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Ferman Expanding Investigation Into Kane

Kane-sadThe investigation into Attorney General Kathleen Kane is growing.

According to Karen Langley of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a panel of Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judges have moved the James Barker firing case from the Attorney General’s office to the office of Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman.

As a result, the same woman who will decide whether to act on the grand jury’s previous recommendations will also look into Kane’s dismissal of Barker.

“As in any case, upon completion of our independent factual investigation, we will make charging decisions based upon a fair analysis of the applicable legal standards with a focus on the Commonwealth’s proper burden of proof at trial, beyond a reasonable doubt,” Ferman said.

Barker testified against Kane before the grand jury investigating the AG. After initially identifying his removal as part of “restructuring”, Kane stated that Barker was fired with cause.

To track the progress of this saga, check out our extensive Kathleen Kane timeline.

20 Responses

  1. @ matsuo :

    In Japanese, does your molting metaphor parse to 17 syllables?

  2. I’m SPATUCUS I’m BUNGY. Who are you Vanessa. I’m hoping That you are Vanessa Del Rio. Maybe my Pal Porno Dave can get you in His next movie.

  3. The plot thickens – more bombshells! How do you know bungy if you don’t have a pipe line to Fina or are you Fina?

  4. I have provided extensive discussion elsewhere on PoliticsPA.

  5. Peggy, like it or not, you’ve made yourself the queen of the issue. Shall I repeat your comments at length? Sounds like a job for Sklaroff.

  6. ha that Clinton thing is a great point considering only fervent Kool Aid guzzling dems are on Kane’s side at this point

  7. Unsanctioned R – did I say anything about porn in my last posting? No I did not. I will leave it at that.

  8. @peggy, something bungy said is worth repeating, “Let me get this straight, it was cool for Clinton to have sex in the oval office, but watching porn is the end of the world.”

  9. Peggy, did you read the presentment? Her own people — stalwart Democrats — are saying that she ignored advice and divulged grand jury materials in order to make her rivals look bad. Then she lied about it to the grand jury. She’s a nasty person who doesn’t deserve your support.

  10. People who write about Kathleen Kane may call me anything, it certainly does not bother me. With that being said, what bothers me is how cruel and vile your comments are about the Attorney General. Unfortunately her opponents are powerful individuals who have the good old boys are their side. My motto is “To They Own Self Be True”. I am being true – I support Attorney General Kathleen Kane 100%. We should all have freedom of speech without being attacked for our views.

  11. I just ran Risa Ferman’s quote through Google Translate, which was set to interpret Politicianese –> English. Here’s what came out:

    Original:“As in any case, upon completion of our independent factual investigation, we will make charging decisions based upon a fair analysis of the applicable legal standards with a focus on the Commonwealth’s proper burden of proof at trial, beyond a reasonable doubt…”

    Translation: “People, I have an election coming up in November. If you think I’m throwing myself into this mess before Election Day, you’re out of your mind. The timer on this “independent factual investigation” hits zero on Nov. 11. See you then.”

  12. Just so everybody understands Observers hate for Fina. Fina most likely put away one of His family members or friends. Fina put away plenty pols, both D and R. Great highly respected career Prosecuter. Could have made Millions in the private sector defending criminals like Observers crew. Us citizens of the commonwealth should be thankful for career prosecuters like Fina.

  13. Mark – I have no idea what your talking about with this Hazelton thing. Care to explain?

  14. And oh yeah, PPA? Your “timeline” conveniently omits most of Frankie Fina’s issues with porn, and the sexual harassment lawsuit that his conduct generated (which had to be settled by Kane). Make it complete, or get rid of it.

  15. It was ludicrous for Carpenter to initiate this in his own court anyway. Purely political. And the “perjury” charges? Pure politics.
    As Professor Dershowitz explained to Congress in 1998, “Moreover, there is evidence that false statements are among the most selectively prosecuted of all crimes, and that the criteria for selectivity bears little relationship to the willfulness or frequency of the lies, the certainty of the evidence or any other neutral criteria relating to the elements of perjury or other false statement crimes. Professor Richard H. Underwood, the Spears-Gilbert Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky’s law school, writes that: ‘more often, the [perjury] law has been invoked for revenge, or for the purpose of realizing some political end (the very base reason that lies are sometimes told!).’ ”
    For Freakie Frankie Fina, the reason is revenge. For Carpenter & Carluccio, the reason is Politics. The three of them are some pretty twisted individuals.

  16. Ferman translation: “We’ve already decided the outcome we want. Now we have to fit the fact to our foregone conclusion.”

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