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Fetterman, McCormick Top Franklin & Marshall Poll

John Fetterman and David McCormick were the top choices as U.S. Senate candidates in the latest Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College poll that was released Thursday morning.

Fetterman received 28 percent of the 185 responses to the question, “If the Democratic primary election for US Senate were being held today (who) would you vote for”? Conor Lamb was a distant second at 15 percent, while Malcolm Kenyatta garnered just two percent of the responses. Forty-four percent or approximately 80 people indicated that they were not sure or did not know.

Fetterman, the current lieutenant governor, fell from his October 2021 high of 34 percent, while Lamb picked up three percentage points.

Respondents said that the economy, jobs, education and healthcare were their most important issues when considering a choice for the Democratic nominee.

On the GOP side, McCormick held the slight lead with 13 percent of the 178 responses to the question, “If the Republican primary election for US Senate were being held today (who) would you vote for”? Carla Sands (11%) and Mehmet Oz (10%) also secured at least 10 percent of the 178 responses. Kathy Barnette and Jeff Bartos rounded out the individual selections at six and four percent, respectively. A whopping 53 percent or approximately 94 people indicated that they were not sure or did not know.

The poll also asked GOP respondents “which candidate would be your second choice”? McCormick also topped that list at 15 percent, followed by Barnette and Bartos at 12 percent and Oz at 11 percent.

Twenty-two percent of the Republican responses stated that the economy and inflation were the most important issues when it comes to supporting a candidate, followed by his/her personal characteristics.

In what could be a portent of things to come, 42 percent of the total respondents indicated a preference for a Republican candidate for the U.S. House in their district over just 38 percent for the Democrat.

Fox News still rules the roost when it comes to the cable network that respondents rely on the most by 2-to-1 over CNN.


Other key hot-button issues:

  • 84 percent think abortion should be legal (all or any circumstances)
  • 70 percent oppose eliminating concealed carry licensing in PA
  • 55 percent think it is better to change public policies through voter approved constitutional amendments
  • 52 percent support PA selling the state-owned liquor stores to private companies


17 Responses

    1. Not really. Connor has polled near 15 percent for months. F&M’s lazy methodology favors candidates favored by old people. This poll skews worst against Kenyatta. realistic polls have consistently shown Kenyata just above 10%. F&M polls always fail to capture progressive voter sentiment.

      1. Looks like you can’t read. Shreck is losing support. There is 44% undecided. Lamb will win the nomination.

  1. Extremely flawed methodology. I don’t know why F&M even bothers with this. Polling Buick owners would yield in the same results. Terry Madonna should hang it up or stop being so lazy.

  2. McCormick is such an awful choice. Carpetbagger. Hedge fund ceo. In dubyas treasury department before the 08 crash. A democrat super pac would have a field day running ads against him in the general

  3. I hear the only Senate campaign that has a strong grassroots effort happens to be Kathy Barnette.

    1. You hear? Wow. If this anonymous poster hears that, we should all take it as gospel and support Kathy.


    2. She scoops up a good percentage of Mastriano’s ground game. Since she endorsed and appears with him and Teddy at events

    3. Fetterman literally has 30 times the number of donors as Barnett, and more than double every candidate from both parties added up, but okay.

  4. The GOP race is tight.

    The way to win is to have an actual picture off your lips on Trump’s ass.

    Oz kissing his own walk of fame star doesn’t cut it.

  5. GOP could run a racist jackass and it might win. Don’t think so? GOP already did it and Trump won. Never again.

  6. Carla Sands has gained a lot of traction. She is only two points behind McCormick in this poll and 1 point in Trafalgar

  7. Lamb needs to get on TV statewide soon. I believe once he becomes more recognizable to voters outside of his congressional district, his numbers will tick up. If Kenyatta was out, I would think Lamb will take Philly, but Kenyatta will get a good share of the votes out of that area if he stays in. That said, Kenyatta has no path to victory and his votes will likely factor in who ultimately wins between Fetterman and Lamb. That said, I believe Lamb is the better candidate to go against who ever wins the Republican side.

    And on the Governor side, mark this down – McSwain is going to be the Republican nominee and will be a big problem for Shapiro. Forget the Trump factor, McSwain vs Shapiro is going to mirror what happened in Virginia last year.

  8. This has to make dems nervous.. they are desperate to dump Igor and replace him with Lamb.

    1. Nervous? That is whistling past the graveyard. Trump will elect a Dem as he is politically toxic in Bucks and Montgomery for R’s. Fetterman is as exciting as flat soda and a horrible debater but Trump’s political effect is worse.

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