe he possesses a good deal of knowledge. Don’t count him out of this vital race.

  4. I have been able to see & hear Mr. Feinburg
    on a few occasions. I believe he possesses a
    good deal of knowledge. Don’t count him out!!

  5. Greg Wrightstone is hiding behind Rock Jock tag again. His Murphy fanaticism is weirdly out of hand but that homemade website of his appears to violate tax code. The Club for Growth lobbies an agenda that would shut down Pittsburgh manufacturing and steel. Tim votes to support his district, the local economy and jobs. That’s why his constituents love him, because he cares about what happens here.

  6. Pete,
    Can you tell me why? He has a 50% rating from the Conservative Club for Growth. He is not a small government guy.

  7. I consider myself a member of the Tea Party, I am a registered Republican, I vote. I’m voting for Tim Murphy. I’m pretty sure I’m “Real”.

  8. My, my, my these Murphy lackies and sycophants that post on how much Murphy is loved don’t get out much or speak to many “real” people in the District. I have been going door to door for two weekends talking to Republican super voters and only met one strong Murphy supporter.

    If you want the dirt on Murphy go to

  9. Yeah busy day. You need more busy days to win. 71k isn’t enough money to beat murph

  10. Murphy’s constituents love him. He’s a rock star in these parts which is why he consistently outperforms as a republican in a D district. The people here really love him. The conservative extremists are angry because he doesn’t pander to them like Feinberg does.

  11. This has to be a joke. Does Feinberg and the Trib realize that the Tea Party Patriots (ha!), and others of the same wacky-bent, days are over? Hey Feinberg, go back to grade school.

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